Year in Review Part 1 (a little late).

Sure, you will see some re-runs here, but this is more than an excuse to post old files. I am updating you on what is new as well. I'll conclude with January 2004 and begin with February instead because I'm crazy like that.

Let's start with DubDub:

Members wouldn't stop asking for the song name, so I had to add it to the FAQ section. Something else they asked about was the technology to achieve the effect. It's nothing new. In 2001 ABS Visitors experienced the screen shake with a small JavaScript code:

Where else did we see "self.moveBy" used by a flash movie this year?:

Other notables for the month included my anti-Automation artile (not really, nobody cared), and an Internet oriented Toyota commerical.

And that brings us to March. (Is that a line from Pistachio Pudding?) Here we see two types of Animutation files. One as complicated as possible with Japanese music you cannot even make out, and the other is minimalistic with music supposedly in English.

Haven't heard much from snicker since that flash, but Dwedit comes to ABS Forums every now and then to post ever possible version of the Miko Miko Nurse song or video in existence. I picture him and anyone else that likes this song in a straight-jacket continuously mumbling that song.

The rest of that month's notables all seem to be animal themed, sorta. Let's start with Ddautta (which has a place in the FAQ section), a story about interspecies romance.

The animal with the big testiclats is a cultural symbol in Japan, so it is not so shocking to know that it's seen on a television commerical.

Let is not forget, for as long as we live:

I converted this into flash for Steve, but I think I may want to redo it so it aligns better. Kitty Cat Dance is a little too popular. The consequence to popularity is parody, but before I go on, take a look at an ode to another animal:

For now we may experience the beauty of parody:

This is terrible. I only completed two months before getting lazy again. Back to this tomorrow, I guess.

Really fast update.

Looks like this update may be in two halves as well. I'm not sure when the sequel to Penguin Calls will be ready, but I can assure you it is in the works. Add this site to your Favorites in IE.

Oh, reruns mixed in with the new ones. No one better notice.

TheDogSoldier, one of the Flash critics on ABS Forums, claims he can do better than Ben Smallman's Hit Me, except this is a little darker:

First half of update. [January 6/7 and 11, 2005]

Ever since I heard Drew's mom leave him a message, I told him he must, and I mean must, save any future messages he gets. He recently penguinized his messages. My favourite are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8.

Rob actually asked me to post a different Flash of his, but you can't lose with 275kb of fun.

I never explained how these offers worked. First enter your ZIP code to check availability in your area. I'm allowed to tell you that this helps ABS. In the next section, I suggest using a seperate email than your regular one, and follow through with the instructions if you want to get your product, which takes a little bit of effort.

Justin was one of the first members to get his free product, and he says it took them four weeks to send it to him after he completed his referrals. grpime AKA john got a free iPod last month even though he is from Canada. He had a friend from the US sign up with his ZIP, and then his friend mailed him the iPod. I do not know of any Canadian offers, so only certain areas in the US will be lucky.

Double Post Update

Here are a few fairly new submissions to the Forum. All music videos and worth checking out:

I thought the propaganda submissions would be over by now.

Small Notice

It's a new year, so the high scores to the Neave Arcade Games have been cleared.

[Pac-Man][Simon][Space Invaders][Tetris][Snake][Hexxagon]