Dear Future Girlfriend,

I am a lonely Asian boy who is looking for a girlfriend. Here is a picture of me on the left, I look sexy don't I?

I will not tell you my name or where I am from, but I am VERY WEALTHY.  You see the hair cut I have in the picture? It was cut by a professional hair artist. I gave him a VERY BIG TIP, because I am so wealthy I can do those kind of things.

Being VERY WEALTHY I drive two high class cars. First, a 2002 Daewoo Lanos which cost me 9,000 which I can afford because I am VERY WEALTHY. And second I drive a Dodge Caravan, which is 15,000 and I paid at the car lot with my pocket change because I am VERY WEALTHY. I also put a comfortable bed in the back so I can go into the back seat with my ladie (s).

If you want to be my women I will threat you like a princess. And pamper you with many things because I  am VERY WEALTHY. E-mail me at to satisfy a lonely man.

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