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Can't think of title   June 23, 2003

[Clickity Clickity Clickity Click.] This is by far the best story line for a flash movie, EVER!:

If you remember the last update, we showed a video of Chrissy watching a certain flash. Here's another video of someone else with a very similar reaction. However, I will not link to the particular movie that he was watching due to recent complaints of heart attacks and death and whatever:
Jose Reaction

Not another Star Wars Kid Parody:

Play this game til the end. Don't stop:

Yawn   June 17, 2003

Follow these instructions.

Step 1.
Watch the Flash Movie Below:

Step 2.
Watch the Flash 6 Video below of Chrissy watching the movie from Step 1:

[Clickity Clickity Clickity Click.] Step 3.
Compare and Share your reaction:

Q. How many feminists/uptight leftists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. That's not Funny!!!

Strange Items for Sold on Ebay

Marijuana Alternatives (Yes they are 100% legal and just as good as the real thing.)

The Cup   June 9, 2003

[Clickity Clickity Clickity Click.] Ruruns and newruns:

The King of Hawaii   June 1, 2003

[SARS - Click me, baby]

Shii is not the only sad cat in town:

New Star Wars Kid video:

I promised myself I would finish the Txt Files section by May 31. I didn't quite finish, but it's certainly better than before:
Text Files