November 30 2002 Guests

[Look, I'm getting head.] Earth vs. Funk Neil Cicierega 3.83 MB

Kissing Hank's Ass

Coconuts Dimlight Studios
No Fat Chicks! - The Winnipeg Story Jonneh
Kikkoman (English Version) Yogatori
BugHunt Liam O'Donnell

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November 27 2002 B-DAY

[Bert is Evil] Bowling For Columbine - Marilyn Manson Interview Michael Moore

John B - American Girls Joel Veitch
To Heart Anesan
Anthrax, The Invisible Victim Mike Overbeck
Switch Monkey jgg221
Math Homework Sners
Michael Jackson Baby Drop MadBlast

Anonymous: remember I never went to any classes, EVER. F*CK.
AB: you went to one once, for 10 minutes
Anonymous: dude I used to wake up at 9pm, scrathing my ead saying "dude what happened" hahahahLOL
AB: don't worry, guy, I'll photocopy my degree for you when I get it.
Anonymous: I f***ed professor Mary Gold, once. In her office.
Anonymous: don't tell nobody.
AB: she's like 40
Anonymous: I know that is what made it soooo goood yo
Anonymous: :)
AB: Don't worry, I try not to repeat things that I can't believe.
Anonymous: she gave me a b***j**, and all the exam papers got dirty - how do you think I got a B+ ?
Anonymous: yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous: * ERROR *

November 21 2002 and Papers

Super Fun Happy Song by Shmorky
Flash Movie
4,400 KB

Okay, it seems someone hacked into the poll and ruined it. Please answer the question again.

November 20 2002 I have Exams

[Muppet] <iod> my shirt is green so I can wipe my nose on it and noone will notice
<duct_tape_princess> whoa.. no way

Arnold Phone Prank - Gator Lodge M. Galindo
Pol Jeff Preshing
Kikkoman Yoga
Moby DJ Simulator
3D's Hyperjet Racing RECOT
Lexi Ashley

E-mail from Jessica the Doll

Subject: How I got good marks for my maths test!(kinda silly)
Well this ones not really a joke but its funny!
Natalie(a friend, a girl in my class) asked me how I always do so well for tests and I said to her: Ok I'll teach you. Every night before you have a test you don't have to pray god for good marks but pray him to give you a dream that has an octopus in it and that night you'll dream of an octopus he'll say to you,"You must get 100% for you test tomorrow." and you have to say,"Yes I'll get 100% for my test, I'll certainly do." and he'll go,"Promise you you'll get 100% for the test otherwise someone's gonna cut my legs off." and you'll have to say,"Yes I promise I'll get 100% for my test, I won't let anyone cut your legs off Mr Octopus!" Then the next day when you're doing the test you'll see an invisible octopus in front of you, no one can see him but you, and he's gonna tell you the answers, octopuses have eight legs so they can do eight questions at a time and he'll be telling you the answers like,"Here we go, the first answer is 5, the second is .........(and so on)" and then you'll get 100% right, and if you don't that means you didn't listen to him properly, like me, sometimes I argue with Mr Octopus I go,"No you're wrong Mr Pooh the answer is 1! Shut up or I'll give you a sausage for dinner!!" And that, is how I get good mark for tests!

November 14 2002 Ninjai

[Kitty] <mrWoot> I hate it when cow look like dinner, but you can't just eat them while they are alive.

Bowling For Columbine - A Brief History of America Michael Moore
Weebl and Bob - Gallery J. Picking
Hestekor hogafflaHage
The New Adventures of Steven Hawking Katrina
Madness Krinkels
She's F*cked dys4iK
Greatstuff - Part 4 Edge

Every now and then I feature another animation series, usually one episode at a time. If you have time to kill, watch all ten chapters (so far) of this awesome animation. I remember liking Chapter 2:

Ninjai: The Little Ninjai
Ninjai Gang

<xenophile> 12% Juice! 2% Pulp!!
<SubjectZer0> What the f*ck is the rest of it?

November 10 2002 Games you can't pass - part 3

[You rock] Welcome to Games you can't pass part 3. You know what to do this time. TRY. TO. PASS. THESE. GAMES.

Super Monkeyball Mini Amusement Vision
The Whites of Their Eyes DefenceWeb
DDR Aiao 8888
Landing MJ-12
Chicken Game Weasel Studios
Tracey McBean Zero59
The Cube Oida Media
Typing Mona DawgSDK Typing Mona is very simple. Just type the letters that appear on the screen as fast as you can. Shouldn't be too hard.
Virtual Yabusame Jin Japan
The Ancient Boy Toshimistsu - Takagi
Man dies after playing computer games non-stop AP

November 6 2002 Metro

[Dental Plan.. Lisa needs braces (copyright) FOX] Chilli: Hello Ab I have a thing to show you passes me his/her e-mail
AB: ?
AB: which his/her mail?
Chilli: hiii
AB: whose?
Chilli: yours
AB: what are you going to email to me?
Chilli: it is a very legal effect, the effect resembles when we are walking of subway, very crazy
Chilli: it can be calm face I won't order you dirt no
AB: I don't understand anything you say.
AB: ICQ it to me
Chilli: your email
Chilli: look
Chilli: your email


Chilli: delays the effect same ok
Chilli: bad wait that he will end soon

November 4 2002 IDORX

[You rock] Using Proper English Steve Leyland
Realistic Internet Simulator Rob Manuel
Weebl and Bob - Riot J. Picking
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? XL Recordings
MAD TV - Shakira Parody (file too big)
Greatstuff Part 3 Edge

I tried to go on AOL Instant messenger the other day. I got over 100 IMs in the first couple minutes (while on away mode) but I couldn't answer anyone's messages because I was warned to 95%. I set up an  AIM chatroom which helped a bit. Feel free to chat there if you don't have mIRC to access  IRC Chat.

MY AIM ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED. Someone else is using my identity.

Senate elections were held in th United States not too long ago. Basically, a choice between these mascots:

Elephant Joel Veitch
Donkey Ryan Gancenia Etrata


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