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SAMHAIN!   November 5, 2001

[Moon] "Hello again..."

A voice softly purrs in the blackness that is your mind. You start awake, mentally alert and aware that there is danger in the air. But alas, you're not really awake, just pulled into your own subconscious by a force you cannot comprehend...

You know you should do something... perhaps fight? But you know there's no way you could ever defeat something so strong, even in your own mind... perhaps you should run? But you are held in place, not only by the power, but by your need to know... your deadly interest. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

Suddenly (but you wonder, was it sudden, or was it just that you didn't notice before) a soft scent, all at once familiar, wafts to your inner sense of smell... Roses. Sweet, ah, but with a little spice. A tall, beautiful figure emerges from the vast darkness of eternity locked inside your brain, appearing in to your mental sense of vision... Her firey hair flowing behind her in the Void. You knew she would come. You've been waiting for her, as if for an eternity. She is me. I am, as always... Princess DarkRose.

"I have come to you again. I was requested by the Lord of the house, Albino Blacksheep."

A small grin creeps to the corner of my lips and one eyebrow betrays my secret. Clearing my throat I proceed...

"He has asked me to come here today to ramble on about a little thing he likes to call Hallowmas"

My brow furrows at that word in a mixture of displeasure and concentration... trying to remember if that was the word that was used. I seem to come to my senses and return to the task at hand.

"Yes, well... All I can offer is a little bit about the Pagan equivalent to Hallowmas or Halloween or whatever you call October 31. I call it Samhain"

You hear the word echo inside your head and dance around like fire sprites dancing around a bonfire. Sah-ween. That is how it sounds. You turn your wandering mind's attention to me suddenly as I seem to rise from my standing place with arms outstretched above my head, spinning above you. An excited little giggle echoes around you and I scream to the wind!


Huge Fires burst all around lighting up the darkness. You can see! Suddenly you are aware of new surroundings. Sounds fill the air. Crackling of the large bonfires, and people... you hear people's voices around you. You are at the top of a grassy hill. You can see the others but you're not sure what they are. They look like demons, but they don't seem to be.

You look around for me but cannot see me anymore but suddenly a tall figure strides into view. All others bow before this one and you are left standing... bewildered by what is going on. The figure stops and surveys the event. Clad in a full length, flowing owl feather, hooded cape, the figure stands before you. The flames give little away of who the person may be, but then the scent of roses catches your senses again... You know who it is.

Striding up to you I cast aside my cape. I smile and my sharp teeth gleam in the firelight. Dressed to the hilt in typical American Gothic vampire swank I stand before you.

"This is the original Samhain... minus the Americanization of course. Samhain was originally a fire festival practiced by the Druids of Eire back in olden times. It was a time to ward off evil spirits and pay reverence to the Gods. Of course, to do that, these people, the Druids, would have to round up the criminals of the town and put them in giant wooden animal figures crafted of twigs and branches... and then light them on fire."

"It was a barbaric time and these were some pretty barbaric acts in my opinion. I mean, don't get me wrong... There's nothing wrong with a little, good, old-fashioned bloodletting..."

A pink tongue slides out of my mouth, running along red lips and bringing a slight grin to my mouth.


I slowly bring my face to yours, almost lip to lip, and then I move closer to your ear and whisper, "Sometimes it's good to be a little naughty don't you think?"

Standing straight up again, I notice a slight blush on your face. I smile and turning around I finish by saying "But who really wants to get burned alive for disagreeing with other people's morals? Sure, some of us make the same mistakes over and over and over again... those people BORE ME SO much. But making new mistakes... THAT's where the fun is. The thrill of the chase... will I get caught or won't I?"

You slowly begin to realize that your surroundings are back to when you first arrived. Basic black void. I conjure up a red leather couch and sprawl out.

"Well... the spirit of Samhain has been all but lost by being Christianized, and Westernized. It used to be a time of celebration! It is the beginning of the Pagan new year. It is a time for remembering loved ones who have passed on, and keeping them close in your heart. It is also a time of making a little bit of mischif and having a little bit of fun. It is, most recently, a time to show the world who you really are... be it a Fireman, a Christmas Present, a Superhero, or the classic hollywood vampire."

I pause to prop up a leg and turn towards you.

"Now, to tell you the truth, I still have a lot to learn about Samhain. There are some legends that it started long before the Celtic burnings and were celebrated as drinking festivals. Hordes of people would revel in the night, drink and eat until they passed out, and make merry with the women (or men in a lot of cases. That wasn't frowned upon until the Christian church stepped in.) To be fair, I thought that I would just put out some Samhain related links for you to follow at your own discretion, because I mean really... who wants to hear me ramble on all night?"

I stand up. The couch is gone and we are standing at a forked road. One route leads to knowledge, and the other road will lead you safely back to sanity where you can wake up as if none of this ever happened.

Which path are you going to choose? If you wish to know more, click the links. They will take you to places of understanding... You don't have to be in the dark forever..."


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