March 28 2002 Still Killing Kittens

[Domo Mountain] Nya Nya Nya Neil Cicierega

Irrational Exuberance (Yatta) Veloso (best one)
Yatta Poltergeist (ripoff)
Yatta by Happidai Pony Canyon (original)

The Parlor

The Critic - Episode 7 JetCity
what does suxor mean? Chris Coutts
what does suxor mean? 2 Chris Coutts
Pingis Shockplay

Strip Blackjack 5 Ronald Trang NSFW
Strip Poker with Regina Ronald Trang NSFW

March 25 2002 Million

First, an animutation to clear your minds.
Rubber Duckie: Bathtime fun with Michael Jackson Neil Cicierega

Then, some games you will never pass (at least not for the first 100 tries).
Fragile Yakiniku Granola Ymori
OneSlime Daniel Wedge
New York Defender Stef & Phil

In relation to the Academy Awards recently, another The Crtic episode.
The Critic - Episode 6 JetCity

Some ad#lt entertainment for the kids.
Strip Poker with Tracy Ronald Trang NSFW
Strip Blackjack with Jasmine Ronald Trang NSFW

...and finially, some reading material.
Ken's website
The Law of Hentai and Lemons
Bookmarks this site for more very very soon.

March 22 2002 Domo-kun

[Everytime you send that f***ing picture... God kills a Domo-kun] Poo Warrior nARTBOX
New York Defender Stef & Phil
Homer Simpson Soundboard Williambova
The Critic - Episode 5 JetCity
Pistol Voxtron
Not Just Cricket Bossmonster
Clockbury Clockcrew (our friends)
Make A Britney Virtual Porno Shoot dRuGFilMs NSFW
Strip Poker 3 Ronald Trang NSFW
Strip Blackjack 3 Ronald Trang NSFW

The Meaning of Albino Blacksheep

March 20 2002 Papers

Gender-Neutral Chicanery
Duck & Cover Chicanery
The Miniature Earth Mindhack
Work It EvilZug
Jelly EvilZug
The Critic - Episode 4 JetCity
Air Hockey
Soccerthugs E4
Strip Poker 2 Ronald Trang NSFW
Strip Blackjack 2 Ronald Trang NSFW

Kitten: and said i can control how big the killer pickle gets in my dreams. and he laughed and i told him not to mock the killer pickle coz it'll come and pickle him. and said that you mocked the killer pickle and it pickled your site

Somebody help Kitten interpret her dream.


March 15 2002 Exams

I'll be adding more of The Critic Episodes and Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack games with each update. Enjoy.

Our Demented Cartoon Movie is being displayed today at the CoastCon Convention Center in Mississippi. Next, television, then, the world. Zeeky Boogy Doog.

Internet for the Blind
You Are
Headache Steve Richardson
Unchained Bellamy Daily Reckless
The Critic 1, 2, 3 JetCity
Strip Poker 1 Ronald Trang NSFW
Strip Blackjack Ronald Trang NSFW

March 12 2002 Studying

[The kid burried another kid up to his head - That's how it's done.] Strong Bad's Email - Studying Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Band Names HR
Strong Bad's Email - The Basics HR

The Dr. Evil Soundboard C-Eye
A.Blast Say Interactive
Blundercats Brian Hosmillo
Destiny's Child - Independent Woman Joel Veitch
Bebop SpyFX
Asian Pride
Cherubs *recent

AlbinoBlacksheep: how many [daily site visitors] you think I get?
Princess DarkRose: 15 and your mom doesn't count.
AlbinoBlacksheep: 15 thousand?
Princess DarkRose: no, 15, and your mom does not count. :) *WEG*
AlbinoBlacksheep: you know I won't let my mom visit
AlbinoBlacksheep: well I had 1,021,258 page views in Februray
AlbinoBlacksheep: so there ;p
Princess DarkRose: ROLFMAO That's just too funny. :) Your mom signs on as  bunnyavenger14. :)

March 10 2002 Bagadagadadagadadadadaa


Not too sure if SuBjectZer0 went too far with the Feel-The-Pain series, but feel free to send him an Instant Message or email with your opinion: *****

Feel-The-Pain I Feel-The-Pain II Feel-The-Pain III SuBjectZer0

March 7 2002 I like to step on heads

[Bert is evil!] No Beatles For You Bob Orilee
123456789 F* Shit Piss Bob Orilee
Weezer Fight Weezer
Starwarz Gangsta Rap
Sazae Milano Killer
Super Greg Phazer
SnakeMania *Up to 4 Players
Bubblewrap Stress Relief
We Drink Ritalin Robinson Wilburn

For those of you who enjoyed sending your friends the link to  Kikia, you might also enjoy some parodies of it in the future. Take a look at:

March 5 2002 Smell that shoe

Whoose Boobs? 5 Liquid Generation
Whoose Boobs? 6 Liquid Generation
Combo No. 5 4-D Marketing
Cityplaza (XiaoXiao) Zhu_Zhq
Grandparents Strip Poker ZThing
Strip Rock Paper Scissors NSFW
What's Wrong (with this picture)

We're back, and on a new faster server that can handle this site's increased traffic. We will also have more and more features on this site. I don't want to give away too many surprises, but we are going to be allowing downloads of full length Hollywood movies (if we can).
We hope you enjoyed the "re-runs" of this site in the time it took us to move servers. We were online for many months trying to help others to understand important issues like September 11 and Internet Safety, etc.

March 1 2002 Year in Review

Updates are on hold. Please remember to access this site in the future.

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