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der1331   July 23, 2003

Really, by now you should have the newest Windows Media Player, newest QuickTime Player, and the newest Flash Player.

[Chris Farley]

Two Aces from the Iraq Most Wanted Deck Of Cards have been killed - Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay. A lot of people were complaining in the ABS Forum about the fireworks that went off around the US when the news arrived. We should not celebrate death, ever. Though, it's interesting to note, Baghdad had it's own guns-going-off-in-the-air celebration for the same news. Maybe, just maybe, Uday and Qusay who have been reported to have commited rape, torture and murder, were bad people? Nah.

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Something to Say   September 10, 2001

Nooooow people are understanding Kissin Hank's Ass. Ever since I posted the Stop it God Petition they get the joke.

[Toilet] Allow me to post what I read one day

#119 Mordred 7/16/2003 12:51PM PST
... you are so right. I remember the first few times I logged onto the al-Guardian talkboard and started following some of the threads there. There was a conservative Mexican-American and a conservative African-American posting there at the time, and the Brit White Shabs called them the most racist names imaginable. The black guy was actually accused of "sucking whitey's dick" because of his opinions (and that was one of the milder comments), while the Latino got called "toilet-cleaner" and other lovely names. This was all from Guardian-reading leftist do-gooders who routinely accused any white conservative poster of being a "racist", "Nazi", KKK-member etc.

Why did I print that here? To expose the political Left (Liberals) that hate everyone who disagrees with them (bye bye half my visitors). But there's nothing great about the Right (Conservatives) either, who can be exposed as well, it just wouldn't be as shocking or funny. The Right in its most extreme movements brought Fascism (Nazis, Ba'athists). While the extreme Left brought us Communism and Socialism (Soviet Russia/Europe, Red China, Castro, Neo-Nazis). BOTH parties have used tyranny and dictatorships to impose their ideals, something one party claims the other is guilty of when they are not in power. They Seethe and Whine about it to hide their jealousy and sense of betrayal.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no way I can be part of the masses. They use, exploit, and sell-out any minorities for their political ideologies. Can a minority fit on either side in the long run if their cause is exploited for such brief periods? Why even get involved now if history proves you will be sold-out later?

The answer is to NEVER buy in. No one can sell you out or claim you have sold them out if you never buy in. Your political decisions should be based on simple morality (without trivialization, excuses, and name-calling), rather than an ideology that will ignore what it has to to validate its direction. Stay in the middle because you're safest there. This is where outcasts (the black sheep) go, but this doesn't mean you can't speak out for your own individual feelings. Be an individual and don't get caught up with the masses. Don't become a sheep. Let's say instead, become an Albino Blacksheep.

Infesting Ebay:

The_IRS   July 9, 2003

[Sheep Abuse] This first video here was banned from TV (particularly NBC) for obvious reasons. I guess that's what the Internet is for. :-p P.S. RealPlayer Required.

In theatres November 8, 2003, a movie called Slap Her... She's French. No (working) Trailer online as of yet, but here's the game from the movie:

[USA] Happy Independence Day!   July 4, 2003

_ French Erotic Film or Jesus vs. Colin Mochrie Andrew Kepple
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Speaking of American Independence. This is the most relevant post I have seen so far:

#3 BH 7/3/2003 11:23AM PST
How the hell can we be descended from these EUro asswipes? Please tell me we're adopted!

[Canada] Happy Canada Day!   July 1, 2003

Image by Jim Lavrakas

Farchie Archie is back for you to enjoy, BUT NOT S3XUALLY!!!1:

Divine Chimpanzenation Neil Cicierega

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