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 Sex Advice by Sners

This is the classic "boy worries about girl being pregnant" situation.

SpeedyCHS2002: can a non-virgin girl plz IM me so i can ask them a question...?

DaSOX24: any hot horny laides in here wiht pics

WaffleIronMan786: lol

AlbinoBlacksheep: IM me

ADAM1789: any ladies in here with real pics and no fake porn?

AlbinoBlacksheep: I know about the hymen

Alliance Bandit: speedy lol

SpeedyCHS2002: (im not gonna try and cyber with you, i just need to ask you something)\

AlbinoBlacksheep: I know

AlbinoBlacksheep: it's about breaking your hymen

DaSOX24: any ladies in here

AlbinoBlacksheep: when a girl first has sex

WaffleIronMan786: yeah it proabably is

WaffleIronMan786: lol

AlbinoBlacksheep: and if it hurts

SpeedyCHS2002: im a guy

WhiteFox818: dude, who here is a guy (meaning ORIGENALLY MALE) and who is over age say.... 37?

SpeedyCHS2002: and no, thats not it

Alliance Bandit: lol

AlbinoBlacksheep: I am educated in sex

lNTERNET HOOKER: 17/F/ohio, Wanna see pics or trade? IM me or check profile

AlbinoBlacksheep: what is your question then?

SpeedyCHS2002: well then can i ask you something...

SpeedyCHS2002: im gonna IM you and ask ok?

AlbinoBlacksheep: ok

[I am IMed]

SpeedyCHS2002: when a girl first has sex, does her period come a little later then normal, or does it come at the same time as usual??

AlbinoBlacksheep: same time as usual, unless she got pregnant.

SpeedyCHS2002: what if it sometimes comes later, and other times earlier...

AlbinoBlacksheep: that's natural if you have started your period not too long ago

SpeedyCHS2002: (im a guy)

AlbinoBlacksheep: it takes time to get into the 28 day cycle

AlbinoBlacksheep: how come you are asking?

SpeedyCHS2002: a girl i had sex with...

AlbinoBlacksheep: did you get her pregnant maybe?

SpeedyCHS2002: no, i really hope not!

[Meanwhile back at the ranch]

Alliance Bandit: what did speedy ask?

AlbinoBlacksheep: about his penis size

AlbinoBlacksheep: if 4 inches is too small or not

Alliance Bandit: lol

WaffleIronMan786: 8===Y

Alliance Bandit: and what did u say?

WaffleIronMan786: 8===Y

WaffleIronMan786: 8===> Y

AlbinoBlacksheep: I said it's huge.. for a hamster

WaffleIronMan786: for a hampster lol

[Back to the serious stuff]

SpeedyCHS2002: but she doesnt get it the same time every month

AlbinoBlacksheep: how old is she?

SpeedyCHS2002: 15

AlbinoBlacksheep: do you know when she started puberty?

SpeedyCHS2002: no

AlbinoBlacksheep: if it was a short time ago, then don't worry

SpeedyCHS2002: she started getting it the beginning of 8th grade year, now she's a sophomore...

AlbinoBlacksheep: does she seem worried?

SpeedyCHS2002: she doesnt

SpeedyCHS2002: she tells me not to be nervous or else she will get nervous and not get it

AlbinoBlacksheep: the best you can do is to get her tested if you are really that worried

SpeedyCHS2002: well see last month she got it around now, and she hasnt gotten it yet

AlbinoBlacksheep: does she alays get it every 28 days?

SpeedyCHS2002: when i met her, (last year) she would get it in the middle of the month, but the past few months she has gotten it around the 16-18th

SpeedyCHS2002: thats when it would start

AlbinoBlacksheep: well a month is 30 or 31 days, not 28

AlbinoBlacksheep: so it would come earlier

SpeedyCHS2002: she doesnt get it every 28days

AlbinoBlacksheep: never?

SpeedyCHS2002: not really

AlbinoBlacksheep: you would know if she is pregnant by how protected you were when you had sex

SpeedyCHS2002: well i pulled out way before i did anything, and other times i used something

SpeedyCHS2002: but i never cummed inside of her

AlbinoBlacksheep: and had on a condom?

SpeedyCHS2002: sometimes yes, sometime no

AlbinoBlacksheep: you have to all the time

AlbinoBlacksheep: because of pre-cum

SpeedyCHS2002: i know that now

SpeedyCHS2002: she can get pregnant with that?

AlbinoBlacksheep: yes

AlbinoBlacksheep: if she is tight

AlbinoBlacksheep: and since she is 15, she probably is