I used to be hosted on Shell##, as most of you know. I had a sponsor that paid my bills by cheque in return for me to advertise their services. This is how I ran this site. Shell## shortly after, went out of business. They told me many of their other customers used stolen credit cards and they couldn't keep accepting them. Therefore I would be their only customer - not enough to keep their lines running and paid for. Some visitors joke that the popularity of this site was so harsh on their servers, that they went broke. Shell## wished my luck on future of my site - they became regular visitors too. They loved the games - They even have a high score.

After that loss I was desperate for a new host even if it wasn't as good as Shell##. I was willing to drop my sponsor and pay for the site out of my own pocket, even though my site is non-profit. From this drastic move, I would take my site more seriously. I was going to use the popularity of the site for good. I was to write essays on the site regarding terrorism, medical technology, economics, communications, marketing, teen pregnancy, and other serious topics that I am more than well educated in instead of only writing nonsense. Visitors would also provide their knowledge.

I got hosting for a very short time from a "company" that offered hosting. Not too long after, and before I got much of a start on these essays, I noticed my site was replaced with some industrial company's site. I went to go to my new host's site next, and it was also gone. I could not contact them anymore. I didn't have a phone number to call. So, there was nothing I could do. My domain name was stolen for the time. It seems I have gotten hosting from a non-established third party, possibly. I do remember being desperate for a new host - any host.

I checked my email and I got threats regarding my site. I could barely continue reading the email. I was in shock. I am still not sure why I got these threats exactly. My affiliate received threats from Arabs after he posted anti-terrorist (more like, anti-Arab) material, but the threats I got seem to be more serious. I got another one today saying that I am being childish and unprofessional because I am saying bad stuff about the industrial company that replaced my site, and that my visitors are emailing mean things to the company.

They are referring to the words typed into Arafat's bubble and the other comments entries. I don't write these. Any visitor can enter whatever they want - it's a infamous program of the site. It's to some extent uncensored, and it's impossible to contact them tell them what to say or what not to say. If they want to get their anger out online, that's better than against a person.

If whomever emailed me recently is reading this - it is inevitable that my visitors will be angry at your company. Using the company to take use of a domain already worth thousands of dollars is a bad business move. If you had use of Yahoo's domain and did that, would your company live without hatred towards it? Furthermore, it makes people angry to see a large business take advantage of a single individual. I know how shocked I was when I saw a completely unrelated site in place of this one. The visitors would be just as shocked. People asked me why it was so, and I couldn't answer - I had no answer. Therefore, the visitor's contacted the industrial company that was in place of my site in search for answers. The visitors told me they were reported to the FBI after emailing them. Someone is way to emotional than need be. I'm smart enough to know there is some combination of technical difficulties as well as extreme miscommunication within all parties involved. How do I know this?

This is not the first time this has happened to my site. I run (or realistically have limited control of) an extremely popular site. It's completely free. No advertisements either. When I was on Shell##, they replaced my site with theirs - to get hits obviously. This led to the end of their company, since MY VISITORS signed up for their hosting service with stolen credit cards (my audience is not old enough to own credit cards). My family was also mad that my hard work was being used for someone else's profit. I am very new to computers. I haven't touched the WindowsOS until 1999. I didn't get online til after, and web design I learnt very recently. My family is proud that in such a short time I have achieved a lot. I seemed before like a failure - the only family member to not be a doctor, lawyer, judge, or real estate builder. I am already to be working in the television industry - something that wouldn't have happened without the popularity of my site, and hence me. My family was outraged at Shell##'s action. They became legally involved.

Shell## justified their action by stating their cheque (my sponsor's responsibility) came late, and for the meantime they closed my site, but the servers automatically replaced my site with theirs without their control. A lie? I won, however, but it all ended in good feelings. No need to make personal enemies with someone who is only an enemy in business. Shell## suffered the consequences of their actions. I am a great believer in moral outcomes. It has been proven throughout my life. I did not use my site to badmouth Shell## or it's owners (until now?).

So, my visitors who visited back when Shell## did this illegal "hit-stealing" and "site-defacing" to me assumed a repeat of this. They believed that the industrial company was trying to steal my hits and increase their profits. Since the industrial company is not trying to defend themselves - they aren't as guilty as Shell## had been. The industrial company knows they were in place of my site, but they may of had a different motive other than profit. Obviously, miscommunication exists between the technical parties involved. I did receive email from two different people - and none from my host. Where's my mysterious host? Mysteriously vanished? I emailed the host four times.

It is obvious I have suffered damages. My site has been deleted, it seems. The services I run off my site for other sites are gone. I am solely responsible for the Internet's most famous online movie too. My domain name, that I pay for has been misused - purposely! I had suffered heavy emotional damages from legal threats and possibly threats to my life, as I interpret it. As well, as being completely confused and stressed as to why my site went away suddenly and why my host isn't replying. My statement I have placed on my page as my only possible explanation (which was demanded from hundreds of visitors) has been criticized harshly. I was called unprofessional, irresponsible, rude and childish for posting the slightest explanation.

It seems someone has something against me, and my influential website. They want to limit my speech with criticism and all sorts of threats. When they call my site "albinosomething" they are trying to pretend they don't even visit or know me. It is clear they do when they read the site and know the domain name needed to visit and manipulate. There's no "albinosomething" site.

I want this to go away. I WILL NOT close my site however, to keep this stress away. I have some essays to write and some animations to make. The visitors want a place to get their word and movies out too. It seems my flaw is that I am extremely new to the Internet, in general. I am therefore misusing it? I don't know the purpose of the Internet - I don't use it to make money, or promote any companies that do. I feel sorry for all the people who must pay $39 to go online every month. I pay a lot to go online just to keep in touch with my friends and search for news. I also don't mind paying to expand this use of the Internet. This is how it should be used, and all the Albino Blacksheep (the visitors) have supported this use. Competitors have not.

All I ask is two kind things. One, an apology from the two people who have emailed me with threats or criticisms. Acknowledge again that there is miscommunication. Second, I am asking all for a new host - one that can handle this site (as well as it's hackers, leeches, flooders, abusers, harassers, bandwidth, space, etc.), and hopefully a phone number that will be answered if there are any problems. Maybe you have a host, or a hosting account. Possibly you know a very good responsible well-established hosting company that you can trust and have done business with, and does not cost more than one could afford with a non-profit site.

I hope this explanation is adequate to the angry visitors that demanded one. Sorry I have pretty much not answered any emails - instead I wrote this statement.