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Albino Blacksheep is an increasingly growing site. The site currently (November 1, 2002) serves between ~210,000 to ~260,000 page views per day, and receives over 60,000 Unique visitors each day who have JavaScript enabled. Additionally, Albino Blacksheep runs a few smaller sites and hosts pages and services for other sites.

Unique Visitors increase over 20 months Source: eXTReMe digital Tracking

Albino Blacksheep is internationally ranked as one of the top 10,000 websites by traffic, and is continuing to grow.

Top 10,000 Rank Among Other Sites Source: Alexa Internet Inc.

Our visitors mainly browse from the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The staff and many of the viewers would like to see this site expand and grow to serve more content and pages than it already does. We have kept in mind as we grew that it would be wise to set space on each page of the site for advertisements. As the site grows, its costs increase, and the advertisement space would be ready for sale when needed.

Now, the various advertisement space is for sale.

The problem with online ads

The online advertising industry as a whole is facing many troubles. The reason for its downfall is simple. Advertisers were selling their banners to central Ad Agencies who would pay Website owners (publishers) to place these banners on their Web pages. This went unregulated and poorly monitored. The Website publishers had all the control over the advertisements, while the actual advertisers did not see what was being done with their banners.

The Website owners were not interested in advertising for these corporate products. This would distract visitors from their own content. However, since the Ad Agencies were open to paying high sums to nearly anyone (often kids) to display these banners, the Website publishers gave in, but also met their own needs.

People starting hiding banners, including resizing them to tiny sizes or placing them at the very bottom of pages where no one would even see. Ad Agencies took some notice and publishers were forced to place the banners at the top of pages to fix the problem, but this did not help. The banners did not load up until the user already started scrolling down. The Internet connections and backbones were slower then. Banners 25kb in size took up to 8 or 9 seconds to load on top of the loading time of other images.

Publishers manipulated the code of banners so they wouldn't display, while the statistics would show otherwise. As well, people began placing dozens of banners clustered together to make more money, and in effect creating ad nausea, while no company or product image takes notice.

All these banners were the same "standard sizes" so the Ad Agencies could process them simpler. Visitors then knew exactly which banners to avoid. They clearly knew which were corporate ones and which were parts of Website content. Advertisers spent thousands each on these ads, but did not gain any value in return.

The problem was on the part of the advertisers too. They were not clearly selling their product or image, but instead created completely unrelated banners in order for people to click on them. The banners were very misleading such as, "You have a message waiting for you. Click here to view it." or, "Punch the monkey and win $20,000". Even those who fell for these tricks, where obviously not the computer literate people who shop and bank online. To this day many are unsure what these advertisements were for, and therefore, the products and services went unsold and unnoticed.

We make you aware of the problems, so you know what to achieve and what to avoid with us and any other publishers you do business with. We do not condone or practice the problems that we have pointed out, while many other publishers don't have any alternative. We have nothing to hide and we want you to be satisfied in doing business with us. Meaning, we are not interested in taking your money, and giving you nothing of value in return while we run, run, run and don't look back. Unlike the publishers that are still plaguing the industry with the old problems, leading it to its further downfall, we actually can and intend to bring value to your advertising budget. We have intentionally separated ourselves from the rest of the online advertising industry in order to do this.

Size, Placement and Format

Here are examples of banner size and placement on the links below. These are examples of how specific banners will look on Flash movie viewer pages, Video pages, or Game pages. Please note, these examples are not actually our sponsors:

Long Skyscraper (size: 120x600 pixels)
Regular Skyscraper (size: 120x240 pixels)
Regular Wide Banner (size: 468x60 pixels)
Half-size Wide Banner (size: 234x60 pixels)
Small Button (size: 88x31 pixels)
Ad Square (side placement) (size: 120x60 pixels)
Ad Square (middle placement) (size: 120x60 pixels)

Banner space may also be purchased on the main pages of this site, and sub-main pages.

We allow hyper-linked advertisements, GIF Images, Jpeg Images, Forms, and Flash advertisements, as well as any combination of these.


We can use certain code, mostly CSS, so that software like Symantec Norton, Agnitum Outpost, and other web censors or firewalls will have trouble hiding your banner. The web censors look for code that specifies an ad server, an ad directory or certain ad sizes. If these programs finds ' src="adservers.net/ads/yourbanner.gif" size="468" height="60" ' your banner would certainly be censored by those software programs. We will avoid placing your banner on an ad server. We will avoid using the terms 'ad' or 'banner' and avoid specifying standard banner sizes in HTML code if you let us know ahead of time.

If you need help deciding on a presentation for your banner we will work with you. Most banners are simply a picture or a company logo with a link to information. You are not limited to this, and we prefer to advertise in a more creative manner.

Our site works well for advertising because users spend a lot of time on this Website and individual pages. Your banners can be placed alongside movies or games that users spend an enourmous amount of time interactive with. Unlike Television and Radio advertising, time is not always measured online like size is. Though, just from the nature of this site it requires time, and to your advantage.


As for pricing, this depends on:

  • Banner placement
  • Banner pixel size
  • Banner file size
  • Where the banner is hosted
  • Length of time the banner exists on the site
  • The number of viewers to the banner

As well, the product or service of the advertisement affects the price.

To make pricing a little more simple, I would like to charge by CPM. This means cost per 1,000 banner impressions, as this is an Internet standard for advertising. Every time your banner is displayed to 1,000 different unique viewers, you are charged a certain price in CPM advertising. For example, if you want 20,000 people to view your Regular Skyscrape banner. This would cost $20 at $1 CPM.

  • $0.50 CPM =   1,000 Banner Impressions at $0.50
  • $0.50 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $5
  • $1.00 CPM =   1,000 Banner Impressions at $1
  • $1.00 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $10
  • $1.50 CPM =   1,000 Banner Impressions at $1.50
  • $1.50 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $15
  • $2.00 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $20
  • $3.00 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $30
  • $4.00 CPM = 10,000 Banner Impressions at $40

There is no reason to charge higher than $5 CPM for a banner within other content. It is not worth your money on this or any Website. If you'd like to pay more, that's fine, but its not valuable. Only pages completely devoted to your banner would be worth that much money (and we can do that for you too).

You can buy as many banner impressions as you need. We have 60,000 unique impressions available per day. Up to 60,000 different people can view your banner in one day. No one will be counted twice in one visit. We will never overcharge you for giving you more impressions than you specify. If we give you more impressions, consider it bonus free advertising from us.


ICQ: 106122255 (ICQ if email is full)

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