>can i prod your tit please?
>can i pick ur nose?
>see this finger?yeah?well,its going up your cunt
>ugh,look at ur chin
>i have a big penis
>Watch where your pointing that thing!!!
>Watch out, he has a goatee! He's EVIL!
>can i have a shag?
>huh huh huh, pull my finger, huh huh huh
>huh huh huh, pull my finger, huh huh huh
>Just the on finger up you? Are you that tight?
>your tits are small bt they sack sooo f****ing low, yer belly is showing, WTF?
>don't touch me!!! DONT TOUCH ME!!!
>you suck on finger! suck on finger NOW!
>you suck on finger! suck on finger NOW!
>get in the car biaaaaaatch
>Dont forget your diaphram again!!
>I am gonna jack my nut to the sierra nipple vid
>Don't EVER call me "Tortilla" AGAIN!!
>lets go f*** a dead cow
>finger me now!
>rifle...now get in the car
>freeze...i no this looks like an ordinary finger and bag but i asure you it's really i high powered
>Dont you walk on my padment, are ill slap you with a sadering iron!
>what a beer
>what a beer
>smell my finger
>ok finger
>Pull my finger
>DO you know what i got in my bag? (What?) some condoms what to see if the worK?
>No you cant get a tatto. (YOUR SUCH A HIPOCRIT!)
>No im not going to pay chiled suport this mont now f*** off befor i pull out my Desert egal .50
>YOU STUPID BITCHl why did you to that... What?, dont play games with me bitch you keyed my car
>What? No... I am looking at your neck.
>What? No... I am looking at your neck.
>Damnit, what are you some kind of idiot? Let me go over it again, first of all, I am not clone...
>Say hello to my little friend!
>Why is everything blue?
>I would tell you whats in the bag, but then I would have to add you to it...
>Back off lady or you get it...
>use the force
>i got a 20 wana f***
>pull my finger
>youve been a naughty little girl. 10 minute time- out for you.
>let me stick my finger up ur p*ssy
>let me stick my finger up ur p*ssy
>look here you your going to give me some ass are you going to get whats in the bag
>let me stick my finger up ur p***y
>let me get sum p***y bitch
>Nothig wronh being pregnet. But I told yuo to wait till you were12!
>Whoah dude, get your finger away from me!
>Just hop on and give it a whirl!
>Ha, no way am I going to fall for that again...
>Hey bitch! I will carry my own damn groceries!
>The bag is full of tiny little aliens from space, and there planning to kill us all. Go away freak.
>Its my little friend Johnny... Johnny, say hello to the nice juicy lady...
>No Bitch! No means f***ing NO! The square root of 81 is not f***ing 8. It's 9. It's F***ing 9!!!
>Kevin I told you I never want to see you again after since you got that sex change and became a girl
>Oh, so you want to see my package eh?
>Get your punk ass hippy face off my planet!
>Sorry lady, this isn't Mars. Mars is that way...
>Yeah, so? Alright so my bag is full of bombs, whats it to you lady?
>Do me a favor sweet heart and punch me in the face. COME ON! What are you a p***y! Punch my face!
>(@|\\| Y0|_| |33|_!3\\/3 |{0|/\\| |_337 | @|\\/|?????
>i don't care if you are virgen, bent over bitch !!
>(@|\\| Y0|_| |33|_!3\\/3 |{0|/\\| |_337 | @|\\/|?????
>Honey, don't argue with daddy. You can f*** daddy's ass with this strap on I just bought, at home!!
>Did you get a boobjob again ??
>please just one head job!!!
>Do you mind if I poke you in the eye?
>Now listen bridget! For the last time I am not Robert De Niro. Now get on your knees and suck me!
>hey bitch step the f*** back or i'll slap you down and rape you!
>dont you touch my nipple lady
>hey do you mind if I pick your nose?
>this bag is for you, its 9000 condoms
>when i was in prison they gave it to me up the ass. youd like too
>this bag is for you, its 9000 condoms
>If you try to stick your finger in my ass one more time.... i swear
>I told you to wear the waterbra dammit!
>what did i teach you about sleeping in a bed woven from your own ass hair
>No you pull my finger or I'll tell you mother!!!!!
>my thing is this big
>You've been a very bad girl. You know I like my frosted flakes without sugar! You will be punished..
>shut up...and get down on your knees bitch
>"10 dollars"... "Noooo. 20 dollar. Suckee suckee. Me love you looong time".
>just be quiet, please
>Do you see my finger....cuz i dont
>just touch it once.. please
>Damn woman you have a nice rack
>Damn woman you have a nice rack
>Can I hit you baby one more time?
>this is how big my penis is, what u think?
>Damn woman you have a nice rack
>I allready told you once, NEVER swallow
>pull my finger
>pull my finger
>smell myu finger its benn in your cunt
>in your ass and then we are gonna break your legs
>bitch, the loanshark told me to tell you that if you dont pay him soon...this here finger is going
>You see this bag? Yeah..me too. :)
>no, the doctor said it was only right to bleed the first time
>alright, i'll give you one shot, but if you can't pull this goddamn thorn out, i'm shooting you.
>Ive Told you once already, NEVER, i repeat NEVER swallow
>Listen, bitch...
>if i can make you come with this finger, imagine what i could do with all five
>can i touch those?
>mine's this big
>Come over to my house so I can stick this finger up your sweet pink p***y ... Sounds Good Daddy ....
>Ok, you can touch it, BUT ONLY THIS ONE TIME
>call my work number... 7853394201... ask for "Big Kevin"
>My name is Kevin Hedberg
>when you turn tricks for me bitch, you better give me my money
> >arnold s
>hey does my finger smell like cheese
>This finger? ok turn around and bend over
>The distance from the tip of my nose to the end of my finger is aproximatley 14.5 inches. Fact.
>eh bieetch, ima mexicano druga lordo showa some dammy respec, u sucka wheneh i tella yousa too
>one in da pinkie.......... two in da stinkie
>one in da pinkie.......... two in da stinkie
>Strip and suck or I will shoot!
>Don't think that you can seduce me!
>if u r gunna behave like this ill put my dick in ur ass an rape u...
>I'm Not Going to lie to you. I have Candy In my bag, I'd like to give you some, just step in my Car!
>this better be the best damn pepsi i've ever had...
>this better be the best damn pe
>Heeeyyy, whata ya tryin ta steal my freekin groceries for ya dumb broad, I gotta feed my chincila!
>Bitch, I told you to get me my money, now I'm gonna have to do the ancient chinese fingering torture
>now im gonna touch your nipple and if you scream ill rape you bitch
>If I stuck this finger inside you would you hate me or love me even more!
>Man:Smell my finger! Woman:What's that? Man:My ass!
>And next time, use the Teachings of Xen!
>Now look here you hussy!!!
>come on
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! shadowbane!!!! -Equinox
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! shadowbane!!!! -Equinox
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! shadowbane!!!! -Equinox
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! shadowbane!!!! -Equinox
>Whoo-hoo, a faggot's advertising a site that sucks. Yay. I think I'll stick my dick in her eye now.
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! shadowbane!!!! -Equinox
>PvP/RP WORLD!!! www.shadowbane.com!!!! -Equinox
>If this finger was my penis, it'd be in your eye.
>those would make perfect stress balls
>ughughughugh UGHUGHUGH!!!
>Oh I want to touch those breasts, will you let me?
>Listen young lady you have perfect tits so WEAR A GAWDDAMN BRA!
>listen you no listen you gonna be wacked off this famiyl my tony
>right now i'm about to divert your attention thataway
>HEY LOOK OVER THERE IT'S HIPPOPOTAMUS *snatches purse* *humps dog*
>Im pointing once but you are pointing twice thats greedy
>i got a big bag of roofies what are u doing later
>look im asking you nicely, now where is the shitter
>if I told you once I told you a million times only 1 finger up my ass
>that's it back to winnipeg!
>Drugz are bad, mm'kay, like, mmm'kay, theyre bad for you, mmm'kay -Wicked
>NO touch, if you do it again I rape you, no dick for you!
>Damnit you bitch, i said ONCE, now you cant touch me anymore, GO AWAY WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!
>I told you, no pie, I WANT CAKE!
>close is clear! we can fulfil our fantasy of sticking my finger up your ass in a public parking lot!
>i sticked 1 finger up yo ass and now you want 2 more???? kinky biznatch!!!
>ok, 1 dollar for 1 suck on your nipples.
>i want to jack you off
>listen bitch you think that walking around showing people your tits if gona get you laid?
>are you talking to ? are you talking to me ?
>For the last time lady, I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN...NO!
>if i didn't have so much beer in this bag to give to me wife,well hell i might just suck on those!
>:whispers: Karataeeee
>nice tits
>smell my finger
>dad please, I dont want to have sex with you
>I swearI dont remember f***ing you!
>I have two freaky blueish stripes in my right arm, so don't f*** with me, lady
>Your nipples look like they're as long as my index finger
>I Kill You Scum
>Look up there, It's your forehead!
>Pull my finger.
>Now you need to be more careful with your bag, or some moron will take it.
>one tit, two tits
>i eat my own poop
>i eat my own poop
>Don't touch this bag....but mine you can !
>don't f*** with me
>pay the money or il kill your family, bitch!!
>I Kill You Scum
>Pull my finger
>i'll take this finger and stick up your ...
>Once I agreed with you about economic globalization . . . BUT NO MORE!
>ill give you 30 cents for the both of them
>i want to insert my bij juicy cock into your rectum and make you beg for mercy
>i want to stick my nice big cock into your asshole and make u scream
>smell my finger
>can i poke u?
>can i poke u?
>what are they?
>My, grandma, what big breasts you have!
>could you pull this for me!
>oww come on baby you know you want it!!
>What isle can you find those on!
>Those are two very nice breasts you have there!
>I want to feel your insides!
>My penis is as long as my finger!
>My penis is as long as my finger!
>hey sis lets f***
>and then i pointed at her, and said "STOP STALKIN ME BITCH!"
>they call me chef boyardee, baby!
>no, you cant park my car and theres no tip
>give it to me real hard
>The money Dosent start floowing until you start blowing
>I've told you this before. This is a car park, not a street corner.
>Keep it up and I'm going to shoot you!
>i only wanted to pick your nose
>I'm not going to pay you until you suck my dick
>watch my car you bitch
>those tits are to small!!!!
>nice shoes lets f***!
>f*** me bitch
>I'm a dog f***er and I want to f*** your dog's mouth
>Look what I found in my nose!
>Look! A plane!
>No sorry i lost it
>How many times do i have to tell you, I liked it the first time you followed me but all the way to M
>my name is sancho never forget that
>u arnt as good as your mother
>wheres my change?
>10 bucks not penny more, got it!!
>I Don't work for old mexicans like you. Wanabe Pimp :)
>I'm Going To Stick my finger up your tight ASS!
>Then It kinda sticks up like this ...
>don't follow me I'm gay
>There be your old toe Nail clipping in this Bag
>you got a booger hangin out!!
>smell my finger
>arrrrrhhhhhh she got a cock, it stickin in my back
>pleas let me see your p***y
>no i dont want to take your damn money just to f*** u....ill just hit that shit for free hehe ^_^
>Are You Bin Laden's wife?.. Wanna f***?... =]
>lemme f*** U in tha AZZ honey
>that's definatley my bra... giveit back you skanky hoe...
>just 1 dollar lady...you're not worth more than that
>and then the girl says "haha, you're constipated"
>the girl says im a lesbian freak the guy says i dont give a shit motherf***er ur gonna suck my cunt
>Dont worry miss, it is under 4inches
>Now listen! I know my cock is small, but you didn't have to laugh at me!
>dont sass me woman!!!
>Then you shave my ass and I clip your toenails.
>Then you shave my ass and I clip your toenails.
>First we get naked, then we put on sailor hats, and get into a jacuzzi filled with pepto bismol...
>you would have never gotten that if you hadn't slept with me
>I thought you said $20 a pop
>no no
>do you know what i can do with this finger
>U Dont Get
>Oooooooo BABY BABY
>look slut stop pointing me with ur nipples u could poke someones eye out with those things
>Listen I Have to Feed Rest Of Family You No Get Food
>hello little girl fancie a boiled lollie
>Pull my finger, you dirty little bitch...
>No soup for you! Come back ONE YEAR!
>Nice Tits can i have them
>Listen, blondie. Two minus one equals one. ONE!! Now do you get it?
>have you ever smelt a finger thats been in a mans ass?
>your a fag
>just a little touch on the tip, c'mon!?
>look what i just found in my nose
>guess what in the bag??.............lets sit the bag on my lap and find out
>i think that your my long lost lhore
>have you ever smelt a finger thats been in a mans ass?
>i want f***ing head now i am not joking you f***ing slut
>bitch, thats my shirt!
>bitch, thats my shirt!
>w00t! i want your candy-arse!
>We dont have our own thoughts, albino blacksheep loser visitors have to supply us with them
>all your tits belong to us......
>all your tits belong to us......
>look up for a second while i play with myself
>what did i tell you about biting? now do it right!
>God is love, love is blind, ray charles is blind therefor , ray charles is god
>This is what my penis is doing right now
>Excuse me...can i borrow ur body for a minute or two?
>oops..better not pretty...what the hell am i thinkin?
>don't make me stick this finger up your nose agian
>look bitch you pretty hand over my money...or i'll hit you with this bag...
>look im serious dis time...pull my f***ing finger
>do u hav a permit for thoz nice breasts?
>now....thoses are some nice tits........." why like.....oh my god!...u did not!......"
>hey baby just one more night my wife is on to me
>Now remember the plan, you go distract the driver with that "look" and I'll take him out wit my bag.
>No matter what the boys tell you, there is no such thing as a boob inspector!
>I want to touch!
>you have a nice rack
>Stay still so these motherf***ers put a f***in caption on our f***in picture
>Stay still so these motherf***ers put a f***in caption on our f***in picture
>youve been a very naughty girl!
>youve been a very naughty girl!
>youve been a very naughty girl!
>youve been a very naughty girl!
>youve been a very naughty girl!
>My finger... Your snatch... Lets do business.
>this beard is fake , so stop staring
>i must say...your prices are a bit to high...
>so how much??
>what can i get for 5 dollars
>Bitch I told you...
>Mom? I told you not to dress up as a teenager and give handjobs for crack!
>Smell this finger, SMELL WHAT YOU DID.
>for the last time... i'm not a cab driver
>Smell this finger, SMELL WHAT YOU DID.
>I did not have sexual relations with that woman
>youve been a bad girl..now bend over
>i'm as big as this finger...
>i f***ed your mom
>i f***ed your mom
>no, my name is not ghonnorhea boy
>c'mon.. i'll give ya a dollar if you get down on your knees right here...
>i told u not to bite me. now i have rashes
>no, my name is not ghonnorhea boy
>ive told you before to take your teeth out while sucking my dick
>oh oh quick......pull my finger!!
>who's your daddy?
>suck my big.............finger
>its your turn to blow me!
>ive told u before to stop f***ing in public carparks, you dirty slut
>when we get home ..it's my turn to screw you!!
>"if you flash your tits one more time young lady.........."
>only one finger?
>Man: "...and the sperm swims to the egg....."
>I just had this finger in my anal opening, wanna taste it?
>i told you no teeth!
>let just wipe that spot off you shirt, oh these are nice
>Your titties are showing
>you should take your shirt off
>Take this queen dopelopigus
>Is it just me or is my finger stuck
>My shirt is to big
>do you have a mother, if not i have a dollar
>Excuse me, sir. But where is my head? I seem to have lost it...
>your tits are to big for this shirt so i need u to take it of for me and this is how my dick will be
>dude, where's my car?
>and the Number 1 reason I'll never get the chace to sleep with you is...
>Zeeky Boogy Doog
>i told u to give me my money bitch im sorry please f*** me instead
>wow, it points that way? intresting......
>wow, it points that way? intresting......
>did you know , that the cheapest hookers in the world go for 30 cents in India.
>wow, it points that way? intresting......
>and then i'm going to stick it in you..and keep it there for all of you life...
>you would look AWESOME on my dick !!
>Just gimme one change to roxor your world..
>Leez Magzet!
>Zeeky Boogy Doog
>Zeeky Boogy Doog
>I can c
>i want some chicken
>no i will not have sex with you
>I'll give you whats in the bag, all you have to do is a litle something for my little friend down be
>zeeky boogie doog!!!!!!!!!!!!
>dont say the zeegy words
>can i f*** your sister in the ass for 3 dollars?
>wow you don't seem to be wearing a bra can i poke those pointy things
>Hey bitch, get on your knees.
>im gonna get that twinkie from the fat guy and shove it up my ass while you suck my dick HAHAHA
>Could you please open my car door for me? It appears my finger is stuck.
>want me to use this finger or whats in the bag?
>Could you play in my KIDDIE pr0n<--l337 movie?
>One mo word out of u about my small dick and i'll shove this penis-pump in this bag up yo ass!!!!!
>ok $27.50 for the blowjob extra $10 for u to dress up as a cat
>Bitch, I'm sick and tired of buying your tampons. This is the final time.
>Honey, if u don't shut yo mouth, I'm gonna stick my dick down yo throat when we get home!!!
>Hey...I got candy for you! EHEHE!!!
>Look daughter, incest isnt disgusting or perverted, it's a way of life now bend over baby! ---Aaron
>My penis is much, much bigger
>Bitch, I know you been workin' on da corner, gimme mah f***in money
>now i am going to have sex with you now
>your my bitch
>I'm going to jam this up your nose
>i'm gonna put this finger where the sun don't shine
>you're my bitch
>pull my finger
>what i've got in this bag will make your eyes water....no it isn't chilli ;)
>Do you know how it feels when I find you f***in behind a dumpster?
>hey girl my dick might be small but its thick as f***
>Fine, I get the point missy, you let me screw your sister for 2 dollars but you want 3.Well NO!2.50!
>GIRL: Hey mista Ill rip yow cock out with my fingers if ya dont FUK OFF!
>GUY: You Dun EVer mess weed mE Senorita! I stik dis finger up yar pussee! ....
>sure if u will suck my cock
>will u eat my p***y
>f*** u
>Hello. I am Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
>hey you said i could put it in your ass for that price
>Now, now, Loraine, how many times have i told you that I don't screw students outside of my classroo
>And when you get back home... GIVE DADDY A BLOW JOB...
>I told you before... You better not be a prostitute... No daddy ... I promise ...
>Do you REALLY want me to stick this here finger in your eye? I'll do it bitch, back the f*** up!
>Stop following me!!
>Fine, I get the point missy, you let me screw your sister for 2 dollars but you want 3.Well NO!2.50!
>those are some huge tits you got there!
>i like big woman!
>wanna see something funny? pull my finger. come on. pull it. its funny
>listen here....you gonna suck my dick first....then i will give you this bad
>girl>hey look at my boobs! guy>young lady i will cut off those f***ing tits if you dont leave me
>Put your money in this bag or i'll shoot you with my invisible gun!
>I"ll be gentle, honey
>Remeber.....always use protection
>If oyu try to touch my ass one more time lady...
>look bitch last night was just a one night stand
>This better be the right colour...I don't need no off white skirt!
>ok for ten dollors all I have to do is suck your dick
>Hasita Vittu!
>Jackie Brown
>Nice tits, slut.
>Increase my killing power, eh???
>Greetings friend, how r u??, thats nice, would you like a cup of tea, ok, that would be nice
>PLS SUKEN mien er finga
>Ok, even though my daughter I gonna let u give me a hand job to get over your sex addiction>
>Ok, even though my daughter I gonna let u give me a hand job to get over your sex addiction>
>now, the last hooker knocked me out and stole my wallet....
>Come on, pull my finger!
>hey girl don`t touch my car u bitch u see this finger if u don`t leave it`ll be in ur p***y
>ii love to suck ur dick
>j-u-s-t o-n-e p-o-k-e
>j-u-s-t o-n-e p-o-k-e
>hey babe...do u see that? this finger has been in more p***ys than u could ever masturbate...
>up in your p***y!
>ok! i am sorry about the groping, but seriously, which one of you three hit me?
>are you black or are my eyes dirty?
>id like to insert this in ur starfish
>ur sick
>i would eat your shit
>Hey! I told you to never say zeeky boogie doo!
>See this finger? See my nose? Up your p***y, is where it goesssssssssssssssss
>pull my finger
>Just send the letter to: Jesus, Care of the Pentagon
>if you ever go down on me in a public place again i'll spank you!
>can i just pitch your nips once?
>have you seen my baseball?
>i like cheese
>Hey Girl..man, ur boobs are amazing
>you can pick your freinds and you can pick your nose....but you can't pick your freinds nose!!!
>If ur tits were just a little bigger maybe just maybe ill f*** u
>if you suck my dick your horny bitch i will give you 10 bucks ok ?
>so f*** em biatch
>see this finger, its going right up your p***y
>Could you play in my KIDDIE porn movie?
>"My dick is this long!!" "'Oh my Goood, I aint comin near u, needledick!"
>................ and then you slide the into the hole under the clit......
>I've had enough of your shit, either f*** me, or get lost you damn ho.
>aww kay
>you know Bitch... if it wasent for this Finger you would still be a virgin!
>Get away from me p***y!
>One more poke, Pluuuueeessse?
>Miss, hold my finger please.
>My name is Jose, NOT 'Taco'!!
>Don't EVER call me "Tortilla" AGAIN!!
>Ok, now listen here you pert breasted tart, I'm not letting this cocaine go for less than 20.
>You want HOW MUCH?!?!?
>>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!
>>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!
>>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!
>>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!
>>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!
>nice boobs
>5 dollar suckie sukie too expensive!

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