October 30 2002 Hallowe'en Trick or Treat

[Sabrina, the Teenage Bitch] Boo! temporary Transilvania skin, ( On / Off ) and a new Halloween themed update. Here's how it works. You will not know what each of these links are until you click on them (like visiting good or bad houses on halloween). Some of the links are tricks and some of them are treats. I will warn you now: Add this site to your  favorites and/or set it to your  Homepage because you WILL lose this site while virtual trick-or-treating. Another warning: Some links are NSFW so skip the trick-or-treating if you feel you are too young for mature content.

[Theeeeey're Heeeeeeeeeere]

Urban Lenegnds: Fact or Fiction? JK Cinema
Urban Lenegnds: The Dead JK Cinema
Urban Lenegnds: Ghosts JK Cinema

A Frightened Boy (Crabs & Britney Spears) Joel Veitch

Hope you enjoy your Halloween - the most holy of all Holidays (if you're a Pagan). For the movies below, mouseover and hold over the word in the movie to play the animation.

[The Count] [Bleh] Tae-Bone: Baby... #1 Ste
Tae-Bone: Baby... #2 Ste
Tae-Bone: Baby... #2 Synchonized Ste
Tae-Bone: "GCA" Ste
Tae-Bone: Pack... Ste

October 28/29 2002 The Rules

[4lw4ys] Hey sheeple. Here are some superstitions that are true!:
- Okay, You must put your left shoe on first everyday. If you put the right one on first, you will have bad luck all day. This applies to other articles of clothing that come in pairs.
- Right now, make sure your bed isn't facing north. This is very unlucky. It can face any other direction. You must also make sure it does not face towards the door. This is called the dead man's path.
- If you are driving by, or walking by, a cemetery you must hold your breath the whole way. You have then respected the dead, and they will be at peace with you. Do not breath while you are driving alongside a graveyard! Ever!
- Now something good. If you are driving or walking under a bridge, and a train goes by above, you can make a wish.

Make Your Own Bush Speech
Snakes squid s o u p

Updated: I forgot to post this.
Laid Off: OddTodd's Halloween Special OddTodd (Big File: 5 MB)

Please have or get the MP4 encoder so you can play this video:
Muppets NWA (Required MP4 Codec (available for QuickTime)

Cynical's movie: LIFE As Seen By Cynical became very popular on this site. It's not surprising that Disco^ submitted a very similar movie. Possibly trying to recreate Cynical's style? You decide:

There was a world... Disco^

Litterbox eyeEnvision
Rejected Phillip Morris Viral Campaign b3ta
Kick-Ups Netscape

Oh yeah, number 4 and number 888 are unlucky. Especially avoid being in rooms with these numbers allocated to them. A Hallowe'en update is coming soon.

October 22 2002 News

This site is reconfiguring over the next few days. Some files (more than usual) may be offline, slow, broken, etc. After this, everything should be better.  Details

October 19 2002 Click Below / Sephiroth2k

Freak Styler Plug's & Mr. Fist (Might worry you)
ASCII Cheerlead
MAME Rock Grand Master Pete
Buck's Backyard Streak-grab Makai

October 15 2002 LeonThePro

[Egg Homicide] Q: When will I know if I'm being laid off?
A: You, you, you. Is that all you care about, you? Please understand that we need to think about "us," which probably doesn't include you. It's about time you started thinking about the greater whole, buddy. It should be an honor to be laid off. (Kleinfeld, 1996, p. 8)

Wacked! Commerical Microsoft
Ghetto Antenna 2k Louis Castanon
Tokyo Breakfast Japan One

"There's an old saying in Tennessee . . . There's a saying in Texas, maybe it's in Tennessee.  Fool me once, Shame on . . . [3 second pause] . . . Shame on you . . . . [pause] . . . Fool me . . . [pause] . . . A fooled man can't get fooled again." -- George W. Bush to Nashville, Tennessee audience, Sept. 17, 2002

Matches Zeefrank (6 Puzzles)
Trailor Park Email MadBlast

Society™ by Panoplie is a beautiful and entertaining interactive/game flash. Start with id.1. This is the kind of skill that flash is made for. Not those white background stick figure things.

October 12/13 2002 Number 9!

[Weeeeeeeeeee] Saddam is Full of Camel Sh*t Oska
Unrestricted Access Oska

XiaoXiao No. 9 - Fight Man Zhu_Zhq (Why do I feel like this is a fake?)

Sheep Game David Lewis
Shame on you Comedy Central
George Bush James Parsons
All I Want Is To Smacky An Iraqi Madblast
Poo Warrior Nart Box
Curveball vs 3D Pong

Greatstuff - Part 2 Iod
Scrollbar Racing tomsk

October 11 2002 FuX0reD

HTML Document
38 KB

October 11 2002 Sim sim sim

[Britney. re: tarded] Deadman Waiting To Happen nProcess
War. What is it good for? b3ta
- The Beer Song - [Pff]Moan
SimWork! Ezupa

Titanic alt.sysadmin.recovery
Greatstuff - Part 1 Iod

October 5 2002 Pepsi

[Weeeeeeeeeee] 100 Grand SuperLaugh
Bomberman - In The Land of The Pumpkin AznohKroy
Be Happy SuperLaugh

This is the second redesign of this page I did this week. The first one didn't load smoothly.
Soon I'll get the rest of the site fixed, and it shall be fully customizable (if no one has any loading problems). I'm working on this redesign, some new flashes, a couple big articles, plus I got tons of homework from Pepsi University.
With that said, watch these 3 ASCII cat movies in the order presented. There's a cameo by Shii. I may be posting these for your enjoyment or I may be posting this just to piss Subjectzer0 off, and all the other people that hate Japanese movies. Keep in mind 10% of Albino Blacksheep who visit this site, visit from Japan.

Chinco (Original), Chinco (English), Chinco (Electronic)

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The Simulator Garnet Hertz
Carcan Stéphanie Levallois
Comedian (Trailor) Miramax Films


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