August 29 2002 Mmmm 1.5 Updates

[© Serve Design] Size Him Up - Penis Size Calculator Condomi
Acno's Energizer Uselab
Pearls Before Swine II Transcience
Why Macs Are Better Than PC ~mreed77
August Strindberg & Helium in Absinthe & Women Erin Bradley

From: Jessica TheDoll
You might not have heard this one cuz it's a new one I made it up not long ago:

I made this joke up when a girl in my class was eating a banana the other day: On a banana tree there's a monkey and a guy's sleeping under the tree. The monkey throw a banana at that guy's head that guy was very angry he saw the monkey and he goes,"Fucken monkey! I'll squash that banana!!" and the monkey goes,"No! Don't kill my banana!! Don't kill my banana!!"

Hatt-Baby (Hatten är din) Kirpal
Dormatta Kirpal
Why I don't use AOL Instant Messenger anymore

I was searching the University Website for housing and I came across this great bargoon. I don't think I'll ever find anything like this again, and the place will be taken by September, so I archived it and hid the phone numbers from the page (because you are all crazy online weirdos).
Check out this great bargoon for a house

August 26 2002 My PC is dying

[© PBS]Joel's file deserves to be first.
Mr. Johnson Joel Veitch
Arfenhouse: the Movie! AKNeutron
Let's Play Drums Solid Steel
Spear Toss Makai

Space Rock!! Un Achinaenmizapato
The Fact About Sajjad Ali Freeek
Weebl and Bob - Art J. Picking

From: Jessica TheDoll
Ok here's another one I'll tell you more tomorrow, ok?

On a brunch of a tree there are some chickens dancing on it. A chicken fall on the ground and at the same time a woman with high heels come, she nearly stepped on it but she moved her feet immediately. But then all the chickens fall on the ground, that woman was in a panic and she stepped on all the chickens and the chickens were all flat.

August 18 2002 Amburgers & Wootbeer

[Girl and Guy at Urinal] Captions closed, thank you

Rumple JibJab
A&W Jonneh
Rejected Don Hertzfeldt
Sydney Moon flashing her high beams JJ1 NSFW
D1 MrWoot

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From: Jessica TheDoll
A group of bunnies are going to a party, they think they're beautiful.(they were all female ones) It was still early so they lay on the road and fell asleep. While they were asleep a car went over their heads and their heads were all flar but they were asleep so they didn't know. When they woke up they looked at each other and screamed, "Aaaahhhhhh~~~ your head is flat!!!! Aaaaahhhhh~~~~ aaahhhhh ~~~~~aaaahhhhh ~~~~~~!!!" They didn't go to the party that night because their heads were all flat.
I'll tell you another one later, ok?

August 16 2002 Earwigs eat brains

[Photo by Eddie Hollenbeck] Bagagagagagagagagagagaga Bop Fishywa
Fly Scarrillow
Portal Door Chuck Anderson
H. o . m . 0 Ekakiya
Can't.. stop.. wanting.. to.. click..

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<d6|GaiaN> lol

August 11 2002 Music Movies

[Don't masturbate today, please.] Maemuki Rocketto-Dan Aussie Ben
Ja Da David Stevenson
Sux2BU Aliyaho Pearce (Cynical)
A Weenie Movie Sgt. Weenie Arms
Weebl and Bob - Pie Tarte Weebl

Adventeres in #albinoblacksheep
<Kotik> Have you lost your russian language?
<Spudnewt> My band is called Imation CDR 74m 650 MB....have you seen our CD's ?
<Kotik> I seen it!
<SubjectZer0> No its just that 1, I speak it
<SubjectZer0> Not Type it
<primate> hattey siey razcey
<SubjectZer0> 2, i got horrible ass pronuntiation
<SubjectZer0> 3, its near impossible for me to peice together phoenetics
<primate> cool
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<Kotik> that's too bad, for me it comes naturally.
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If that's not weird enough, Sierra was acting all crazy on the Webcams that night while chatting with us:
Sierra - Friday Sierra - Friday 2

August 7 2002 Games you can't pass II

[Guess who] [Set As Homepage] Welcome to the second installment of "Games you can't pass". As long as you don't cheat, you can't pass these games. Usually I prefer visiting this site for movies, but I'm just lucky I get the honour of posting today. First, we will start simple by building up your mouse clicking skills, and your typing skills with these two games:
Mouse Kurage
Typing Carnival Mars Cat

Now I believe these flash games are pretty hard. Two of them even reward you with boobs if you win:
Blast Billiards Mousebreaker
Boom Boom Volleyball Kinelco
Cursor Love Bunny b3ta
Super Monkeyball Mini Amusement Vision
Breeder Mohsye
New York Defender Stef & Phil
Zoo Keeper Robot
Memory Madness Worldwide

If you have Shockwave installed, give these a try:
Snowcraft Nicholson NY
3D Pong Liquid
Yard Invaders Robotduck
Rock 'em Sock 'em Rabbis Stickyflicks

If Java is pretty stable on your system give these ABS favorites a try:
OneSlime! Volleyball Daniel Wedge
SF Worm Cave

...and last, but not least, the games you just will not pass. You just won't. I don't care, you just won't:
Shanghai Dynasty
Milio Dorawasabi

August 2 2002 Problems?

[] Weebl and Bob - Shoes Weebl
Coconuts Dimlight
Unreveal Tournament Lougin NSFW
Penguin Arcade Bossmonster
Saturday Night Live - Celebrity Jeopardy 2 NBC

Glad to see people are linking to  Lick It NSFW,  Do It NSFW, and even Evilzug's  Work It. Another "It" will be released soon. [Add to Favorites] [Set As Homepage]


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