January 28 2003 Overlord_45

[Ooooh me wikey wery much] Super Mario Blitz by Mortis
Flash Movie
2,000 KB

The Miniature Earth - Earth and the People Allysson Lucca, et al
Freak Styler Plug's & Mr. Fist
What You Are [WPG]
Queme Corro
Car Whistle KRON

[Mmmm Pepsi] So for anyone who still wants more of yatta, I promised to post the  Yatta Dance instructions, and the  Yatta Lyrics.

Sites of the day:

What does you phone number spell? PhoneSpell
Hats of Meat
The Periotic Table of Rejected Elements Michael Gerber and Jonathan Schwarz
Miss World Contestants 2001

January 22 2003 New Yatta and the return of Tunak

[Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk Tu Na Na NA] Irrational Exuberance (Yatta) Veloso
WWIIOL Yatta SmackD Media
Happatia - Yatta! Pony Canyon

Tunak (Tuk Tuk Tuk) ChangWang0
Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun

Bill Cosby has not graced us with his appearance on ABS since Do It or maybe  Tales for the L33T. Expect to see him again very soon. Now, about this new Yatta, WWIIOL Yatta, I was gonna save it for the ABS newsletter, but that would be unfair since I can't get the newsletter to accept new memebers at the moment. Also, if this is your first visit to this site, please don't be scared away by these videos.

January 21 2003 SGI / Jujubeast II

[Ooooh me wikey wery much]
Dan Dan Revolution by bucketmouse
Flash Movie
1,300 KB

Thanks to bucketmouse for adding a scoreboard to this game. Him and I spent hours and hours testing it, so it should be all worth it. Try to get the highest score.

[Set As Homepage] Today's best sites:

inter - Face: Dominique yariv
I Pick My Nose picker
Sex Guide -- Dolphins: FAQ on Mating Anonymous

January 19 2003 Jujubeast

<Bishop> youknowwhatimgonnado imgonnageta1967cadillaceldoradoconvertiblehotpinkwithwhaleskinhubcaps andallleathercowinteriorandbigbrownbabysealeyesforheadlightsyeah

Happy Tree Freinds - Spin Fun Knowin' Ya! Mondo Media
Bush - State of the Union Address F*ckitall
Group X - Bang Bang Bang Wesley - Iamrubusto@yahoo.com
The Attention Whore Pilaster / Sners
The Greatest Present Ever Brian Kendall TDCM Mini

[Image by M. Kuzmanovic] <Sweethart> brb, gotta use the potty
<|Ubersponge|> Drink fudge chocolate?
* TheLord has joined #albinoblacksheep
<ab|AWAY> poor TheLord
<ab|AWAY> logs in and everyone stops talking
<|Ubersponge|> lol
* TheLord shrugs
<TheLord> i even washed today

January 16 2003 Clone High

[This cat looks almost as lazy as this site's webmaster] ABC Song bucketmouse
Falafel King Dovi, Nadav, and Ravi
Inside the Womb Alexander Tsiaras
This is a one of a kind piece. There is no other one like this particular one in the world.

Sorta missed posting this a while ago
Click them on or off individually, or some, or most, or all at once. Fun for hours.. at least for me it is... still.
Happy Hanukah King Solomon's Casino
Much more fun than Hestekor

I learnt this in school today: In the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, Ariel, the mermaid, sees Eric and she becomes helplessly obsessed with him. So Ariel goes to the witch and is given legs, so she can be with Eric on land, fall in love with him, and live happily ever after. And so it happens.

[Foot]In the real version of The Little Mermaid, Ariel also gets her legs from the witch, and she goes to search for Eric whom she is helplessly obsessed with. When she finds him, she finds out he is already married to another woman. So Ariel is left with legs and nothing to do with them. (hehe) Therefore she wants to go back to the sea, but the witch won't give her tail back. Ariel's sisters cut off all their hair for the witch in exchanage for the tail, but this is not enough. The witch wants Ariel to bring back the heart of Eric. So Ariel goes to find Eric and kill him to take out his heart. She finds Eric sleeping beside his wife. Ariel sees Eric's wife and realises how beautiful she is, much more beautiful than herself. In order to end her obsession with Eric, Ariel goes into the water with her legs and drowns herself.

I'll let you know about the real Pocahontas another time.

January 15 2003 Stable?

Had some uploading problems before, but I will update soon. In the meantime List yourself by adding in your name.

January 11 2003 Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube

Testicles |insertnickehere| 1 MB
Color Vision Deficiency Test VSU
The Pygmy Shrew The POX

Time Cube oray612959
Weebl and Bob - Bob's Week in France J. Picking

The Man With The Smallest Penis In Existence And The Electron Microscope Technician Who Loved Him

Episode 1 Transfatty
Episode 2 Transfatty
Episode 3 Transfatty

Eternal: I got in a car accident today
AB: me too!
AB: but I lived
AB: how about you?
Eternal: You did?
Eternal: Crazy?
AB: yeah, but luckly I crashed into snow
Eternal: Yeah, I am really sore, but I lived
AB: I couldn't brake
Eternal: Ahhh, well, I had a Jeep T-Bone me
AB: cause of the slippery roads
AB: I am lucky, I crashed all by myself
Eternal: I'm lucky, my son didn't get hurt
AB: oooh

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no cigs brianna (Sponsored by David)
Blinx is cool. (Sponsored by Blinx)

January 7 2003 Hamlet

Tales for the L33T: PATR TOO by Chris Coutts
Flash Movie
5,600 KB

Hamlet Test Princess DarkRose, Sners, Norton, etc.

January 6 2003 Iraqnophobia

[This image was taken by Albino Blacksheep in Eilat, Israel] Icon's Story MASO Digital Studio
Calvin and Hobbes - Snow Bill Watterson
Recursive Manta Soft
Where's Waldo
Buddy Lee Staring Contest Fallon
Not Scary Brandon Sachs
World's Most Advanced Test Melindhra

I forgot to mention Five Finger Fillet was one of the best games of 2002

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<Guest> hello
<Guest> anyone?
<Guest> im lonely anyone
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<Ganja51> heh

<AJ2> i'm gonna buy me a bride
<Poena89> how much do they cost?
<AJ2> who cares? in the long run they cost less than american women


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