December 21- 2002 Happy 2003

ABS will be reupdating in January 2003. This is the end of year update. Looking at these 2002 graphs:  Graph A showing amount of Unique visitors and  Graph B showing rank on the Internet. ABS has definitely succeeded this year despite being on about 10 different servers due to TOO MANY VISITORS. ABS reached the top 8,000 sites of the whole net! Bookmark this page or --> make it your homepage because is a lot prepared for 2003.

Best Flash Files of 2002:

Irrational Exuberance Veloso
Weebl and Bob - Pie J. Picking
Banana - Peanut Butter Jelly Time Ryan Gancenia Etrata
Shii's Song brandy199
Life As Seen By Cynical Aliyaho Pearce
The Demented Cartoon Movie (Version 2.0) Brian Kendall
The Earth vs. Funk Neil Cicierega
Hewo Wittle Fishies Jonneh

Best Video Files of 2002:

Late Night - Triumph: Starwars Nerds NBC
Happatai - Yatta! Pony Canyon
S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse GNN
A Weenie Movie Sgt. Weenie Arms
Muppets NWA MC Clint
Ellen Feis Apple
Bowling for Columbine: A Breif History of the United States of America Michael Moore
Toykyo Breakfast Japan One

Best Games of 2002:

Simgirl Ecophobia Games
Boom Boom Volleyball Kinelco
Spank The Monkey H 69
DDR Aiao 8888
Society™ Panoplie
City Jumper Eric LaBadie
Insaniquarium Popcap

Best Interactive Files of 2002:

Wireframe Vectror Lounge
Internet For The Blind
Alvelata Noctiluca Neonlight Macoto Yanagisawa
Powers of 10 Michael W. Davidson

Best Text Files of 2002:

She's F*cked dys4iK
Kissing Hank's Ass
FuX0reD Sners
Cyber Sex Playboy
Titanic alt.sysadmin.recovery
The Book of Many Little Things S. Swatman, et al

Best Scripts of 2002:

404 - File Not Found
L337 Translator
Gold Style / Off Sners
Transilvania Style / Off Sners
Guestmap: World Bravenet
Guestmap: United States Bravenet

December 17 2002 Sex sells...

OMG! Jennifer Lopez picks her boogers and eats them just like normal people.

Oops Fox News

December 16 2002 ...but you don't have to buy it

Subliminal Music and Images LordEihwaz
Deadman Waiting To Happen nProcess
Weebl and Bob - Heist J. Picking
Kittens Singing The Vines Joel Vietch
Fly Nart Box
The Last Hula Doll Ed Beals
Titanic alt.sysadmin.recovery

Bowling For Columbine - A Brief History of America Michael Moore
Bowling For Columbine - Michael at the Bank Michael Moore
Friday After Next Trailor NewLine
8 Mile Trailor Universal
The Hot Chick Trailor Touchstone

> The Guestmap was fun last time (despite the 100 people limit), but many people decided they would post 70 posts at a time, unfairly deleting older posts. This time, you are allowed to have ONE POST ONLY. Anyways, most posts were from the United States, so now we have a seperate United States Guestmap and a World Guestmap. Sorry for any ads the Guestmap service has.

USA Guestmap:   World Guestmap:

[View My GuestMap]

[View My GuestMap]

December 10 2002 eeeeeeeeeeeeMail

[Gulf Wars Episode II: Clone of the Attack] Arafish Sners Updated

These two games are played by millions (probably) every winter season. There's even a new version of Elf Bowling.

Snowcraft Nicholson NY
Elf Bowling 3 NStorm

Powers of 10 Michael W. Davidson
Moon Truth - Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage Out-take

Here's some new Apple Switch Ads which lead me to believe all the people in the commericals are just actors.

Santa and Lawyers Apple
Santa's iPod Apple
Except of course, the stoned girl. That had  to be real.

Check out all the Ads:
Apple Swith Ads Apple


1. My dick is so big, they make movie popcorn in four sizes now: Small, Medium, Large, and My Dick.
2. My dick is so big, I would wear it as a tie if I wasn't worried about getting a hard on and killing my self.
3. My dick is so big, I'm already doing your mom. Tomorrow.
4. My dick is so big, they're making a movie called Godzilla vs. My Dick.

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December 7 2002 10,000,000

What better way to celebrate the counter on this page reaching 10 Million clicks than by:
Turning this page into Gold / Off

December 6 2002 Academia

[Michael Jackson] ATTACK OF TEH ASSEATERS! Weird3
Bunnyavenger's Trip Bunnyavenger 2 MB
MSU Sparty Spear Toss Makia Media

The Meaning of Albino Blacksheep Sners

Spiderman-Jé Javier Duce
This Is A Story About Leet Johnbegone
Internet For The Blind
The Miniature Earth Allysson Lucca
Which pet should I have? Nobody Here
iMario stskkzty
Pistol Voxtron

S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse GNN
Eight Crazy Nights Trailor Sony Pictures

<gato> what the hell bastards
<gato> nobody talks here anymore
<gato> nobody
<gato> i tell you
<gato> F*CKERS
* gato has quit IRC
<dopamine> now there's a pro-social attitude


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