May 29 2002 Donate?

[Sierra's Webcam] They don't call it Albino Blacksheep cause it makes sense
It's all about making friends Jim Ether
1000 Words Jim Ether
Happy Pill Jig Interactive
Dancing Queen MTV
Spin Hoogergrugge and Wiggle
Junkbot Lego

May 26 2002 Bleh

Some Japanese Culture
Pokerap Neil Cicierega
SimGirl Ecophobia NSFW
Irrational Excuberance Veloso
Happatai - Yatta! Pony Canyon
Chin HL (Korean)

Not that these are any saner
Oo Lola! Bagge
Crack-Man! Kimbo-Be-Coo
The Muffin Tree Amy Winfrey
Sex Clint J NSFW

May 25 2002 YeYe

[AIM Instant Message me] HIMcky1027: your the guy who made that website?
AlbinoBlacksheep: when it was up
AlbinoBlacksheep: should be back in 2 days or so
HIMcky1027: huh? what happen
HIMcky1027: i loved that pingis game
HIMcky1027: you asshole put it back
AlbinoBlacksheep: you are calling me the asshole?
HIMcky1027: PUT IT BACK!
AlbinoBlacksheep: call my old host an asshole then
AlbinoBlacksheep: he's the one that shut down
HIMcky1027: ok
AlbinoBlacksheep: you are blaming the wrong person
HIMcky1027: give me his damn number
HIMcky1027: i want my pingis game

May 17 2002 The waiting

No, everything is not back to normal.

Five Finger Fillet Universal Studios
RGB Whitetrash
Ass 'N' Titties Ronnie
Yo Relatives Ronnie
Starwarz Gangsta Rap Music Video Thomas Lee
Click here if you like PowerPuff Girls

May 9 2002 For the meantime

No need to call me an asshole for not updating this page. I would have if I could. Everything should be back to normal in not too many more days.

Banana and the Donkey Ryan Etrata & Kevin Flynn
Pacman Justchillin
OhAh Whitetrash NSFW
Kaboom!: The Suicide Bombing Game Fabulous999 ICQ Skin 2.0 ready at the  Download Page

May 6 2002 We're coming back

[by J. Fisher] This ol' Geocities site is coming back. This site is now a measly 96MB (and soon to be much less) thanks to those who donated mirrors - especially Spudnewt, Pballgi, and Jonneh. This site is being re-coded for better organizations.

Get ready for a spanking brand new update soon on this page.


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