September 30 2002 Blondes Exinct in 200 years

[Gimpy from Undergrads © MTV] Punk Kittens Joel Veitch
Labyrinth 123-Game
Lightsabre Simulator Guerrestellari
Shii's Song brandy 199

YounGZaphoD: Down in arkansas, any thing carbonated is a coke.
Ex. -Waiter: Do you want a coke?
-Guy: Yes.
-Waiter: What kind of coke?
-Guy: A sprite.

Hopefully you have Java Installed on your computer because  Insaniquarium is an awesome Java Game.
Insaniquarium Popcap

Micro-Capsulas Sideral Gang
I Work At Burger King S Woodman (Thanks Gozoliet)
New Nessie

September 26 2002 Life

LIFE As Seen by Cynical
Flash Movie
970 KB

September 23 2002 Free Promotion

[© Matt Groening] Patience for the ending of the first one:
Actual Movied Fishyswa 2MB
Catapult Mohsye
ABCs Threebrain
Weebl and Bob - Show J. Picking

Hey youuuu guuuuyyys. You can stop sending me hatemail for posting that Free Falling video clip. I thought it was a rude clip too, and I probably will never post it again. Anyways, don't rush me to update. This forced update is distracting me from a huge one I am trying to work on.

September 19 2002 Told ya.

[Drag the image to the right position]
[Drag the image to the right position]
[Drag the image to the right position]
[Drag the image to the right position]
[Drag the image to the right position]

Free Falling Orgish 1.7MB
Punka Cats J. Picking
City Jumper Eric LaBadie
Mark Llama, Gerbil Farmer Joel Veitch

This is turning out to be an extremely popular site. I expect at this rate in one year's time, this can be one of the top 2000 most viewed sites of the whole Internet.

Batman - VF Jean-Pierre Beudet
Teletubbies SwiftAero

Was Wude Brian Boitano Du Bunnyavenger
Rejected Don Hertzfeldt Again!
Scott's Monkey SubjectZer0
Stork Patrol The Lonely Island
Apple Switch Parody - Kristofer Straub Nightlight Press

September 19 2002 Full Update very soon

Titanic Jonathan Guthrie

September 15 2002 IIiiiiiii

[9,1,1] captions closed for today

A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen Matt Round
Bush - Full Metal Jacket
Mas Que Psychic Man Robert Kutz
Barb-Jump Netron
The Whites of their Eyes DefenceWeb
Wife School Comedy Central
Mutafukaz TeamChMan 2002 40 MB

Daily Email from Jessica TheDoll:
Hey ya this one's mental:
The people of a village were having an assembly when suddenly a wicked witch came and she said to the village people,"You are all dinosaurs!"and the village people goes,"We are all dinosaurs~" under the witch's spell. And now if you go to that village you can see people on the street going like,"Hehehe I'm a tyrannosaurus hehehe~" or "Huhuhu I'm a triceratops huhuhuhuhu!!" or "Haha I'm a nodosaurus oh hahahaha!" or "shishishishi I'm a plateosaurus shishishi~" everyone in the village is mad they think they're dinosaurs. And the wicked witch was like,"Oh hehehehe it's so funny hehehe!" every time the witch laughs she always jump up and down and unfortunetly when she was laughing she was standing in front of a bunny cave and the bunnies were coming out the cave and she jumped on all the bunnies and the bunnies were all flat.

September 13 2002 Jegermeister

I was gonna post some new mature rated files, but that will wait for a little while because my class has seen this site (and I don't want to scare anyone). Those of us in our class that had a website got to show our site to the whole class. I don't remember too well, but I think it went something like this.

[9,1,1] Pharmacy Shmorky
Sazae Safeel
Kikia Netspooky
Kitties Are Evil
Weebl and Bob - Wrong J. Picking
Beermat BBC
It's all about making friends Jim Ether
Hewo Wittle Fishies Jonneh
Windows RG build 207 realeased!
Bagagaga Bop Fishywa
Team Rocket's Journey Neil Cicierega

"Pick 3" Lottery Numbers drawn on September 11 2002 - 9, 1, 1. -- Source: CTV Newsnet

Don't forget to check out: The Unoffical York University Website.
I know it's got tons of advertisement popups, but we all know York University really needs all the money it can get. Be sure to check the latest information and photographs concerning the labour disputes and strike situation.
As mentioned before, if you are looking for housing in the area get it before it's gone.

September 8/9 2002 Trippy Files Today

Starring Dad ARSEiam
ePiLePsY Spassmonkey
Alvelata Noctiluca Neonlight Macoto Yanagisawa
Phish - First Tube Bullseyeart
RGB Whitetrash

Spin Hoogergrugge and Wiggle
Flow Hoogergrugge and Wiggle
Dakota Young-Hae Chang
CowPig b3ta
Flashback Danny Gomez
Portal Door Chuck Anderson
Zombo com Zombo
Someone_123 Dave Lancaster
Stretcher Matrix ARSEiam
Industrious Clock Yugo Nakamura
DengDeng (Insanity Test) Geijn
Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake b3ta

September 7 2002 Liberry and Lickowish

[Spongebob Squarepants] The Book Of Many Little Things Notice

<ChronicCutie> some guy.
<ChronicCutie> in my school
<ChronicCutie> he was like OMG YOur chronic
<ChronicCutie> !
<ChronicCutie> I said no
<ChronicCutie> what wtf u talking about?
<ChronicCutie> and walked away

September 5 2002 Captain Crunch Bleeds

Captain Lou's Steady Descent Into Madness Neil Cicierega
How to cross a highway without hurts? Psycho

[Al Bundy]
Captions closed. Thank you.
^ enter caption above

Yes & No Bruno Bozzetto
Nerd Hunter Gamer
Extreme Survival Quiz TLC
UuhAah meigo '99
Jigsaw Girls Formula 1


From: Jessica TheDoll:
A guy's sleeping on the grass and a bunny with front teeth sticking out is picking carrots and she was throwing carrots at that guy and she was laughing like,"Vre,vre,vre,vre!!! Vre vre vre vre!!!" coz shes got her front tooth sticking out,that guy was very angry he saw the bunny and he goes,"Fucken bunny! I'll break that carrot!!" and the bunny goes, "Aahh~~ don't kill my carrot!! Don't kill my carrot!!" It might sounds funnier if I say it to u coz the funniest part of it is when the bunny's laughing like,"Vre,vre,vre!!"and it's a shame that you can't hear me making that sound it's real funny!

September 2 2002 Back to escuela

[Batboy] Once Upon A Time In America Jermai
Monkey Cliff Diving Mohsye
Heroes Powerhouse
Pass this next one to classmates/workers, please!:
Pigs Hammer NSFW
Not as gross as Part I and II, but still a really cool sequel to part IV (yes I know what I'm missing):
Feel The Pain VI (Smash Sumthin) SubjectZer0

If you have tried to email this site and received the message that this email has reached it's limit, it is due to the large amount of spam and worms emailed to the site. I hate spam and I hate popups. Here is a list of the titles of the emails I have received recently:

Sex E-mails spam:

- FW: Instantaneously Attract Women
.. and all the girls say...
- The New J Lo blow job Video Free!
OMG the NEW one. Is the NEW one even better than the last one that doesn't exist?
- Why not turbo boost your sex life - the natural way ShockingInformation
- Enlarge Your Penis, Safely and Naturally!
- All Natural Breast Enhancer
- Give Your Woman Multple Orgasms!
- Find your Soulmate
No desperate person is looking for a 'soulmate', but that's a nice way to say it without saying it.

Money E-mail spam:

- Address Labels - 100% Free
Nothing I really need, considering I obviously switched to Electronic Mail (e-mail), but since it's free I'll take it!
- #29665 Unclaimed Funds Notification
OMG I forgot my money, and they are emailing me to let me know.
Not only do I get this one, but I got got over 100 more telling me I won 11 million dollars. I never even played.
- Turn Cars into Cash.
Turn e-mail into bullsh*t.
- Brand Name Savings
- Make Over $6000 a Week
..and job description is not relevant.
- Your Freeee Business cards are now available
I didn't order any but as long as they are 'freeee'.
- Avoid the credit trap-- Introducing the Ecount MasterCard card
Avoid the credit trap-- Intruducing cash
- Mortgage Information For You!
Aaahhh, apperently the bank owns my home now!

Spam E-mails for n00bs:

Yes, yes. That's for me. I did something extermely important and I can't remember what it was.
- Update your Web site today
This email came from my URL domain name company. Stop pressuring me.
- Weight loss just got easier ...
Just when you thought it was easy enough. Plus, how do they know people who sit at their computers all day checking emails are fat?
Yes, 76184652 is my number, if you say so.
- confirmation #87717
No one remembers their confirmation numbers.

More E-Mails


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