lemon:echo, another way inside the words said yesterday and the regret never felt but always assumed con sumed con sidered proper and the done thing by everyone there but by noboby that matters. why? well why not, it isnt like i meant to do it, its not even like i meant to be there, it just sort of happened. so lemon, why lemon. question:  write ur will out, theres no more money no more money...i said "youre joking" as i said in the room: for you to, feelings with coin eyes, for you to, a state worth the effort, no more money, chiming chords could take us away from here, up...youre look could kill me, im all moneys fool: shareholder lust/the way of the world. ive put the same cd on, repeat play...same people on my bus, everyday... hate driving and the person whos just been in my room i hate to: tolerate to acumilate. aparently marketing is god, this food tastes good and i should love myself: mantra...
the smiths live in amsterdam 04-05-84: first song, hand in glove
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