June 28 2002 More asbestos...

[eyedrops] Chinco Anesan
Pukeboy Derek Grout
Breeder Mohsye
Football Liam O'Donnall
Domira Dorawasabi
Bloodbug Science Year

June 28 2002 Asparagus

S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse Guerrilla News Network

June 25 2002 Lazy, Hazy

[Pink Floyd] Where's Waldo?
I Like To Beat Things With My Bat Violent Stick Animations 1.73 MB
Poopboy Derek Grout
Sonar Challenge Doubleyou
Mr. Nice Mr. Skettch

June 23 2002 ..what they want to hear

[The Osbornes] Behind Microsoft Brainbuzz
Fly Eatin' DTZ
l337 h4x0rz
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Westminster Dog Show NBC
Tetris Finals in Japan Arika

With all the World Cup fever going on I thought I'd post some online  soccer games. I know this last one's authentic cause of the guy's attempt at the English language. When you miss a shot you'll hear unforgettable lines such as "As you didn't it. It's better to try again!", "Are you a little inattentive today, do you?" and of course, "Post!!! That's a bad piece of luck!!!". Check it out:  Magical Kicks Robert Baggio

June 18 2002 Hewooo

[The Osbornes] Hewo Wittle Fishies Jonny Again
Console Wars Nate Craddock
The God & Devil Show: Chris Rock Mondo
Disco Nerds
iUndress Nicole iUndress NSFW

Strong Bad's Email - 3 Wishes Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Sugarbob Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Spring Cleaning Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Superhero Name Homestar Runner

June 16 2002 They only hear...

A Guide to Ethnic and Religious Strife Through All Human History Michael Gerber and Jonathan Schwarz

June 14 2002 Log? Elephants YEAH!!!

Elephants Joel Veitch
Bear Disorganized Crime
Hewo Jonny
Wireframe Vector Lounge
Wrath II Richard Pringle

Honeybear Zooass
Welcome to India Vikram and Krishna
Homer Simpson - All Mms FOX
Click here if you're Irish not really

June 10/11 2002 BRB/Back

[Erie died when Jim Henson did  Sorry kids] Kicked my Dog Flat Planet
Kerpal Soundboard Euronymous
The Richard Kiel Experience! Neutron
Mad Shark Scott Stoddard
Phish - Firt Tube Bullseye Art
Kikia Netspooky
The Kermit Intermission

June 6 2002 Untitled

[Erie died when Jim Henson did  Sorry kids] Micro-Capsulas Sideral Gang
Titties & Beer Tex{M&CT} NSFW
Mad Cow Totally Tom
Ladiemon Dorawasabi
Dooraemon Dorawasabi

How to Dance Properly Zefrank
Flashback Danny Gomez
I Only Live Twice Legnog
Fly The Copter Seethru / SF Cave

June 4 2002 Triumph for Dighton-Rehoboth

Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog - at Bon Jovi Concert NBC (DSL or Higher)
SimGirl Newer Version Ecophobia (remember your code)

June 1 2002 Triumph for Dighton-Rehoboth

Yes & No: A Dyseducational Road Movie Bruno Bozzetto
Rainbows Mike Stanfill

You've seen  Banana sing Peanut Butter Jelly Time. You may even have seen  Pepper sing La Bamba. Now it's  Pepper vs. Banana

[Sierra's Webcam] People have been begging for more Not Safe For Work (NSFW) movies, so what better time to post them than on the weekend.
Cake Time Jim Ether NSFW
Monkey Sugar NSFW

Better Sex: For Married Couples The Bran Flakes
Ms. Pacman Plutonium Software
How the Media Undermines... Jesse


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