December 31 2001 Happy New Year's

[May to December 2001][May to December 2001] Happy New Year's. This year ended successfully for With the rate we are growing I can't imagine how popular we will be in December 2002. Thanks to: those who sumitted their flash movies and images; fans who visit every day; and finally, thanks to all the girls who sent in their sexy pictures. Now... less talk, more files.

Most popular update of 2001:
November 10th
Most popular Flash of 2001:
Weeee (Gonads & Strife) Threebrain
Most popular Image of 2001:
Stop Staring
Most popular Shockwave of 2001:
Poke the Bunny
Most popular MIDI of 2001:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californiacation
Most popular Java Applet of 2001:
SF Cave Game

So what's new for this site in 2002? We are working on a lot of secret stuff. Let me spill a bit of that now. The Demented Cartoon Movie is going to get it's very own webpage right here with tons of demented features. You will get to see more of Sierra in 2002. This site will be FASTER is 2002. The design of this site will likely get enhanced. We will have webcams, comics, Doritos, nude celebrities. Shit, that was supposed to be a secret. What about us braindead slobs? You'll be given' cushy jobs. This site is created by the visitors. So you decide what you really get to see in 2002. You decide what stays and what goes.
I almost forgot, the most popular girl in 2001 was GooBer Chikk. Mela came in second with only 14 marriage proposals.

December 29 2001 GooBer Chikk's visit to McDonald's

[Lemon... discuss] Name: GooBer Chikk / Age: 20 / Sex: Female / Location: Las Vegas

GooBer was relaxing, havin' a bud, then suddenly the phone rang. It was Ronald, Ronald McDonald! He asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with him at his restaurant that night. GooBer said, "yes".

That night they entered the restaurant. Inside they lined up to order their meal from the waiter as they read from the menu on the wall. GooBer Chikk ordered the cheeseburger, a luxurious dish she had never heard of before. At the booth she carefully unwrapped her meal from the wax paper that was stuck to the cheese. Ronald urged, "C'mon take a bite. You'll love it." She grabbed a section of the cheeseburger with her teeth and ripped off whatever was there. She was suddenly addicted to the salty fat and dehyde condements.

All was going well, until suddenly she actually looked at what she was eating. Ronald was quite concerned as she looked at her cheeseburger in disgust and placed it down on the McTray of McAdvertisements.

He suggested she try some french fries. GooBer was very intrigued as she had never eaten food from France before. Ronald insisted that she cover the french fires with this red sugar goo, as this will give them some flavour. All was going well again until GooBer explained she was experiencing bad gas, similar to the time she dated the chihuahua from the border who also happened to have a restaurant. Ronald pointed her to the litte girls room. All was not well. The little girls room was covered in smelly little bits of brown meat.

Still, she had a very good and filling meal. Her belly was full and she seductively invited him to join her on the playground that backed onto the restaurant. When the children had left she thanked him for the meal the best way she could. Ronald was happy. In the end he got what he wanted.

December 28 2001 W00t w00t!

[Lemon... discuss] 8 Different animators got together to create one big story. It's pretty cool how it goes from one animator's style to another.

The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 1 Goonland
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 2 Rockschool
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 3 Killfrog
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 4 Bunnygrenade
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 5 Joecartoon
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 6 Jaydonaldson
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 7 CampChaos
The Most Amazing Story Ever Told - Episode 8 Mishmashmedia

December 27 2001 Happy Kwanzaa

[I was trying to make it update] Kung Fu Phil and the Stick Death Cookie Neil Cicierega
Slipknot Neil Cicierega / Unibombers
Hello Shoot Knut
The Matrix Cinemargh Apelife
All Your Tourist Guy Touristguy
ASCII Chickz

pnksktrska: hello
AlbinoBlacksheep: hey
pnksktrska: whats up
AlbinoBlacksheep: not much
pnksktrska: same here
pnksktrska signed off at 1:12:19 AM.

December 24 2001 Have a sexy Christmas

I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that I have tons more new flash movies (over 100) for all of you.

Karma Ghost BillyBlob
An Ebonics Lesson Jomgobar
Cum Again Limmy NSFW
La Mort au T1 [Name removed due to request]
X-Ray Glasses Debreuil Digital Works NSFW
Samel L. Jackson Soundboard
Lucky Charms Sex Quiz
Windows Source Code
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian (Jonny Remix)

The bad news is speed would be limited if I posted them all up now. The only way to cure this is to have some mirror servers. Let me know if you can help us out: [Email][AIM me]106122255

December 23 2001 Boo-urns

[Blonde 2] I know you've probably seen most of these before, but I'm posting them for all the new visitors. These are all the flash movies that have become classics on the web. Enjoy the best the web has to offer.
Weeee (Gonads & Strife) Threebrain
Hyakugojyuuichi!! Neil Cicierega
Mario Twins LuigiPlaysBass
Work It! EvilZug
Arnold Phone Prank
XiaoXaio No. 3 Zhu_Zhq
All your base are belong to us Korean Robots
Tales for the L33T Chris Coutts
Monkey Sugar NSFW
Who Let The Dogs Out?

This makes a good holiday gift:
Hug Avon
Did you ever think you could be this happy again? NSFW

December 21 2001 Weekend fun!

[Blonde] Taliban Women's Revolt Jeff Swenson NSFW
Fight Club Cinemargh Apelife

And now a new installment called Don't click on these because these are gross.
(Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Bunny Joel Veitch NSFW
Menga Blow Job NSFW
Hey Mickey Joel Veitch NSFW
Holding Joel Veitch NSFW
Tom Dick and Harry Oska NSFW
My Name Is Jack Dark Knife NSFW

I saved the worse for last. Remember to let the music load
MmmBop Better Than Jonny NSFW

December 20 2001 Britney's Boobs

[Britney Spears] The Mystery of Britney Spears' Breasts LiquidGeneration
Interview with Osama bin Laden LiquidGeneration
No Remorse Luis
Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake b3ta

wastelands0ulja: your site sux dick!

CrassDIY: ur website is fuckin gay

atlasthealmighty: Your site rules.

December 18 2001 Elfalishious

Jizzmoppa Matthew Hawkins / Jason Sawtelle NSFW
Uuh Aah meigo '99 NSFW
Snowcraft Nicholson NY

A long time ago we posted Poke the Bunny on Geocities, and the people were pleased. Now let's  Poke the Crab.

We had a request for holiday cards, so here's some creations for now:
Like your gift
Happy Holidays NSFW
Stay warm NSFW
Where icicles come from
Gingerbread NSFW
Taliban Present
Santa says Hello NSFW
How to tell you've been really bad
Terrorists attack Capitalist Santa?
Hunukkah 8 days... 8 gifts...

December 16 2001 Yatta

Irrational Excuberance (Yatta) Veloso
Lit Up Mojo

I thought this was interesting, especially since it was from 1997:
Donald Duck and the World Trade Towers Disney

December 14 2001 Sierra

[Sierra] I know I post Laid Off too much, well now the sequel is out:
Holiday Greeting from Odd Todd Odd Todd
Chinese Torture Test Dave Ensign NSFW
Teletubbies Mercy Killing X-Pressive NSFW

Sierra coming soon ===>

Download MusicCity Morpheus 1.3
Banner/Pop-up Remover crack for MusicCity Morpheus

This woman isn't wearing any clothes - look closely:
 Paint 1,  2,  3,  4,  5 NSFW

How to Gamble (Play Dreidel)
How to Make Beautful Paper Dreidels

Funny Computer Pics:
Manager of the Year, ISP, System Properties,  Hidden Settings

If You think the posting of 3cm NSFW yesterday was shocking, take a look at  Microscopic NSFW.

December 13 2001 Happy Pornukah

[That's Just F*cking Great] Barbie & Ken Andigraph NSFW
The Japanese Pokerap Neil Cicierega
Shakin' That Ass FlashFunStuff NSFW
Jablow NSFW
The Lost Guilds Qwertz

Here's the PoketArnold incase you missed it

Boobs of the day NSFW
Yes, that's in centimetres Leonardo Dicaprio NSFW!!!! :(
Microsoft Logic Thank you C. F. Bishop
Osama seen at a RaVe
How to torture Osama NSFW
Chat with Dr. Norton at your own risk.
The Last Stand of Non-Conformists: Episode 3 Matt Libby

Eville Incarnate: my fingers smell of vagina and I have a bra in my pocket :P
Eville Incarnate: I rule ^.^
Eville Incarnate: ~licks fingers~
Eville Incarnate: *yum*
Add Eville Incarnate to your buddy list

You think the Osama video they are showing on TV is special? Well here's what they banned from TV from May 2000:
Banned Family Guy Episode Fox ( Requires Quicktime)

December 12 2001 Happy Chanukah (again)

[Lick it] Hell Rider 2-Bit Munchkin Andrew Stanton
Zombo com Zombo
Blobs GAME NCBuy
DengDeng (Insanity Test) Geijn
Hewo Jonny and AB
Usar (Windows vs. Lunix) JeffK
Dancing Smilies Andrew Stanton

Aha! Another pair of copycats!
Kerpal (Kick Dog) Ricardo Sta. Rita
Kicked My Dog

Why doesn't she move? Dollcam
U.S. Top Secret Plan of Attack
Mike Bullard & 6-Foot Subway Sub CTV
Stare at this for a good High

Jerr Jerr 411: IM matsuri japan and tell him to unblock me
Jerr Jerr 411: please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlbinoBlacksheep: hi
AlbinoBlacksheep: ok
Jerr Jerr 411: cool

AlbinoBlacksheep: he says...
AlbinoBlacksheep: that say it to me and I will pass it on to him
Jerr Jerr 411: hey kenny unblock me
AlbinoBlacksheep: lol
Jerr Jerr 411: what

AlbinoBlacksheep: Matsuri Japan: i say
AlbinoBlacksheep: Matsuri Japan: hey fuck you
Jerr Jerr 411: stupid jack ass
Jerr Jerr 411: i hate him
Jerr Jerr 411: fuck him

AlbinoBlacksheep: Un block Jerr Jerr
Matsuri Japan: no
Matsuri Japan: lol
AlbinoBlacksheep: he says it's important
Matsuri Japan: tell him to say it through you

AlbinoBlacksheep: Jerr Jerr 411: hey kenny unblock me
Matsuri Japan: i say
Matsuri Japan: hey fuck you
AlbinoBlacksheep: lol

Add Matsuri Japan
Add Jerr Jerr 411

December 11 2001 Happy Chanukah

[Lick it] Ass 'N' Titties Ronnie
Laid Off: A Day in the Life Odd Todd
The Giant Buffet
Osama bin Laden: On The Run Again Oska
Dirty Dance K.Hironaka
Home Movies Cartoon Network ( Requires RealPlayer)

Subject: The Woman with high heels stepped on The Chicken!! by Jessica TheDoll
On a brunch of a tree there are some chickens dancing on it. A chicken fall on the ground and at the same time a woman with high heels come, she nearly stepped on it but she moved her feet immediately. But then all the chickens fall on the ground, that woman was in a panic and she stepped on all the chickens and the chickens were all flat.

Porno Invasion! NSFW - Do not click this link if you are at school, work, or anywhere. It might be a good idea to Bookmark or Make this your hompege before you click it. Remember last time?

December 9 2001 Gimme my Vagina

[Lick it] [Gimme my Vagina SANTA!] Butterman Preview LoFiFlix
A Vagina for Christmas Ludicrous Productions
Mr. Wong: Urine Trouble IceBox

Slydonsurf: greetings
Slydonsurf: i am one who frequents your site
Slydonsurf: okay fine your a moist vagina
AlbinoBlacksheep: hi
Previous message was not received by Slydonsurf because of error: User Slydonsurf is not available.

Telnet Starwars Simon and Mike
Is your son a computer hacker? T Reginald Gibbons

elgatodegreen: i have good friends in Kelowna BC. dont know if thats around where you are
AlbinoBlacksheep: It's far, but I know it
elgatodegreen: is it true you guys up there dont have Fluff marshmellow sandwhich spread up there?
AlbinoBlacksheep: what's a sandwich?

December 8 2001 Wonderful spam spam spam

[Your checker was GAY] There's two things I hate about the Internet. Spammers and pop-ups banners. If you don't know why I mention this now, then don't worry, I'm talking to someone else.

There are so many flash movies nowadays that there are now DOUBLES of movies already made. Let's watch:

Arnold Prank Arnold Prank 2
Arnold vs. Cublicle Guy....Vol.1 LowFiFlix

Taliban Telephone 58
Taliban Take on Telemarketers bluesjay65

Bin Laden: No Where to Run to No Where to Hide Oska
Bin Day-O

Limp Cookie Steve
Cookie Monster Jonny Carewick

XiaoXiao No. 3 Zhu_Zhq
Fight-For-Life: Part 3 Dave Lancaster

Super Mario World videogamedc
Mario Yay! Neil Cicierega

Which Backstreet Boy is Gay? MikeBoySlim
I Want A Fat Babe E-Studio

The Taliban Song Oska / Music: Capsteps
Ohh-Taliban Oska / Music: Capsteps

Scatman ddrpeemp
Scatman All-Da-Way Jonny Carewick

By the way. If your school has banned this site, please email [Send Email]Contact and enter the school name, state and country. Also, include the name of the system that banned the site (i.e. Besse) and school website if known. I don't know what this will accomplish, but I know we can create something out of it.

December 6 2001 Don't mind if I do

Barbie and the Jetta Driver Geijn

I know some flash movies were down on the flash page, so I fixed a bunch of them already. Here are a few:

[kissing] Bush & Gore: Asses of Politics 450 Productions
Nike 666 Rob
Ant City BossMonster
Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction? JK Cinema
Urban Legends 2: The Dead JK Cinema
Nanna Hooter JoeCartoon
Spear Britney Shock Comics

The Great Jugs! NSFW
The Last Stand of Non-Conformists: Episode 2

December 5 2001 Don't mind if I do

Murder Suicide Dave Theatro
If you press "replay" after watcing this flash movie I wouldn't suggest you go outside.

The Urinal Game CleverMedia
How to Take a Crap in the Woods CleverMedia
How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex CleverMedia

Lesbian Fantasies NSFW
We have an online comic now. It's by Matt Libby and it's about something, I dunno.
The Last Stand of Non-Conformists: Episode 1

December 4 2001 Albino go something something

[Snowman] Chaos Stickfight
Do NOT go in there!
Postcard from Italy

Ahhhh. I'm bored. All my phone and cable lines were cut off by some stupid contruction workers. I don't even have Internet, and can't put this online until tomorrow. Life feels meaninless without technology, which is humankind's extention to the human body and mind.

Often, it's the simplest of organisms that survive best. Could it be that the simplest games are most addictive?
SF Cave

[Count] Signs
Golf Sign
Lego Theory Technical Manual
Anal Chili Cookoff?
Computer Programming Cigarettes
Reality Check
Rude Restaurant
Mega what?
Video games and Ravers...

December 2 2001 She slapped me

[Waitress] Jerr Jerr 411: could you help me
AlbinoBlacksheep: yes
Jerr Jerr 411: my mommy is tripping
AlbinoBlacksheep: oh no
Jerr Jerr 411: she is on her crack again
AlbinoBlacksheep: you ahve to get her heartbeat to slow down
AlbinoBlacksheep: she has to relax
Jerr Jerr 411: im only five and she keeps calling me wilma
Jerr Jerr 411: ok
Jerr Jerr 411: how
AlbinoBlacksheep: tell her to sit down
Jerr Jerr 411: ok
Jerr Jerr 411: brb
Jerr Jerr 411: she slapped me
AlbinoBlacksheep: :-(
AlbinoBlacksheep: does she take crack often?
Jerr Jerr 411: shes getting a cup of coffee
Jerr Jerr 411: should i stop her
AlbinoBlacksheep: yes
Jerr Jerr 411: ok
Jerr Jerr 411: she spilt it on me
Jerr Jerr 411: it burns
Jerr Jerr 411: its getting in my keyboard
Jerr Jerr 411 signed off at 12:50:58 AM.

DON'T watch this flash movie NSFW
Auto-Hack Windows 98
Happy Birthday PDR
I added all the AIM and ICQ contacts of almost everyone who messaged this site. I pretty much programed the AIM and ICQ programs right onto the webpage. Check it out (ICQ users do not click on your own name).

December 1 2001 Bad Buddies

[Buddies] "Spades is like sex. If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand...."

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history--with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequilla....."

Breakfast at Denny's NSFW
Ho Ho Ho Green Giant NSFW
Snap Crackle and Pop?
Teletubbies After Hours
New Matel Barbies
CNN Makeover

This site is created by its visitors for its visitors. What a concept, eh? So if there's something you wanna see or you think you can contribute drop us a line.

Britney Spears Absolute Zero

Corrupt Capitalist Pigs!
I'm sorry to the visitors that got pop-up ads on this site yesterday. A company called AddFreeStats was trying to profit off of this site without even letting me know. I had to take their code off the page until I figure out how to get rid of the pop-ups.


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