March 29 2007 Llama, Llama, Duck

I think the Llama Song now has a worthy challenger.

March 27 2007 Neeeeeeeeeerd

Caution. The following file may contain educational information.

March 26 2007 ZA

March 23 2007 Mashup

Mike Gray created the following file using Flash, After Effects, Light Wave 3D and footage captured against a green-screen.

March 22 2007 One File per day?

You've heard music by Richard Cheese and SOAD before.

The action movie Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg comes out this Friday and Paramount Pictures provided ABS with a couple online exclusive clips from the movie.

March 21 2007 Happy Spring

Another 11-minute funny video for the Weird Al directory.

March 19 2007 Boomshine

Danny Miller is back! Give this game your undivided attention.

March 18 2007 Was your beer green?

Andrea, a fan of Ice-Core Scientist, introduced me to the music. Got in touch, and I wish the best.

March 15 2007 The Ides of March

March 14 2007 Sick and injured

Been a week since this site was updated, and there were daily updates before that.

The song Break Ya Neck worked well in Shig, so how does it work with Nintendo?

Ryoshenron is known for his Sitcom and Supermart series, but is always experimenting with new things.

March 6 2007 Wind Chill

The sequel no one asked for.

Speaking of sequels, spork_man22 says he will only make a third "Bureau of Justice" if people like Bureau of Justice 2. Let him know on the forum.

March 5 2007 Cheesiest of the Cheese

So Ben sent me a few of his parody animations to review, and this was the least cheesiet. A pun on Girl, Interrupted.

March 3 2007 No time for anything


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