October 30 2001 Shyte Midi

[Puke] Tales of the Blode by Joel Veitch
Tales of the Blode: Episode 2 by Joel Veitch
A Frightened Boy (Crabs & Britney Spears) by Joel Veitch

Electro Air Hockey by Electrotank
Kick-ups by Liam O'Donnell

Well, I was gonna post all the Hallowe'en stuff today, but it's not ready yet. All I got is this shyte midi for now:
Theme from BeetleJuice

Stayed tuned tomorrow (if not then, the day after) for Princess Darkrose's History of "Hallowmas".

October 29 2001 Guestpost by bunnyavenger14

albino, youve waited patiently for the guest post i begged for, the following is it.:

Hi im the bunnyavenger. im the macadamia eating, tourist killing, carrot defending biggest fan of albinoblacksheep.com that ever lived. I would like to addrsss a topic i found while looking in the anarchists handbook:

[Moon] The Conscience of a Hacker

wow, couldnt have been said better.

and thats my guest post. maybe you could put up the award i sent u next to it and put links to hyaku, demented, and weeee on this one. thank you albino. o and btw list my screen name, [Add to Buddy list] bunnyavenger14

thanks albino, yur a troo heero

October 28 2001 3 days or so left to live.

[Insect Scared] Hey, someone sent a hateletter with some fake anthrax to someone else in my University. It was even reported in the nationwide newspaper. That really sucks, and the terrorist attack that might happen this Wednesday will suck more. I don't care, let's just view some files.

A Frightened Boy (Crabs & Britney Spears) by Joel Veitch
Holiday Love by Arthur
Eskimo Bob Episode: We're Bored by Eskimo Bob
100 Grand Radio Phone Prank MP3

Bunny Hunter (Un Lapin) by Yomgaille
Cursor Love Bunny GAME by b3ta
Bunnies that get their heads squished by Jessica TheDoll

I have so many images to post. This may take a while to get them all in order, but I got so many and I want you to see.

October 27 2001 A real comment

Comment: Any chance you could post some funny (people getting hurt)

Woman Announcer blows up from moterbike Warning: Violent
Standard Bunjee Accident Warning: Violent
After traning 8 years for the Olympics Warning: Violent
It Burns, It Burns!!! Warning: Violent
Idiot! Warning: Violent
Is this that same idiot? Warning: Violent
Pileup Warning: Violent
Guy's head get squashed (but he was wearing his hemet, I don't understand) Warning: Violent

Okay, I saved the best for last:
Terrorist Suicide Sport Caught on Camera Warning: Violent (cheer at the end)

October 26 2001 Mela's pool of blood

[Mela Death] I don't want to alarm anyone or be taken in for questioning, but there is another terrorist attack planned for October 31. Still, even though many are supposed to die (hopefully not), this won't ruin our Hallowmas. Mela and Tanja as well as Princess Darkrose are gonna help this site out with Hallowmas this year. Anyways, if you live in any major United States or Canadian city, try to stay away from public places, but for now, just the usual, watch some flash movies:

Alcohol Warnings by Oska
The Emillionaire Show by Defused Interactive
U LY Whore Deluxe by No Effort Online
Yes! It's a woman!!!
Warp Osama (It doesn't work on my computer)

October 24 2001 Mela's pool of blood

Sorry for the lack of files yesterday, but hey, I did give you free porn. Anyways, to keep you busy here are some files all by Neil Cicierega:

Mario Yay! by Neil Cicierega
Steve's Adventure (Blue's Clues Movie) by Neil Cicierega
Attack of Simon by Neil Cicierega
Monkey Magic! Attack! by Neil Cicierega

And here are the actually good ones:
Team Rocket's Journey (Through Space and Time) by Neil Cicierega (My favorite)
The Japanese Pokerap by Neil Cicierega
The Japanese Pokerap 2 by Neil Cicierega
Hyakugojyuuichi!! by Neil Cicierega
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I have over 100 pages to read and 10 to write by tomorrow morning, so be grateful I update daily.

October 23 2001 Cartoons have sex?

[Anime isn't real] Horny Animé (MPG format) (Warning: NSFW)
Horny Animé - for 56k Dial-up (WMV Format / MPEG-4 Codec) (Warning: NSFW)

If you are at work and anyone asks, just say you were watching Pokémon... for your son or kid brother or something.

By the way, I will be working on a flash movie with nudity for early November!

Animated new design for world trade towers
My desktop today

Rip Flash Movie by Jesse Larner
This flash movie's sounds really scare me.

"Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" means a fear of long words.

From: norton
To: Email
Subject: just a
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001

i had this sort of dream thing, all these like dead things came back to live and asked me real hard things and i shouted pigeon at them but they kept comin and comin
why im telling u this i dont know
maybe its a pitifull attention seeking device
infact it is

norton (unemployed and depressed)

p.s yes they are, but only because ive rubbed them with salt.

Simpsons Flash Movie by ddrpeemp
Happy Happy Joy Joy Flash Movie by ddrpeemp

October 22 2001 When are they gonna get to mars?

Osama bin Laden's Favorite website. (Thanks Mr. Foden)

[Zeeky Bomb] If you think you sat through The Demented Cartoon Movie before, it now has new scenes added! Plus, if you have a very fast Internet connection, you can watch the movie in high quality.

The Demented Cartoon Movie by Brian Kendall
The Demented Cartoon Movie (high quality for DSL/Cable/T1) by Brian Kendall

[Zeeky Bomb] This site is just a slut. It goes down on everyone. (*hugs* PDR) The way to find this site is to just type www.albinoblacksheep.com in the address bar. If you use Internet Explorer, you can just
[Add to Favorites] click here to add this page to your favorites no matter where it moves to next.
Some of you may have noticed that there are more girls than guys on this site. So to even things out here's a picture of
The world's longest penis (Warning: Adult)

If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Then that must mean:

H A R D W O R K (8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11) = 98%
K N O W L E D G E (11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5) = 96%
Which still brings us short of our goal of 100%. So let's look a little further, shall we:
A T T I T U D E (1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5) = 100%
Ah ha! A perfect score. But wait, if there's one thing I've learned in my years, it's:
B U L L S H I T (2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20) = 103% !!!
But then even I can be outdone:
A S S K I S S I N G (1+18+18+11+10+18+18+10+14+8) = 127%!!
Now go out there and give it all you've got.

October 20 2001 Think about the children

[Mela chased] bunnyavenger14: and i have a real prob with the porn
AlbinoBlacksheep: you do?
AlbinoBlacksheep: it's not really X rated
bunnyavenger14: my mom and friends visit often
bunnyavenger14: im 14
AlbinoBlacksheep: I'm sorry
bunnyavenger14: it was really funny though
bunnyavenger14: lol
AlbinoBlacksheep: lol

Well, for all those of you have told your mom to visit this site (who knows why) here is a children's clean friendly version of this site:
Children's Version of this site

Bruce Lee Flash Movie by Card1004
VW GTI vs. Honda Civic Flash by Geijn
Worm Cave Game
Mela & Tanja pics and vids coming very soon

October 18 2001 Chick Chick Chicken

Princess Darkrose: And I have to say I want a shirt like that girl on your website...
Albino Blacksheep: I have one for you
Albino Blacksheep: A different message though
Princess Darkrose: LOL No you don't
Princess Darkrose: What message?
Albino Blacksheep: yes I do
Albino Blacksheep: Front says: Best breasts in town
Princess Darkrose: and the back?
Albino Blacksheep: St. Clair Poultry

[GooBer and Monkey man] GOOBER!!! She likes them hairy -->
GooBer liking them long and hard coming soon.

Oh, and I forgot these or something:

Dr. Evil Laden
Afganistan Terrorist School
New World Trade Center
Back and better than ever!!!
(Thanks Ippey for your creation, and Steve Foden for finding the comic)

And here are downloadable versions of the porn - they are in AVI format by the way - people with IE6 or Quicktime had problems watching these:

Boob Car Wash Warning: NSFW (Right Click - Save Target As...)
Real Kung Fu Warning: NSFW (Right Click - Save Target As...)

We are looking for more live and recorded webcams for our coming soon to be creative webcam section, so email us - Contact

October 17 2001 Osama osama bo Basama!

[Oaama and Bert???] Today, enjoy a bunch of Osama bin Laden and Attack On America Media Files:

Flash Movies:
Diplomacy by Mike
Laden: Nowhere to run to - Nowhere to hide by Oska
Bin Laden Liquors Flash Game by Fieler
Osama News by Morphmaster
Kill Osama bin Laden by BK2001
Attack on America Flash Movie by Ober Canober
Osama's Fate

Osama on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Pimp Daddy Raper Osama
Osama at a RAvE
Osama and Bert Conspiracy, 2, 3
Osama working at the 7-11
New York, 2006
Osama W. Bush
Statue off Liberty
The Osama Bin Ladens
Scary Picture from 9/11/2001
Exclusive photo of G Bush and Osama making love (yuck) (Warning: Mature)
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Thanks to Lee, Steven Foden, and the CheatSpeak Forum for their submissions.

October 16 2001 Boob wash

AlbinoBlacksheep: my friends won't visit my site
Ferretallica: why not?
AlbinoBlacksheep: one friend said my site isn't about anything
AlbinoBlacksheep: and the rest can't be bothered to visit
AlbinoBlacksheep: I have lazy friends
AlbinoBlacksheep: maybe when I add the porno, they'll visit
Ferretallica: then what are you waiting for?

Boob Car Wash Warning: NSFW (1.55 MB loads before play, be patient)
Real Kung Fu Warning: NSFW (2.54 MB loads before play, be very patient)

October 15 2001 Stop Staring!

[Stop Staring at my TITS!]

October 13 2001 Under Osama's command

[If the Taliban Win] Laden: Nowhere to run to - Nowhere to hide by Oska
Silicon Challenge by Playboy Warning: Mature (Adult)
Twin Titties by Oska
Tetris Game by hkflash

<-- Is that Bush?!

And if the Taliban win: New York, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy by ddrpeemp
You own a webcam? E-mail us.

[Princess AV] Princess DarkRose: I don't really need a degree though. I'm an entrepreneur. LOL I need money cause I have ideas to improve my life and to provide me with financial security so that I don't have to work all my life.

Princess DarkRose: and SURE most of those ideas involve killing people and taking their money... but is that so unreasonable a way to get money? LMAO

October 13 2001 Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy by ddrpeemp

Check out the Happy Happy Joy Joy Flash Movie today. Play it over and over again if need be.
We got a new comments board. I noticed that a lot of people were using it for chatting, so Convulted and I teamed up to make one without any delay. We might further improve it by adding automatic refresh, but we'll see how it goes for now. Please note, there is a Chat Room Page if you really want to chat.

Observation and Interpretation of Students entering a classroom. by Sners

October 12 2001 GooBer's backside!

[GooBer at Mickey D's] The Simpsons Flash Movie by ddrpeemp
Click Barney to play when loaded, and turn up the volume.

The Hamlet test has gained some popularity and thanks to the two people who emailed in their answers. I'm surprised that the same people who watched The Demented Cartoon Movie could also read the test. Here's some more fcuked up Shakespear:

Romeo and Juliet for the El33t by Chris Coutts

Ronald and me. Discuss:
>ronald here
>somebody talk to meh
>ronald and i, not ronald and me
>whos miss russo?
>pukka pies rule
>The funny thing is, you look nothing like Yazu.
>anybody here?????????????/////
>anybody here?
>This is Ronald Mcdonal
>anybody here????
>spank my ass and call me a bitch
>ah screw this thing it sucks
>can I only say yo?
>hola guarras
>oh my god !!
>leave miss russo alone, she's nice (has a loud voise)
>you all are stupid idiots!
>hey you
>hey ppl
>left side of main page
>is there a link to archives?
>cant find the scatman
>August 26
>in the arcvhives
>wheres the scatman
>i want something
>awwww cute
>Just carressing her lucious body would be a dream come true
>there's a chat link...
>Hey there.
>i thot ronald was gay????????
>i thot ronald was gay????????
>goober is a booty smackin, statue penis wackin babe!
>They are talking about the main page
>Pull those shorts down bitch
>email me goober, xgenitalxgrinderx@hotmail.com

October 9 2001 GooBer's back!

[No parking!] GooBer Chikk sent me a whole new bunch of pics of her. They are some of the most interesting pics I've ever seen. There's a story behind most of them, I'm sure, but I don't think we're gonna know.

Discuss this pic:
>i popped her cherry!
>uh.... can you say virgin?
>prettier the grittier, looks clean
>mm hell yeah
>her or the tiny penis statue?
>hmmm, spit or swallow?
>She is so f***ing cute
>I feel so big
>hehehe so tiny
>i wanna pork her
>anyone else like dragons?
>i like dragons
>she wants dick
>how comes god makes trains crash
>how come the BAD and NASTY comments get ON...
>and the GOOD and SENSIBLE ones DONT??
>I think my groin fell off last night
>Farewell my concubines!
>Farewell my concubines!
>ok, cerial first, then sex
><a href="../flash/index.html">2</a>\<a href="../"\>3\</a\>
><p class="background-color:red">red</p>
>crucif*** rotting babyflesh
>hello everybody my name is doctor nick
>wow, it's so big
>yeah i am
>"and the toilets are over there"
>v--- compliments of www.convulted.com c/o Cessation
>faggot wu
>I got a huge boner
>who da f***?
>Anyone here?
>Hey goober you have beuatifull ears
>send us a picture of you f***ing a goat.
>shes a lesbian
>eer, cant speel
>uuh, goodber, email me cessation@convulted.com :)
>that picture smells like crayons and roastbeef

October 7 2001 Memories.

[No parking!] She Kicked my Dog! Flash Movie Hahaaha prank call. Jerky Boys?
Look Out For Hypothermia by Threebrain

Microsoft Office XP (X-tract Paperclip Game) Gilbert Godfrey yay
Bin Laden Liquors Flash Game by Fieler
(Thanks again Comedy Convoy for the file, I'll send you something in return.)

I'm getting a lot of Osama bin Laden stuff, so I'm just gonna make a page devoted to all the Osama and Attack on America stuff. That way you'll know where to find it if that's your cup of tea. Speaking of cups of tea, notice anything different about this site? It's almost Hallowmas, and that's this site's favorite holiday, that and Kwanza. New Year's is pretty cool too. Oh, and Passover. I know that Princess DarkRose can write some good posts about Hallowmas. I can't wait. That sexy girl. Last Hallowmas, she was all dressed up in her attire and this cab driver was like praying to Heaven or something that Princess Darkrose doesn't cast demons upon him because she was wearing knife blades and snakeskin on her body and all that. We were gonna go to a stripclub with a friend too, but then just her and I went to the sauna in her hotel and it was too hot for her, and then we went to the hot tub and it was to hot for me Anyyyyyyywaaaaaaays, I wonder what will happen this Hallowmas.

October 5 2001 I'm addicted.

I can't wait until you all visit this site next week when the "surprise" is coming, but maybe I should just shut up because I don't want to overhype anything. Now, the downfall to education for University and College students is online games. They are simple, yet addictive, and people will stay up all night just to enter their high score. I think this site should start a games section. Here's some examples below. Remember, arrows to move, and W to jump in the Oneslime game.

OneSlime! Volleyball (I'm addicted to this simple one so bad.)
Spider Flash Game by Titoonic (Award Winning Flash Game)

Exclusive photo of G Bush and Osama making love (yuck) (Warning: Mature only!)
Dacing Baby Oh no! Ally MacBeal is in my head. Why would I even post this animation?
Osama bin Laden joke Thanks to bunnyavenger14 for submitting this.
Starwarz Gangsta Rap Music Video

Dr. Norton? Where did you go? Email me a post. Maybe even a pic to go with it. The fans love you! Coming soon to Albino Blacksheep... HALLOWMAS!

October 2 2001 That should be shaved pubes.

[Comedy Convoy found Osama] Alright! we got a new server, and we can post ANYTHING we want. *Anything?* Yes! Anything! *What do you mean "anything"?* You know what I mean.
Okay, no more talking to myself, like norton does. I'm just gonna give you some new files today while we slowly fix up the site.

Thanks Comedy Convoy for helping us track down Osama in the 7-11.

Photo of a real "albino blacksheep" (mature)
Two Centerfolds this month! (mature)
Demented Cartoon Movie by Brian Kendall (Rated R, but for "Retarted")
Virtual Gator Rasslin'
Tanja and Mela's home video
Tanja's home video (She doesn't know anyone is watching.)
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