April 23 2002 :/

Yes, this site got slow. Yes, I know some of the big files are offline. These problems will be fixed when this site moves to a new server as soon as possible. Please allow some time. We will come back better than ever.

April 20 2002 4/20

Sesame Street XTN Inc.
Pervert DecoyMilk

Ever since I started updating this site I always looked forward to the 4/20 update. I have been collecting content ever since. I had pics and music and everything ready. Unfortunately, since my site doesn't have a new host yet that can handle 100s of GB monthly transfer, posting all that would stall the site's temporary slow host. I did however, decided to make a somewhat decent 4/20 update. Enjoy.

A Frightened Boy Joel Veitch
Flow Hoogergrugge and Wiggle
Marijuana Editorial Aragorn7884
Today, April 20th TDO
Everytime you smoke weed... Lazy01001

[eyepop] Trippy
Un Lapin Yomgaille
Sazae Safeel
Pika Neil
Work It EvilZug
Insanity Test Geijn
Stare Girl Tim Burton
Industrious Clock Yugo Nakamura
Banana - Peanut Butter Jelly Time Ryan Etrata
Ass 'N' Titties Ronnie
Incriminati Barreto + Joel Morris
Memory World Wide Productions
Barry Potter and the Stoned Philosopher

April 18 2002 No! Conditioner is better

I came home late only to find my site was gone and replaced by another. I pay a lot for my site hosting and didn't expect that to happen. Obviously I have been scammed by my host or that AGM company. When I figure out more I will explain everything to the visitors. I need a new HONEST host e-mail me if you can run this site.

April 14 2002 Shampoo is better.

[Yasser Arafat]

Ugly movies
I'm Too Sexy
Who Let The Dogs Out?
I Feel Good NSFW
Nice Bush
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Steve Kim
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April 12 2002 Homicide Bombers

Laid Off: Help Wanted Odd Todd

April 11 2002 Brand name mustard only.

Eat My Balls Anonymous
Rock and Roll McDonald's Dan Weiss
Kitty Weeble
Give Peace A Chance
Microsoft Office NGO

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April 9 2002 I ate my glue.

Shumway Toxic The Machine AKA Bob Barker
Britney's Booty Slap Must Be Destroyed
Unreveal Tournament (Pr0nsnake - 3 girls) Lougin NSFW

April 7 2002 :(

Welcome to Life. A short film about the world.

April 5 2002 Cute Little Flashes

[Cookie hurt] Alternate l33t characters

Mouse Catcher
Banana - Peanut Butter Jelly Time Ryan Gancenia Etrata
The Critic - Episode 8 Jetcity
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho Panasonic
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April 2 2002 :)

Strong Bad's Email - Spring Cleaning Homestar Runner (after you told me you'd email him)

April 1 2002 April Fools Pranks

Minor Pranks
What's wrong with this picture?
What's Wrong?
Windows RG: Really Good Edition
Honour System
Bad Day

Major Pranks
Nice Day
Porno Invasion
McDonald's (risky for WinME users)

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The image to your right is a photo of a crew holding up the found head of a Palestinian suicide bomber, of course, after he committed the suicide bombing.

Many terrorists are taught to believe that a suicide bomber is a noble and respected 'profession'. As we can see from the photo, it is an uncivilized and humiliating death, at the expense of many innocent unarmed people. Most human beings are afraid of death. However, there are organizations that spend years provoking impressionable young people to commit suicide acts. This is done with the specific brainwashing tactics such as: glorifying and romanticizing the act; promising the person's family rewards and a large sum of money after the act is committed (also causing the family to support it); playing on emotions and racial or religious hatred; and that this is the best path to heaven. Though much of the media parallels the recent terrorist suicide bombings against Israel with the terrorist attack against the United States on September 11, 2001, it just as much is comparable another historic event.

The Heaven's Gate Cult convinced dozens of people to commit a suicide act as a path to heaven. The Arab terrorist organizations around the world use extreme religious interpretations of the Koran to persuade people into involvement with the groups. With both the Heaven's Gate cult and Islam extremists after life, there's Heaven. Most religious groups, however, believe that if suicide is committed, whether others were killed or not, the person will not reach Heaven. Suicide is condemned in an ecclesia (government adopted religion) because it is dysfunctional to society. In the United States there is still much controversy over whether people should be able to commit suicide or assisted suicide if they are physically ill or completely disabled and of old age.

In the Middle East, terrorist authorities justify the deaths of their people in suicide acts, even though the authorities, themselves, are afraid of death. This is not so much different as in the United States a few decades ago where American solders were expected to 'risk' their lives for their country, when older military authorities do not engage in battle.

Many do not understand the path to peace - it is war, in an age where geography, psychology, technology and religion co-exist.


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