November 30 2001 Midterms a-here

[Nokia] Y2Khai - Wow Khai

So anywho, next time you listen to music, be sure not to tap to the beat with your right foot. Use your left foot instead. This switch is important for when you drive. So... what's new? What's new? Norton's still dead, and oh yeah, I have a surprise coming soon. This site is gonna have a little somthing for the guys. Sooner the better, I hope. Let me insert some media files here:

Well okay, you all may have seen these:
Windaz 2000 Newfie Edition
Windaz 2000 Aussie Edition
Well, I have taken the time to create
Windaz 2000 L337 HaXx0r (Ellite Hacker) Edition
And since we are on the subject of L337 HaXx0rs, why not plug in the T1 modem watch these:

What does suxor mean? Part 1 Chris Coutts
Tales for the L337 (Romeo and Juliet) Chris Coutts
Chip N' Dale's MMORPG -Mercury*Storm-
No Luck Mikey! Razoric
UGLY Whore Deluxe No Effort

November 30 2001 Update?

Update coming sometime today (Friday EST)

November 27 2001 Jimi Hendrix (and I) is born

[Coke] Sexame Hydrus
Windaz 2000 Newfie Edition
The version of this site for your sister
Your sister NSFW
Nazi Hunter Tommunism

Y2Khai - Dear Girl Khai
Y2Khai - Ain't Nuthin' But a Khai Thang Khai
Y2Khai - My Name Is Khai Khai

If you want to see more files from Y2Khai, just let me know. Actually, if there's anything you want me to post let me know too. I updated some of the high scores for the Worm Cave Game like many of you asked.

November 26 2001 Homework = Unpaid Work

Celebrity - Am I albino or not?
Osama and Kenny...

[Michael Jacksons]

Add this site
The MAME Song Grand Master Peter
Trying to Break into Crazy Sean's House A-movies Productions
Bugee Rock Climbing Super Death of Doom or Miscalculation LD Incorporate
Seinfeld - My Mother Caught Me Lockwave

Currently, blones are winning in the polls. If you like redheaded girls the best (this includes the drapes and curtains), you should really vote soon.

Canadian Army
Turtle Orgy

November 25 2001 Mid-terms a-comin'

Well, what did you expect when I let girls run this site? Ironically, you guys are the ones bitching ;-p You obviously missed the humour in that post.

Laid Off: A Day in the Life Odd Todd
Leet Johnbegone
Stickman Malitia Garry
Ohh-Taliban Oska

November 25 2001 Susie is alive!

[Powerpuff Girls] I had to reload everything from October 30th until today because everything was lost! So now that I'm back on track what do I have for you today? I have.... Auto-Hack
Wait! Don't click on it yet. You don't know what it does. It hacks into the Windows computer that views it. Now this version is completely harmless. It does not give you a virus, and it does not erase anything from your computer, but it looks like it can. Now go ahead:
Auto-Hack and scare your (dumb) friends.

Powerpuff Girls - Snapshot Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls - Pillowfight GAME Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls - Laser Mojo GAME Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls - Townsville Terror GAME Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls - Danger Grid GAME Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls vs. Roudyruff Boys GAME Cartoon Network

Don't worry, these aren't the real flash files I promised you.
Oh, and this site is holding a very worthwhile free contest soon. It's for somthing you'd really want to win.

November 22 2001 Thanksgiving 2001

[beer] In Canada we have an old Newfie saying, "stay where you's be, 'til we's comes where you's at." What I'm trying to say here is [Add to Favorites] Bookmark 'cause we's gonna give you some new flash movies later this week, so don't go anywhere.

Snacksteet Boys - I Want A Fat Babe E-Studio
Which Backstreet Boy is Gay? Mikeboyslim=

Eminem (Marshal Mathers) Age 16 REAL PICTURE
Eminem - The Real Real Slim Shady Lockwave
The song he made after I sent this pic to the whole Internet.

To send a full size Thanksgiving card, copy this address into any email you send out.

How many hookers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

November 21 2001 Cherry Popping

[beer] Bin Day-O
Bin Laden: No Where to Run to - No Where to Hide Oska
Cherry Poppin' Pop Stars Heavy (I make no money from this)
You gave the world AIDS by screwing a monkey 512
Way of the Exploding Stick GAME Jex and Zhu_Zhq
Owls Brad Parker (In memory of Norton R.I.P.)

[Add to Favorites] Add this page to your Explorer Favorites or you might never see it again.

November 20 2001 Banned again

[Sesame Gang] Great Seats NSFW
Windows XP - Crashproof?

More Osama-rama
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? feat. Bush
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? feat. Osama
Torture bin Laden NSFW
Osama RAvEr
Jihad This!
Planet of the Apes Osamas
Osama in Class of '79

weezer rocks me: my school is in love w/ your website, but they realized what it was ....and they like banned you from our computers...
weezer rocks me: well, most of us managed to hack the controls put on it, and we cna get in.. yes
AlbinoBlacksheep: they banned the IP address?
weezer rocks me: well, at our school... you enter and bess don't go there..
weezer rocks me: bess is this cow that restricts us to going to "bad" websites
AlbinoBlacksheep: can you type
weezer rocks me: i donno, bess is one smart cow, she could probably pick that up...
AlbinoBlacksheep: I don't know why bess would want to bann me. I don't put any naked penises on the main page
weezer rocks me: bess has utters, you would think she would be compassionate toward naked penises and such...
AlbinoBlacksheep: Tell the school my site is educational because I have quotes from textbooks
AlbinoBlacksheep: and a hamlet test
AlbinoBlacksheep: three educational pages that they banned :-(
weezer rocks me: dude, i live in the most... republican community... there are about 10 people who aren't white...the rest are...... very republican... needless to say my community is a melting pot.. and ... most republicans won't protest obscene material..
AlbinoBlacksheep: US Military 280 visitors
AlbinoBlacksheep: US Government 98 visitors

November 19 2001 Duke it out

[Sesame Gang] There are three different flash movies called scatman. One of them we don't feature anymore because the original file is currupted.
However, we have two scatmans created by fans of this site. Enjoy.

Scatman All The Way Jonny Carewick
Scatman ddrpeemp
She Kicked My Dog
F*uck Shit Piss
Barnyard Shenanigans Daniel Rowe
Barnyard Shenanigans!: Special Edition (Trailor Trash Trailor) Daniel Rowe

November 18 2001 Sex Advice

[bite] SpeedyCHS2002: can a non-virgin girl plz IM me so i can ask them a question...?
AlbinoBlacksheep: IM me
AlbinoBlacksheep: I know about the hymen
SpeedyCHS2002: (im not gonna try and cyber with you, i just need to ask you something)\
AlbinoBlacksheep: I know
AlbinoBlacksheep: it's about breaking your hymen
Sex Advice: 01

Jerry Springer
Only the dog knows for sure
TeleTubbies: After Hours
Bad Advertising
Stephen Hawking / Tony Hawk
Community Chest
Kermit the Horny Frog

Alliance Bandit: what did speedy ask?
AlbinoBlacksheep: about his penis size
AlbinoBlacksheep: if 4 inches is too small or not
Alliance Bandit: lol
WaffleIronMan786: 8===Y
Alliance Bandit: and what did u say?
Sex Advice: 01

That's right. I give sex advice online now. Go read it. I'll give more. You can email me your problems and I will competently answer then for you.

November 15 2001 Instant Orgasm

[Flex] Barry Potter and the Stoned Philospher
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Bin Laden Shooter
Jerky Boys Battleship
Mario Twins (Original)
9 Easy Steps to Cook Rice Geijn
Super Greg

November 14 2001 Am I albino or not?

[Robot] Arnold Prank 1
Arnold Prank 2
Pocket Arnold poisonskin
Pocket Bush poisonskin
Pocket OJ poisonskin

LiLaZnKrIs337: dont talk to me
LiLaZnKrIs337: cause ummm i cant talk to ppl i dont know
LiLaZnKrIs337: my momy said so
LiLaZnKrIs337: dont save me on your buddy list
AlbinoBlacksheep: you IMed me lol
LiLaZnKrIs337: act like we never talk
LiLaZnKrIs337: i know cause i click on ur thingy on ur website

The best rap of all time or not?
SuperGreg SuperGreg
Y2Khai Khai

November 12 2001 Anson and Jessica

[Robot] Incriminati Barreto + Joel Morris
JaDa David Stevenson
Spank the Monkey H69
Girlie Night Out Joel Morris + Anne Marie Payne Mature
The Big Date Dave Mature
Someone_123 LD Incorporate
Taliban Telephone 58
Alcohol Warnings Oska

Oh! I finally got a Jessica TheDoll emailed to me at [Send Email]Email. I guess the rest of you aren't real fans. Here's the Jessica TheDoll story by Anson:

[Robot] so one day, the lion ( king of the jungle) was prancing around bullying everyone around, and then a bunnie came up to him and said " vreee, va vreee vrrr vreeeee" with a very angry expression, the lion soon saw that he shouldnt be such a big jerk, and he gave the bunnie the crown, and now the bunnie is king of the jungle, and all of his bunnie friends in foreign lands such as texas, came to visit him, in the far off jungle of dodge city.

November 11 2001 How to get an A

[Robot] Taliban Telephone 58
A Bin Laden Halloween Mike
Little Red Monkey Par
Mikey Gets An F Dave TheatroMature
The Big Date Dave Mature
Murder Suicide Dave Mature
Chip N' Dale's MMORPG -Mercury*Storm-
Tom, Dick and Harry Oska NSFW
Pong Oska
Britney Spears Doll tourmented-soul NSFW
Bush Dress up JK Cinema NSFW

I think that's enough for the first day of the week. Scroll down for tons more. If I were a cop I would have filled my quota. Now I want to talk to you fans of this site about Jessica TheDoll. My email is [Send Email] The reason I am giving you my email is so that you email me back a Jessica TheDoll story. If you don't know what that is go here to see them.

Subject: How I got good marks for my maths test!(kinda silly)
Natalie(a friend, a girl in my class) asked me how I always do so well for tests and I said to her: Ok I'll teach you. Every night before you have a test you don't have to pray god for good marks but pray him to give you a dream that has an octopus in it and that night you'll dream of an octopus he'll say to you,"You must get 100% for you test tomorrow." and you have to say,"Yes I'll get 100% for my test, I'll certainly do." and he'll go,"Promise you you'll get 100% for the test otherwise someone's gonna cut my legs off." and you'll have to say,"Yes I promise I'll get 100% for my test, I won't let anyone cut your legs off Mr Octopus!" Then the next day when you're doing the test you'll see an invisible octopus in front of you, no one can see him but you, and he's gonna tell you the answers, octopuses have eight legs so they can do eight questions at a time and he'll be telling you the answers like,"Here we go, the first answer is 5, the second is ......... (and so on)" and then you'll get 100% right, and if you don't that means you didn't listen to him properly, like me, sometimes I argue with Mr Octopus I go,"No you're wrong Mr Pooh the answer is 1! Shut up or I'll give you a sausage for dinner!!" And that, is how I get good mark for tests!

November 10 2001 Sexyness

[Robot] Sesame Street Stoned XTN Inc. Drug

We are gettng a lot of new visitors to this site. If you would like to know more about this site you can read the archives from June to November. You can scroll down too, but I think this page pretty much sums it up.

F*ck Her Gently Spumco NSFW
X Fetish Doll Satyr NSFW
Sesame Street Stoned XTN Inc. Drug
Uuh Aah Online Mature
Have sex with the girls by clicking on them. High Score = 69.
[Add to Buddy list] bunnyavenger14: my mom and friends visit often
[Add to Buddy list] bunnyavenger14: im 14

I have too many flash movies. I'm gonna start to be more selective and picky, and choose to post only the really good ones. I'm still working on "I like Big Butts", but you know (Zzzzz). Link to this site, it still needs more visitors. Tell your friends. Tell your mom like [Add to Buddy list] bunnyavenger14 did, or whatever. Here's some more files I bring to you because my fans rule:

Britney Spears Doll tourmented-soul NSFW
Dress down Britney Spears
Buy this link
Bush Dress up JK Cinema NSFW
Dress up George W. Bush. For the love of God

November 9 2001 Price of sexual favours

[Robot] The Terrible Secret of Space The Laziest Men on Mars
I got a couple of NSFW flash movies I will post tomorrow, as for now, I will post mature ones that I think are funny.

Fcuk, Sh*t, Piss Language
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Taliban Twister
Teach Me Comic Boob Factory Mature
The Terrible Secret of Space The Laziest Men on Mars

The commodities exchanged in the courtship market are "sexual gratification" and "firm commitments," (presumable marriage). Conflicting interests are present, since the girl wants to keep the price of sexual favours high and the boy wants to obtain sexual gratification at the lowest possible price. She withholds sex to create a scarcity, but in the end, must deliver the goods in return for proper payment.
- Peter Blau in Exchange and Power in Socal Life, 1964

Goober playing with nipples
Goober sucking Ronald
I'd like to take this time (web space) to thank the people who have created flash movies exclusively for this site. Thank you ddrpeemp, Brian Kendall, Ober Canober, ChangWang-O, xgenitalsx, Jesse Larner, etc.

November 7 2001 Joe Blow

[Doughboy] Lesko's Revenge Neil Cicierega
Sailor Song Par
Blow Job N69
NSFW Menga Blowjob Mature
A Trip to the "Library" TheMan
Windows RG Bryan Chaffin
The Simpsons ddrpeemp
Scatman! ddrpeemp

November 6 2001 Norton R.I.P.

[Princess_Darkrose] First, some light humour:
Jerry Spinger
Asses of Politics
Osama's a dickhead
Skate Tricks
Chicken McNugget
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Now, for something serious. Yes, it is true. Norton, A.K.A. Dr. Norton of Knit One Pearl One died today. Here is his suicide letter:

hey mr albinofella
ive had an idea!

i may at first seem like a bad and rather over the top idea but ive decided to:
1. kill myself
2. be reborn as a beagle
3. be used to test the effects of smoking therefore get free cigs

so as of today i shall be dead and all my affairs until my return shall be delt with via my assistants. in the next few days there will be a reading of my will which shall be fowarded to you as i have a few items to give you.

so until i return (all be it in canine form) farewell

I have taken the time post his website as well as compile all his cotributions to this site onto one page. Please take a look. It is something you will never forget:
Knit One Pearl One Norton's Website
Norton R.I.P. Norton's posts on this site

I know, I can't confirm that he is really dead. It may just be one of his weird letters, but I think we should just play along.

November 5 2001 SAMHAIN!

[Princess_Darkrose] The Run Part 1 LD Incorporate
The Run Part 2 LD Incorporate

Finally, I have received the Hallowe'en post from Princess Darkrose. What is it now? November 5th? Well, I'm sure you'll still want to read her sexy story about Hallowe'en, or as she calls it:
She wouldn't let me post any of her pictures up. So I found another tall, pale, and busty redhead's pic to post. Princess Darkrose looks just like her, to give you an idea.

Bush Aerobics MiniClip
Spear Britney Shock Comics

Weee (Gonads & Strife) ThreeBrain
Orb ThreeBrain
Hypothermia ThreeBrain
Schoolbus ThreeBrain
Monkey Salad ThreeBrain
ThreeBrain CD - Albert Cristmas Squirrel

November 4 2001 NSFW Content at school.

[I wish these were brains] This site has been banned from two site competitions, about ten web servers, and now from a number of high schools. The reason: NSFW content. This is not a pr0n site. There are no porn banners or popup ads. As well, all mature links have a warning beside them. This is so that people don't click on them while they are in high school, at work, or around childeren.
Lastly, GooBer Chikk's pictures do not count as NSFW content just because she is hot!

Sometimes mature content is key to promote critical thinking in education:

Urban Legends: Fact of Fiction? JK Cinema
Rollercoaster; Movie Ghosts; Sex Sells; Subliminal Messages

Urban Legends: The Dead JK Cinema
Fox's Secret; Spyder; Death in Oz; Poltergeist

As I promised the high school students, Here are both the One Player and Two Player versions of Slime! Volleyball:
OneSlime! Volleyball
Two Player Slime! Volleyball
Two people can play against each other on the same computer.

Congradulations to Ryan, ([Add to Buddy list] itwasntme  504) who passed level 3 in OneSlime! Volleyball. Yesterday's post has a mistake, as Matt of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania lied.

November 3 2001 Games you can't pass

[Goober likes them hairy] I remember this group presentation in High School. There were three girls presenting, and all were a bit nervous. They alternated which paragraph they would read. Each time the girl on the left had to read, her nipples got very very hard. Then, when it was the other girls' turn to read, the girl on the left wasn't nervous anymore, and her nipples stopped showing through her shirt.
We were a mature class, so no one said anything. I had to share this experience with someone. It might as well be all of you.

Today, I present you with "GAMES THAT YOU CAN'T PASS". If you can pass any of these games let me know. Congradulations to Matt of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA who passed OneSlime! Volleyball. For the rest of you good luck. You'll need it. ([Add to Favorites] Add this page to your favorites incase a game freezes your computer.)

Donkey Kong by Andre-Michelle
Worm Cave Game by SF
Silicon Challenge by Playboy Warning: NSFW
Kick-ups! by Liam O'Donnell
Cursor Bunny Love by b3ta
OneSlime! Volleyball by Wedgey
Xaio Xaio No. 4 by Zhu Zhq
Spaced Penguin! by Big Idea Productions
Bin Laden Liquors by Fieler Media
Lemonade Stand by Derek L. Ramey
Emillionaire by Defused Interactive
3D Pong (SPELA PONG) by LiquidMedia
Spider by Titoonic

I will be posting the original Slime Volleyball game soon. It's a two player version of the game so two people can play against each other on one computer.

November 1 2001 Games you can't pass

[Puke] Yes! They had my hallowe'en mask, like I told you they would a month and a half ago! Check the archives if you don't believe me. Princess Darkrose had trouble sending her post along with some relevant MP3s, but you don't mind if I post it late, right? Here's some other hallowe'en stuff instead:

Canadian Hallowe'em
X Rated Haloowe'en 2 3
Bombs Away
Pumpkin Carving by Miles Cooley
Hounted House by Miles Cooley

Some of many more to come Osama bin Laden media:

The Taliban Song by Madblast
Guide to Osama bin Laden
Mr. & Mrs. Osama bin Laden (going at it again)
Bin' Sync
Bin Laden Acne Cream
Bin Laden Condoms
Bin Laden Toilet Paper (and yet, they don't have this product in Afganistan)
Homer Simpson in Tower 2 before the crash
Microsoft Anthrax Professional
Because Osama got high...
Osama without his beard is really...
Lady Liberty says to Osama...

Unrelated Flash movies for no reason as always:

The Fight for Life Part 1 by LD-Inc
The Fight for Life Part 2 by LD-Inc
The Fight for Life Part 3 by LD-Inc
SpaceBoobs GAME by Validate This
A Tellie Target GAME by Oska


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