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ABS Radio is ABS' Internet radio station that takes requests and has friendly DJs. ABS Radio is a 24/7 radio station that rotates DJs in shifts. Sometimes things get uncoordinated, and therefore, the radio may be offline.


[Picture of MononcQc] MononcQc, the French Canadian, plays mainly Classic Rock, Jazz, Progressive, Symphonic, Funk, Alternative and World Music. He won't stop saying to people, "you may not like what I'm going to play, but oh well" He loves to pet kittens and walks in the park. Does not play Rick Astley. May or may not sing user requests live on microphone. Playlist


[Picture of Kasumi] Kasumi resonates to the beats on the air, dancing in her computer chair while she plays stuff like chill, Trance/Dance/Electronica, current tops, Hip-Hop, and everything else. She will play a lot more stuff depending on how she feels or if you ask nicely. Kasumi's Playlist


[Picture of TheStone] TheStone loves to play soundtracks from games or movies, but has quite a selection of other things too. If you see nothing you like here [playlist], you can ask and he will try to dig up some other stuff for you.


Emperor_Norton plays mainly Indie Rock, Electronica and Rap. He will do requests and sometimes even his listeners are treated to his smooth British accent.


[Picture of Leprosexy] Leprosexy, also known as blastermaster728, is new to the DJ Scene but will be bringing a variety of music with him, including various sub-genres of Techno such as Trance, Electro, and more. He also plays the occasional Rock song and might even throw in a Black Eyed Peas or two for spice.


[Picture of Aviper] Aviper, who was a DJ for four years playing Rap music at a roller skating rink, plays mostly Ska, Punk, and Alternative music. He will also occasionally play Gwen Stafani. Favorite bands include Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, and The Offspring.


[Picture of Trollmaster] Trollmaster plays mostly Rock and Ska music but every once in awhile he throws some obscure things in like Death Metal, Gangsta Rap, and animal noises. He has played an '80s block before, showing variety in his music. He has gotten kicked for Rick Astley reasons. Playlist


[Picture of Matthew] Matthew has been banned from ABS Forums, but is still raging on the IRC channels, where he takes the job of Filler DJ whenever he can.