Anson's Journal  
My Rant for Today   November 15, 2001

[Anson] Ok, a while ago, the girl i have liked for about a year now, broke up with a guy, who is kinda my friend/kinda not. I know its not right to ask her out after a break up, and because her x is a friend, but i really like her. So, i get up enough courage, and write her a note, i tell her how long i liked her, that i would like to go out sometime, and that i would understand if she said no. So the next day, by at the end of the day, end of 4th period, she calls my name, i walk over to her, and say " my, you look nice today!" she hands me the note with an inquisitive smile, so i have hope.. .. I decide not to read it till i get outside, where i wait for my friends to walk with to their cars. I pull out the note, with a smile. I read it. The smile fades. I fold the note up and put it in my pocket... The note reads: Anson! Hey! It's flattering really but your right, I don't want a bf right now, and i think its better we just stay friends. You're a cool kid and a great friend, your the funniest kid i know! but your really not my type! we can stay intouch online & stuff. Friends 4 ever Shelly ... Now i know i made some mistakes when persuing the thing i wanted most, but i didnt want to come off as an over confident loser, who was just lookn for some booty. i wanted her to know i cared for her feelings, and that i understood she was sensitive at this time, and i was willing to wait until she was ready. but now, i got shut down. SO SCREW THAT! I guess ill just stick to sheep, and coming to this site to put the lotion in the basket. -Lazy

bunnies are good

ALBINO BLACK SHEEP CHANGED MY LIFE...(crying)  November 15, 2001

[Anson] I would like to say thank you to sners for helpin me out with my own page : D i am truly stoked about this, and albino black sheep has changed my life, ohh yea, ill update this puppy as soon as possible -Lazy ( ohh yea, you should put the lotion in the basket, and go but a cd by Vest...god he is awesome!!! or you can get on your little Kazaa, or Morpheus things and steal money from him...jerk faces!)

Promises, Promises  November 16, 2001

[Anson] ... Ok, well, I was told i'd get a playstation 2 from my bro. (a little background info. on him) he is in the airforce, he just graduated Tech school, he is home for like 2 and a half weeks, he got paid the 15th, and he said he would get me one. so, anyways, its the 15 and 9:30 p.m. roles around, AND NO PLAYSTATION 2, ohh yea, GameStop, is where i go for everyhting gaming, go to www.gamestop.com, but it closes at 9:30, and we didnt go, so this means to me that "hey, you aint gettn it". So by now the curiosity is kiiling me, so i ask him, if he will do it or not, and he says " why did you have to do that?!?" and i was like what!, and he says , " ask about that, i just get happy, and in a spending mood, adn you ask me that again. (i have bothered him about it since he got home, and he told me not to ask about it again, and he will get it) so i think i just screwd myself over...im upset, so um..yea -Lazy ( well, i didnt get it, but christmas of 2001, i did get it, and i have GTA3 Spyhunter nad Jak and Daxter, J&D and GTA3 are games worthy of buying..if you can get GTA3, i heard its being banned or something... im editing this right now..today is the 26 of jan. 02, but it isnt in the post above^^^^^)

I hate 3000 GT's, and their owners  November 16, 2001

[Anson] Ok, today was so much fun, school sucked as usual, and when i go out to see my friends ( who take me home ) this really annoying guy from my church was there, so i like hid from him, next, i jump out and try to scare my friends...that didnt work, so then we sart waln to the car, I have an ingenius plan: I want shot gun, so i do the guess what, Chicken butt thing all the way to the car, so when we get to the car, i say guess what...and they all go chicken butt, but then i say "NO, SHOT GUN!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA" and they think its funny, and yea, it was, but i always get i nthe car from the trunk, cuz its fun, and chris doenst like it (chris is owner of the 3000 GT, he is also philipino, and we always make fun of him for it, we arent racist, it was just a thing to call people by their ethnicitys @ boone county, like Kent, who was japanese he was jappy, but he called me round eye, and caucasian! and whity, so its all in fun so dont get pissed), so i try to get in my fav. way, but nooooo, chris gets pissed and push comes to shuv, and i punch him in hte face and win, and get in, so next on the drive home, we drop off david, my turn next, we go up the street after chris threatening me to get out of the trunk, and when i do i see my 3 other friends layn in hte road, and i hang out and yell at em to get out, it turns out its Brian, Sean, and Brandon, they are all cool, so i clib out the window on chris's side, and go hug brian, and try to get back in hte car, and chris starts to drive off, i play his game and chase after him a little, then i get pissed and chuck my shoe at his car, and he stops, after i tie my shoe, and i try to get back in, nad he still drives away alittle, so i jump on the trunk of the car, and he stops...real quick, and then he yells at me, then i get in and we drive...awkward silence.... i tell him that his first car accident will involve him rearending someone, because everytime i ride with him, he nearly rearends everyone he pulls up behind, i ask his girlfriend if she wants to touch my nipple and she calls me anis (ann-is)...i mean come on...how do you get anis out of Anson...i dunno, then when we get home iget out and push him more, and kick him in hte balls and run away...so, i dunno if ill get more rides from him anymore...and all people who own 3000GT's are not nice, and think they are hot shit, but they isnt, so chris is stupid and dumb and philipino. -Lazy (NOTE: hahahahahaahaha, by the way..like 5 weeks later, i was i nthe car with him, and he rear ends this chick! HAHAHAHAHA what a philipino loser moron face!)

Skate Park  November 17, 2001

[Anson] holy crap!, i am tired as all hell is hot and full of tortured souls who roll around in vomit and pig crap! I did some sweet stuff today, and got it on tape.. i just wish i could convert it on my computer...but i cant, and i had so much fun, i did really goo today, last weekend, me and Jonas(best friend) went to the same park. and we did good, i really need to get all the footie(footage) on my computer, so i can have bragging rights, let's say that i jumped out of the quarter pipe,and stalled on a box with coping, i soul stalled it, and did a pornstar stall, and did an alley oup mizou stall, i also torque souled it, man im good, i am gettn sponsored soon. by a company on the internet. but, all that aside, at hte park, something bad happened, hte summer i was going to be a freshman, like 2 summers ago, i had knee surgery, and it hurt like a not nice thing, and hten i tried out for the soccer team..and dint make it...those bastards, i had just had knee surgery, and i still kept up with everyone...jerks, but anyways, today at the park, my knee did what i had surgery for..amd it hurt sooo bad!!! im not gonna go into what happend, long storie, but if you all really wanna know then email me, but both of my hips popped out of socket too!, so i didnt have great luck with all my joints and sockets, but i did good at the skatepark!!! -Lazy

Albino Blacksheep is Da Coolest!   January 25, 2002

[Anson] well then folks, it is 4:29:47 a.m. right now... and for some strange reason..i do not feel tired at all, insomia you say? well i dunno, but im kinda gettn tired of going to bed at 8:00 a.m. and wakn up at around 9:00 p.m. Anyways, today Albino Blacksheep gave me the coolest opportunity in da WORLD! Sners let me have my own little page thingy. This will open a window to my pathetic life, and let you read all about it, kinda like a diary, but dem is for chicks yo. for the last few days, i have not been able to sleep normal hours, and i dont know why, i previously thought my room(basement) was haunted, but i man idiot, and it isnt. and i was kept awake by noises the house makes, and a neglected computer can make if it hasnt been shut off in like 6 days. I just moved to Virginia from Kentucky, and that is why my room is freakn me out. but no longer..now i just cant sleep. i tend to stay up till 7:00 a.m. listening to all the techno music i can possibly download. i have taken up 3 gigs of my hard drive with techno music from the last 3 or 4 days. ohh yea, i type "the" wrong all the time, so if you see "teh,hte" just remeber i probably wrote this at 5:00 a.m. and know it means "the". Moby is the coolest music artist..as of right now being 4:53:12 a.m. So, if you like my little page thing, send Sners (the webmaster) TONS OF MAIL, i mean use mailbombs, and just fill his mailbox with little notes saying 2 words or less, about how my page is cool. :D he will like it. tkae some time to check out my page yo! -Lazy (Anson)

Wall Mart  January 25, 2002

[Anson] today started out like every other day for the last week, i am still up on the computer, then around 4, i go to bed, then i get up cuz i cant sleep, get on the computer again, till around 6, then eat 3 bowls of Capn Crunch Smashed Berries, tehn go to bed, untill 11:00, so i can get on my computer you say? no, i got up for a reason!!! today i went to go get my Drivers Permit (temps, temporary license)! so today was supposed to be kinda cool. i go take a shower, and teh water is really really cold..talk about shrinkage man... anyways, go get dressed, put on my Razors shirt (by the way, i found $80 at a mall in North Carolina, so i bought the shirt..ill talk about that next post, but i forgot what day it was, so ill put the skate day or somthing) the shirt is sweet, and i wanted to wear that for my permit picture. i take 2 eggs out of the fridge, get a pan, asome milk and some cheese. this was gonna be one aweomse omlet. i turn on hte oven, and crack hte eggs, put in the milk after a while i put the cheese in...where in hte hot sauce? i forgot where it was..BUT i know i have some tobasco down in my room somewhere. heh heh. i dig through some crap, and get it, put it in the eggs, and try to make an omlet... it ended up looking kindof like vomit. i ate the "vomit" and got in the car, and we went to hte DMV (department of motor veichles). upon arriving..i realize i dont have my social security card... damn it. so i figure i cant get my permit. i wait for like 25 minutes, to try to get it, the lady lets me through..even though i dont have any of the crap to get...anything, i wait for my number to be called, im number D649...the lady gets to D648...and no one goes up...she calls it like i think about 5 times each time she waited like 5 minutes to call again..so then she witches to hte next number.. i think it will be me...but wait..she calles like E423..what the hell is that, not E423..was supposed to be D649 but NOOOOOO. so hten in lain 11, my number is called..she goes look yo, you aint got anything we need, so go away.im pissed. we leave. im gonna come back some day next week, so i can get transcripts from school. next we go to Wall Mart... the dirtiest place... ON EARTH, every person who crawls out of a trailor...or from under a large rock or tree, goes to wallmart, pretty much anywhere in the united states..but here in virginia...its no ordinary Wall Mart.. its a SUPERCENTER! yes you read right, so now super filthy people go there..why were we there... i have no idea, ohh yea, it was the only place to get..anything here..so i had to be next to gross people coughing and sneezing..and babies crying from malnutrition..or whatever else kind of diseas those people have. then we went to the post office..and went home..i now need to take about 3 showers. and i have taken up a whole lot of space. good day to you sir, or maddam.-Lazy

9-15 Satepark  Skate day

[Anson] ok. the first kid i ever met in VA was a yo named Scott. he is cool. in 8th grade, i guess he is handsome, so any of you ladys wanna get to know him, then im me or somehting. anyways, he is awesome, we hang out like 24/7. he decided he wants to take me to a skate park in N.C. called 9-15, since i have been aggressive skating for 6 years and i love to skate i said..um ok, so we went..i actually woke up at 7:00! to go over to this kids house..wow, devotion man..devotion. ok we go to burger king cuz we are hungry. i get the crossanwich, man it was good...but whats this? i have got to crap SOOO bad..like full on "your gonna die" diarrehea, i go crap..and its like a 5 second crap..like in dumb and dumber, but faster, and the guy leaves next stall to me, heh heh, i get out and wash my hands and leave..hahahaha forgot to FLUSH!!! so i eat, and then we go to Greensboro, we drive by these gay foodplaces that scott is always talkn about, so then the park is clossed till 12.... so we go to the mall.at hte mall me and him run away from his aunt and uncle, and go to spencers and crap like that, and on our way back to where we was supposed to meet, i scope like a huge wad of cash on the floor..just sittn there scott goes "hey whats tha" and i said nuthn as i put the wad in my backpocket, all james bond like ya know, aww yea. i just got alarge amoutn of money..doing no work for it but having quick reflexes. scotts like " DUDE, how much is it? huh huhuhuh, " and im like no, ill see how much after we leave the mall...so we like walk all over and im lookn all suspicious, and wanna leave, i get out..and like 6 guys in suits start walkn twards me..." holy ****" i back off, and sit there, thinking when are they gonna say *big government guy voive*" come along with us son". it never happens, one of them with the biggest hick voice in hte world goes " The C, N, and the S is out" pointing to the JCpennies sign. wow, they were guys from the store lookn at a broken light thing..wow, then his aunt and uncle come out we get in car, and i pull it out as we pull out of the mall parking lot, i open the wad and count it i count 3 20's and 1 10 and i add that to my 25..i have a large amount of cash. so we go to the park, and skate for a long time, this guy does a flair, and i get it on tape, he is aweomse sponsored by razors he says, so i kinda have to belive him. i have Razor Superflats. i like Razors, good brand of skate durable and has a sweet soul space, easy for locking on and satyn on. this huge fat kid gets in my way as i drop in on this little 5 ft quarter pipe, and i like almost break my wriste using my "T"break and pushing against this box thing. i was like freakn fat kid, and skated off. i was the best kid there except the Razors kid and this other tall kid who looked like he was 19, and a black kid who was about as good as me, but he could do a alley oup farfagnugen..i cant do that in 10 million years, i had knee surgery by the way. so he was better. after we leave the skate park we go to the shop, and i buy 2 shirts, bearings for scott, and a patch for the jacket i dubbed the "Senate Jacket" (its just a blue work jacket, that i ironed on senate patches)i bought a razors shirt and a senate shirt. and lucky bearings, senate pach. then we go back to the mall...i decide to put on my razors shirt so no one recognizes me..and put my glasses on, i didnt have em on when i found the cash. we eat at some japanese joint. and there are like 15 hot chicks around, im havn tons of fun jumping in front of scott, and giving him flat tires and stuff, hte girls laugh, they think im cute , day in hte life of Anson, anyways, after food, and act like a moron, but havin fun, we leave..we get back home around 9. and i go to my room to get on the internet, haha, im always on teh net. agan...i have taken up much space, so good day.-Lazy

Um...   January 26, 2002

[Anson] well, to day was the usual, wake up at 4, get up 3 times ( my dad usualy comes in and yells at me) put on "the pants" ( a blue pair of very baggy pants, the coolest pants in the world, go upstairs, pee tehn get soething to eat. my parents were kinda angry, i guess about me not getting up the "normal time, like everyone else" but what is normal? nothing is ever normal, look at september 11th, we thought that day was gonna be normal, nohting ever happens the same way it did the day before, or then we would be living in some time warp where the day played over and over, and we wouldnt even be the wiser, becasue we would wake up thinking the same thing everyday, but then the main character of the movie, would start to notice things, and his memory was still the same, and he would wake up to his computer saying hello neal, and he would freak out, and go to work and get a phone call on a cool flippy phone, and then guys in janitor suits would come after him, and he would clib out the window, and not quite get on the roof, and get caught byt the janitors, and then a bug would be placed in his right pinky toe, a very painful scene, and then he would wake up oblivious to what happened,cuz it was the same day, but he would think he just dreamed it, then some chick pulls up to him and pulls him in a car, and a nother chick shoots his pinky toe off, he crys like a little girl, and then touches some silver crap that is cold, and he goes into a cardiac arrest, and dies... doesnt soud like a good movie to me, but it might be worth somehting..reminds me kinda of one movie i seen..i think ray charles was in it. but, i go out side and meet scott, who was on his trampoline, so i got an old deck i had (skateboard with no wheels) and got on the trampoline with it, and kicklflipped and did some other tricks..i guess it was ammusing, then i got on my bike, and we went to the store. scott played Day of Defeat on MY computer for like 5 hours! i only got to play like 2 times...and he whined about it when i did play.... he just left, and i got to get on my computer..so i decided to write in this thing. now i have to pee again, so ill write again probably at like 5:00 this morning, so good day. - Lazy

ninjas are totaly sweet!   January 26, 2002

[Anson] ok, its 2:53:54 a.m. and i stuble upon one of the funniest pages in the UNIVERSE!!! besides Albino Blachsheep. anyways, this site is devoted to ninjas, instead of bunnies, and putting the lotion in the basket. the guy is like freakn out teh WHOLE time about how ninjas are totaly sweet, and how they flip out and kill people at will. here is an example of the site :Ninjas can kill anyone they want! Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this ninja who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the ninja killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.... That was a little sample of the site.ahaha the guy is going "totally" nuts over ninjas, i mean..ahahaha, ninjas are cool, and all but...well what hte hell i give in, NINJAS ARE SOOO SWEET, one time i saw this ninja walkn down the street, and he like must have knew it or somehting cuz he turned around and stabbed this guy in the head, and the guy dropped his katana that HE WAS GONNA STAB HTE NINJA WITH!!! how totally sweet is THAT?!?!?!...now that i am done with going on and on about ninjas, i will rpovide you with the link to the totally sweet ninja website... and you better still come to albino blacksheep, or ill find your ip and eat out your harddrive. anyways, here is the link Totally Sweet Ninja Site i hope you enjoy this site, it has a forum and stuff, you should read that, SLU ninja and Amish ninja are my friends. if you meet Ted the Ninja, that is me wasteing my time there, when i could be at Albino Blacksheep. so good day-Lazy

School  January 28, 2002

[Anson] ...today i started school. This was probably the worset experience for me...in along time. I am from Kentucky... i am not racist, againts anybody or thing, but in Kentucky we had probably 2 BLack kids at my school, and a whole lot of mexicans and asians (KENT!!!). and at my new school, its like 10 blacks to 1 whitey. it feels kinda wierd. moste of them are cool, and nice, but then there are the "thug gangsters" who have no doubt in their mind that they are the coolest person in the world, walkn around with a limp, and wearing their panty hose things on their head or sweat bands, and having very wierd shoes, and the all denim look, aor the red and white and black leather jackets/ suits. and then there are the white kids...who sadly belive they too are thug gangsters, and they wear similar clothes, but not eh panty hose things ( i think they are called dewrags). all my classes are filled with the "gangsters" and "hick gangsters" and if you are offended by any of this, that means you are gay, and shouldnt be alive. i am currently working on a little "paper" for my site. this paper will kinda be a story, of how school is, and what i htink of it, and seeing if i make any friends.i started it today, and one notebook paper, it is 2 pages long, so this should be a pretty good little observational paper i guess. i guess i will post what i write every day, insted of what i ahve been posting, or maybe i will post it at the end of the week, or every 2 days or somehting...i dunno, ill figure it out. i met an awesome girl today, she is sweet, and funny. i forget her name, she was black, and had black hair, and brown eyes, and was about the same height as me, she reminded me sooo much of a girl named bonnie, at my old school, but she was white. my friends from boone will know who i mean. lol i used to sing her songs...not like the ones id sing to autumn..lol jonas will know about them! anyways, i hope tomorrow will be better, maybe ill post again today, if im bored, so good day to you- Lazy ( i am stupid for going on and on about dumb stuff)

The Blood Hound Gang  February 3, 2002

[Anson] I am auditioning for a local band like right now, all this week, i will be talkn to them, they calld Delorean. so , if you ever see anything about them on hte net, or at a music store, you must buy!!! its punk, i love punk music. But today i was sittn at my computer, and the some Along comes mary got stuck in my head, not the words, but the guitar riffs. so i got on good ole Morpheus, and d/led the song, and a few others. go d/l : Shut up, your pretty when im drunk, Along comes mary, and i wish i was queer so i could get chicks. those songs are soooo sweet. man they are an awesome band. so um.... yea- Lazy

Sierra's Nipple February 4, 2002

[Anson] !!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!!!! did i just scope the hottest nipple in hte ENTIRE WORLD!!!! i think i did...and the kikia thing freaked the crap outta me...eek, i hate stuff like that, Sners is mean for putting that up there. you should email him...alot, like tons and tons of emails saying that it was scary, and he shouldnt have put it up. anyways, Delorean is going good so far, Sean, hte Drummer, is the coolest guy in hte World! he goes to my church. church is kinda a good way to meet people..i just got 4 of the coolest friends imaginable!!! they go to my church. they are : Stuart, Ben, and Zach. each one of these guys... man they are NEVER dull, they always have somehitng funny to say, or some old person to trip over. one time Ben got out of the car at a stop light nad screamed at all the cars about how "charlie" (bad guys in war) was coming, and to get ready for war, and he was going crazy, god he is so funny. i got it on tape. lol, anyways, Sierra is the HOTTEST GIRL ON HTE FACE OF THIS EARTH! man o man, ould i ..... lol, enough of that, i have school tomorrow, and im tired, and i need to go take a shower, and stuff. You may have noticed that i spell lotsa words wrong, and if you dont like it, you can shut your face , cuz i cant help it. Anyways, i will post the one observational thing some day, or maybe not, its dumb, and ill just explain school some other time, cuz ... i said.- Lazy