February 28 2002 Seriously lacking owls

New SubjectZer0 video. Those who have seen the old SubjectZer0 files know I am serious when I say this is not for the faint at heart.

Bodies - WTC Tribute SubjectZer0
Hate to: SubjectZer0 or *****@hotmail.com

February 27 2002 Take this bus to cuba?

[Lighter] Mad Scientist Torments Hamster National Lampoon
Summer T-Ball at the White House National Lampoon
Supreme Court deliberates on Florida recount National Lampoon
Games you can't pass:
The Ancient Boy Toshimistsu - Takagi
Memory Madness Worldwide
The Emillinaire Show Game Defused Interactive
Cursor Bunny Love b3ta
Blobs NCBuy
Sheep Pool Mohsye

February 25 2002 Team Canada 5-2

If you IM Albino Blacksheep tech support, you take full responsibility for your actions.

[AIM Instant Message me]WombatWWG: aol 7 is good u shold get it
AlbinoBlacksheep: what??
AlbinoBlacksheep: I am not gonna downgrade

I upgraded the code on this site from HTML 4.01 to XML/XHTML 1.0. I didn't do it tp be impressive. I'll be adding some features to this site that need XML in order to work.

All the old visitors of this site have seen the Arnold Swartzenegger Phone Pranks:  Arnold - Gator Lodge,  Arnold - Hooters, and maybe even  Arnold vs. The Cublicle Guy. Maybe you've come across the  Arnold Soundboard, or the  PocketArnold. Well, I was leading into giving you an Adam Sandler Soundboard, but the file is corrupt. So Instead, howabout these:

[Urinal] Adam Sandler - The Peeper Flinch
Ms. Cleo Soundboard 2400bps
Captions 5

February 23 2002 n00b

Jesus H. Christ Neil Cicierega *Unreleased
Strong Bad's Email - I She Be Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Duck Pond Homestar Runner
Tourette Syndrome Barbie Jaboni
Mr. Hankey Construction Set

TRB_CXO_Burner - 06:18am Jan 27, 2002 PST (43.) Reply [TRB] Tribes Elite Force Ultim@te Clan - XtRëMë sWëÐïsh PýrÕ - Rules of L337/English translation:

1) Most L337 words are generally normal words, but with symbols, or combinations of symbols, used to replace letters. (See, L337 Alphabet)

2) Whenever describing an action of somebody, always put a / and a general indicator of the person performing said act before the action. Then all words in the sentece must be in the present tense. (For example; /Me runs to get coffee, BRB.) This rule is mostly used when telling somebody what you are about to do.

3) Many L337 words are just odd abriviations of English words. (For example; the word L337 is an odd abriviation of the word Elite, chosen as the Name of the language as it was the first L337 word.)

4) Most other rules, such as sentence and paragraph structure are the same as English.

5) Slang also influences the choice of words and how long one sentence is. (e.g. "h3ll0, |\/|y n4m3 i5 3r1ck" is not l33t... "y0, mi3 n4m3 s| eRiCk", is something closer to l33t)

6) There are no upper case or lower case letters in the L337 language.

7) L337 Light and Hardore L337 are used in different situations, depending on respect for the person being spoken to or fluency in either version. If using L337 Light to talk to someone of whome you respect greatly, it's always polite to apologize before hand, as L337 Light is reserved for friends, acquaintences, strangers, and family, people unknown or known well. Hardcore L337 is used when talking to someone of higher authority or respect, or to make oneself look important (This is frowned upon though).

8) While writing with L337 Light and excalamation is needed, it's the same sssymbol as the I, so when reading, if there's an ! at the end of a sentence, it is an exclamation.

9) Proper names are always spelled out in English letters, with capitals at the beginning, but handles and knicknames are always spelled out in L337, following L337 rules.

Other rules may be found while learning to speak, or speaking L337, just remember them and always use them, they may not be obvious to the non-fluent speaker though.


Enter a caption below for what you think they are saying.     V

Chip N' Dale's MMORPG -Mercury*Storm-
All Your World Trade Center Validate This
Usar (Windows vs. Lunix) JeffK
What does suxor mean? Chris Coutts

The L337 Alphabet:
English Letter- L337 Substitute (Most people tend to speak with easier to understand letters, L337 Light, these are not as pure as Hardcore, but both are acceptable. L337 Light letters can be found to the right of the Hardcore letters.)

Hardcore L337 / L337 Light

A- @        A- @ 
B- |3       B- B 
C- (        C- C 
D- |)       D- D 
E- 3        E- 3 
F- |[       F- F 
G- 6        G- 6 
H- |{       H- H 
I- |        I- ! 
J- _|       J- J 
K- |<       K- K 
L- |_       L- 1 
M- |V|      M- M 
N- |\|      N- N 
O- 0        O- 0 
P- |o       P- P 
Q- 0,       Q- Q 
R- |)\      R- R 
S- 5        S- 5 
T- 7        T- 7 
U- |_|      U- U 
V- \/       V- V 
W- |/\|     W- W 
X- \/ /\    X- X 
Y- \/ |     Y- Y 
Z- -\_      Z- 2

February 20 2002 IM me Booty Music

[tongue] UGLY DISCO^
No Luck Mikey! Razoric
}-{ello my future girlfriend Mikey

From: Aurielle
Blah, I got bored, and my bf was whining that he hasn't seen me in forever, so I got a new picture for ya. It was a bit tricky writing "I *heart* Albino-Blacksheep!" on my own breasts, but I did it.  I *heart* Albino Blacksheep NSFW

I spoke to Zhu_Zhq, maker of the XiaoXiao series... well I spoke to him through a translator of course. Cranberry Clock translated to Korean for him. They were nice enough to show me an exclusive preview of XiaoXiao No. 9.
ChangWangO and our other flash staff are going to compete and make our own stick fighting. Take a look at  Chop-stick by Jason Whitham, or  The Fight-for-Life series by Dave Lancaster.

The Webcams were exciting last night. Too bad many of you are still  missing it.

February 19 2002 Games Today


Welcome to all our visitors from
If you noticed, this site received two web code validations. Because of the new code, the site does not work in Netscape or other older browsers anymore. Also, all of those accessing this site from the Ganja address should update their bookmarks to  albinoblacksheep.com

Pong Oska
RadialPongAndrzej Kapolka
3D Pong LiquidMedia
Octopoids Imperial Dynamite
F* It Homokaasu
The Idiot Button PointlessGames
Cutie Quake Gamer
Destructionism haricot
SF Cave
How to Keep an Idiot Busy...

February 16 2002 Games Today

Odd Todd - Valentine's Odd Todd
Happy Tree Friends Valentine's Smoochie Mondo
Davros & Steven Hawking in Electric Dreams Mike Trinder / Andy Taylor
The Greatest Interactive Game In The World Crazy-Cards

February 14 2002 Hi Fark

mishna ^ type in the caption above and press enter

Happy Valentine's Day, Voyager Day, and Black History Month. Here's a present to the thousands of Albino Blacksheep that visit every day:  Present NSFW

rabbit gif Y2Khai - Dear Girl Khai
One is the Lonliest Number ChangWangO
Cursor Bunny Love B3ta
Un Lapin Yomgaille
Tales for the L33T Chris Coutts
A Bitter Film Don Hertzfeldt

Oh god, not another ChangWangO movie by us. We got a new webcam - of the creative submissions. It's a college dorm camera.
Thanks Drunken Misha for letting us use your picture for todays Image Caption entries.

February 13 2002 Pleasure

Whoose Boobs? 1 LiquidGeneration
Whoose Boobs? 2 LG
Whoose Boobs? 3 LG
Whoose Boobs? 4 LG

XiaoXiao No. 8
DO IT (Put your ass into it) NSFW
Shouts out to all the Albino Blacksheep at Greece Odyssey. Thanks for the support.

[valentine dream]

Valentine's (more tomorrow)
F*** Her Gently Spumco
Uuh Aah meigo '99
No Luck Mikey! Razoric
Schoolbus Threebrain
Hug Avon
Hello Shoot Knut

February 11 2002 Pain

Psssssst. XiaoXiao No. 8 Zhu_zhq

Forget Flash for a day. Here are some actual video files composed by one of our staff members. They are not for the squeamish. I'll put up the Hiqh Quality versions when we have more mirrors.

Feel The Pain I SubjectZer0
(mirror 1), (mirror 2)
Feel The Pain II SubjectZer0
(mirror 1), (mirror 2)
Hate to: SubjectZer0

February 10 2002 Do it do it do it


February 8 2002 Literal Meaning

E! Hollywood True Story - Osama bin Laden Will Stamper
Word Up Odd Todd

Barbie and the Jetta Driver Geijn
9 Easy Steps to Cook Rice (GTI vs. Civic) Geijn
Baryard Shenanigans! Daniel Rowe
Barnyard Shenanigans!: Special Edition Daniel Rowe
Go to Sleep Cromozone
Sheep Eating Grass! Yawn! AP Productions
Download Sheepy

      Here at the Someday Café, I sit at a rickety wooden table on which are laid: a newspaper, Sunday-fat; and a tall glass tumbler filled with steaming coffee.
      Here at the [$300,000], I sit at a [$24.00] on which are laid: a [$1.50]; and a [$.60] filled with [$1.25]. -- Leah Hager Cohen in "Glass, Paper, Beans"

[Old Kiss] ^ type in the caption above and press enter

Not a real representation for February - Black History Month
Ghetto Delta Sicco
An Ebonics Lesson Jomgobar
10 Rules of Speaking Ebonics Donsest
Samuel L Jackson Soundboard
PocketOJ PoisonSkin
Why Macs Are Better Than PC

Now that I have a break I'm gonna add some new stuff to the site. One thing is that Big Butts flash that I've been promising to finish for months. I got sidetracked with  Sierra's Nipple and helping with  Tunak. I'm also going to list all the best web pages (in my opinion) so you can get the sense of my taste online. Come back soon for Valentine's cards from us.

February 6 2002 Stuff to watch

[Missing! Have you seen this milk?] Kikia (again)

Strong Bad's Email - Brianrietta Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Some Kinda Robot Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - I Love You Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Trevor the Vampire Homestar Runner
Strong Bad's Email - Credit Card Homestar Runner

Chumps Pornholio NSFW
Miami Spice Pornholio NSFW
Gilligan's Long Island Pornholio NSFW
Pork & Mindy Pornholio NSFW

She-Male Shell Game Bunny Grenade
Dooraemon Milano Killer
The Stickman Movie Quiz Raz
Rainbow 6 Story Rob B.

Anson's Journal A Journal of the Average Albino Blacksheep Viewer
(which makes me scared)

/server irc.lcirc.net
/join #idlechat
LCIRC.net #idlechat

February 4 2002 Turn up the Volume and play

[Sorry Sierra is sick] Sierra's Nipple
Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tuk Oh Tu Da Da Da


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