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February 23 2003 Still boycotting France

[This is not a sheep.] Aritist's Statement No. 45,730,944: The Perfect Artistic Web Site Young-Hae Chang

Weebl and Bob - Bob's Week in France pt. 2 J. Picking
The Complete Military History of France
Google: French Military Victories
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives skop
Disco Squirrels - "Disco Sauna"
http://crack.ns.gatech.edu/videos/SNL-Buffysboobs.mpeg Saturday Night Live - Hold Your Own Boobs NBC 12 MB
Microsoft HitWizard! - R & B Version Sners

[You like that!] E-mail from Jessica the Doll:

Subject: Bunny and the Fat Guy

There's fat guy in our class he was walking down the stairs but he was too fat and wasn't good at balancing so he rolled down the stairs and as he rolled down you can hear,'Bong! Bong! Bong! Bong!' coz he's very fat and he was like,"Aahh! Aahh! Aahh! Aahh!" after he rolled down the stairs he looked up(he was lying on the bottom floor)and suddenly a bunny with front teeth sticking out appeared and she goes,"Aahh~(very long)vre vre vre vre vre vre! Vre vre vre vre vre vre!(very fast)"(she laughs like that coz she has front teeth sticking out)and while she was laughing that fat guys mum came she was also very fat she was very angry and when the bunny realized that she was behind her she was like,"Vre vre vre vre.....vre vre....vre.... (getting slower and softer)"and then that fat guys mum kicked the bunny away and the bunny flew into the air and she was like,"Aaaaaaahhhhhh~~~"

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eBay: Vintage Very Rare WWII French Battle Flag (Item # 2160749477)
eBay: Vintage Very Rare WWII French Battle Flag (Item # 2161656951)
Famous People With Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders
www.111111.. etc.com Kenneth Tin-Kim Hung

February 18 2003 Damn Hippies

[If you are in this picture, I swear, you just better not be in here.]
[Hey, man.] We're not worthy, we're not worthy! The great Bill Cosby has graced this site yet again, but this time he has entered through a Double G Productions submission. Take a look:

The Smurfs "The Lost Episode" by Double G Productions
Flash Movie
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And now, some politics:

GeorgeW Hotmail Inbox Microsoft
The Muslim World: The Average American View derf
Gulf War 2 (aka World War 2.5) Idleworm
Arafish Sners
Top Ten Hits J-damn

If this site is getting too politically incorrect or even offensive, just let me know, so I will have an excuse to post more Jessica Thedoll stories. Hint hint.

February 13 2003 St. Valentine

[I wanna show you something] Valentine's Smoochies Mondo
Tenacious D in F*ck Her Gently Spumco
Johnny Rocketfingers Ryan Khatam
Island In The Sun Ye Li
[http://so-morbid.net/wack0/BlueBalls.wmv] Blue Balls Mike Reiter 13 MB
Samsung Means To Come Young-Hae Chang
The AIM Officer hybrid (Will)

The Animatrix - The Second Renaissance Part 1 by Warner Bros.
QuickTime Movie

Most of the updates for ABS recently are going on behind the scenes, working on a way to better organize all these files and files to come.

Adventures in #albinoblacksheep
<debitojohnson> and i'm wearing pink underpants that are green
<thekrisofdeath> i just thought u all should know radioactive cats have eighteen half lives

February 6 2003 Next time

[I am Bush, I am Bush, I am Bush.  Do as I say...] Samsung Means To Come Young-Hae Chang
Big Black Guy Named Ben
Kollaboration 2001 Kollaboration

* BuRn_OuT is sucking up and your not :p
<RyGuyX> black & whitei s uninstalled on my computer

Switch To Mac Ubergeek.tv
Switch to Linux Ubergeek.tv
Ze Bisounours Show Jio
God's Total Quality Management Questionnaire

<Toshi> One of the worst things you can do as an actor, I think, is to forget your lines, and then get so flustered you start stabbing the other actors.

<Blinx> i saw pieces of the shuttle for sale on e-bay

<Toshi> money is gay
<Blinx> runnin_with_yattas: how?
<EdLovesEi> I used to really like alf, but I dislike him now, He sold out. Fucking puppets......
<Toshi> i know all about fucking puppets
<EdLovesEi> hehe
<runnin_with_yattas> lol

* Now talking in #albinoblacksheep
<Blinx> psshh nobody here
* yucko has joined #albinoblacksheep
<yucko> excuse me.
<yucko> what is the secret word to ddr
<yucko> i see...
<yucko> I want all your balls to die
* yucko has quit IRC (Quit: )
<Blinx> ok.....

I had a lot to say about the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, but not so much anymore. I just can't believe in Iraq and similar they enjoy the tragedy and and are claiming that the destruction is a sign from God to say United States is fallible, proof that United States will fail in attacking Iraq. In Ramallah specifically, schoolchildren are being taught that the space shuttle was used to spy on THEM, and that's why God destroyed it. There is no shortage of schools in Ramallah, not at all, just real teachers, you know, the ones that teach Math, Science, Reading, etc.

Please don't belittle the dead with all this talk of GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. It's not about GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. GOD. It's about a malfunction. It's about being brave. It'll be fixed. No one dies in vain in this program. Sorry if it takes blood to make a point though. It's taken many lives in the past. Don't worry about the space program, worry about Western Civilization that cares about things like spaceflight. Have you checked your brakes lately?

Frank - 15 year Shuttle Worker

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