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  August 26, 2004  Pro-Buttley

[Flash]The Evil Strawberry


  August 18, 2004  PMS Time

[This will happen to you at some point while viewing this update] The best video about Potatoes that has ever been submitted:

[Flash]Mashed Taters
eNiGMa the MoNKey

[Flash]Hit Me
Ben Smallman

Why is daxor so happy?

[Flash]La Luna

Okay, listen! If you have conditions that do not allow you to ride a rollercoaster, please do not view the following video. Ignore this warning if you like complaining to me:

[Flash]I Love Someone Whose Name Starts With A G
Fredryk Phox

Exclusive Video Powered by Zango:

Jimmy Egeland who made Group X - Dat Cereal Bawks now has a commercial flash out called BorderBowl: The Altercation. Just letting you know what's new with old artists.


  August 12, 2004  More update later.

vengy Posted: Aug 10 2004, 02:54 PM
I've decided to use my coding skills to help rather than hurt.
Anyhow, I created a flash movie last night on how people can get emotional support.
Requires sound ... let me know if it can be improved etc.,...

[Flash]Cyber Mike

[Flash]MCR - Sweet Revenge!!!

[Flash]Tony Blair's Desktop
Daniel Hough

If you liked that, then don't forget Episode 1, 2 and 3.


  August 4, 2004  Not enough Update.

[Update!  We are your visitors!  We make you do whatever we say!] This is the Anti-Honda commercial. After many edits for suitability for the public audience, it has become a Don't Drink and Drive video. Honda's commercial, It Must Be Love was just asking to be parodied anyways.

[Flash]Anti-Honda Commercial

[Flash]Robots Are Our Friends
Mystery Bob

You need to have taken some lessons to play the following game:

[Flash]Parallel Park

Some videos from across the sea:

[Flash]Suck It In

[Flash]How to Fold a Shirt

I think this might become a classic:

[Flash]Ducks Live on the Moon!

[Flash]Cows with Guns
Bjørn-Magne Stuestøl

Speaking of really weird ducks, I made sure to archive this ebay page:

And then, speaking of ebay, backtothefuture, who is the author of Shfifty Five is having an ebay auction here, selling his shoes and original art related to his Flash. Fans of Shfifty Five may be interested to know we almost got into some trouble on ABS because the "girlfriend" character in the Flash found his picture in the Flash. He was quite angry to find, for the first time, his friend had photoshopped him into a girl. I know this was hard to believe since it's one of the earliest and most common photoshops, but he sent us other pictures of himself for proof.

For those who get the Zango Application (if you don't have it, the page will direct you to it), you can play this RPG about how I'm the evil King of ABS and oppressing all the members. Negative AKA Jaykc assures me that the next version of this game will have less anti-ABS propaganda.

[19:19] <AB> XxXoldsaltXxX, your game is on Fark
[19:19] <XxXoldsaltXxX> ahhhh
[19:19] <XxXoldsaltXxX> sweet!
[19:19] <AB> infinityscore.jpg
[19:19] <Milky_Silky> is infinity a real score?
[19:19] <XxXoldsaltXxX> next place i get is CNN.. hopefully
[19:19] <AB> infinityscoreb.jpg
[19:19] <matttheguy> HAHAHAHA
[19:20] <Milky_Silky> CNN sucks ass
[19:20] <XxXoldsaltXxX> yeah i know
[19:20] <AB> lol
[19:20] <XxXoldsaltXxX> but they put that one flash on it
[19:20] <XxXoldsaltXxX> maybe they will stop being bitches and put my game on it
[19:20] <matttheguy> thats because it was political
[19:20] <matttheguy> your game isnt very political
[19:20] <XxXoldsaltXxX> or better yet put buttplug on it
[19:20] <Milky_Silky> XxXoldsaltXxX's game is waaaaaay far left for my beliefs

Recent Changes on ABS: Invision Skin for Site, Invision Skin for Forums, new server for Shockwave Games, Wallpaper Section.


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