Hooters   August 3, 2001

----------- Gag Gift No Hoot for Hooters Waitress ----------

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - I would not have believed this story if
I had not seen it on at least two separate news pages. A
waitress is suing Hooters restaurant because they gave her
a toy Yoda doll as a contest prize instead of the Toyota car
she was expecting. Jodee Berry, 26, won a contest to see who
could sell the most beer in April at the Hooters in Panama
City Beach.
She said the top-selling waitresses from each
Hooters restaurant in the area were entered into a drawing
to win a Toyota. She believed she'd won a new car. She was
blindfolded and led to the parking lot, but when her blind-
fold was removed she found she was not the winner of a
Toyota, but a toy Yoda doll from the "Star Wars" movies. As
compensation she's asking the cost of a new Toyota.


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