September 30 2001 Super Nintendo Chalmers

Nintendo Super Fly Brothers by Steven Kim
A Trip to the "Library" by TheMan
I'm a Cow by Pendland Creative

[Image from John Calahan's Quads] *** Make a caption for this image ---> ***

<Asia> wb stormy i thought you disapeared
<just another jerk> damnit
<DePeche MoDe> if i was black, i'd have a big penis
<Storm> i have kinda
<DePeche MoDe> therefore, it is untrue
<Storm> but you arent b lack
<Asia> lol what penis dm?
<DePeche MoDe> d'oh!
<DePeche MoDe> ;(
<Storm> and thats a myth about black penises, they arent bigger, just longer cause they dont have underwear to support them, they just hang out
<Storm> like tribal womens boobs
<DePeche MoDe> hahaahaha'
<just another jerk> *is gonna wish a gun in christmas present*
<Joe> sup
<Asia> JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!! !! !
<Asia> *pounces on joe and lix and gropes him*

Okay, whatever. More nonsense like this in the Chat Rooms

[Image from John Calahan's Quads]
Entered captions:
piss up the rope!!!!!
yes it is tom with glasses
you've got lips suck my cock
you are one ugly mother fucker
sit on my spam spear
suck my fat one u whore
i am a cow
i like turkey nuts.
You dropped crayon tops in your shirt
i like having sex
Asia> wb stormy i thought you disapeared
why doesn't the demted cartoon work?
fancy a hump?
ok babe
hey big tits, suck my spam spear
shes smugling peanuts
so norton, come here often?
Wow, bad hair day!
Whoever wrote that PDR has big tits can fcuk off
who let the dogs out
can i have the hooker discount?
I can pop her boob with mu hook

September 28 2001 Saved pubes of high class

[Image by Otto, an old roomate] Hamlet Test
In order for us to become rich high class people, we must first be educated and cultured. So, today we are gonna take a test. Stop Whining!!! It's on Shakespear's "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark". I expect you to email back your answers. [Send Email] Email
Hamlet Test
E-mailed Hamlet Test Answers by Ryan

Now let us read some scholarly work:

'Witchcraft' is in yourself (you are alone responsible), that is, your penis becomes erect. It sees the hair of a man's wife and it rises and becomes erect because the only 'witchcraft' is, itself ('witchcraft is here used metaphorically); 'Witchcraft does not make a person steal'; 'Witchcraft does not make a person disloyal.' - E.E. Evans-Pritchard

September 25 2001 Osama bin Laden is dead

[Osama bin Laden] Osama bin Laden is dead! He was killed in this flash game:
Kill Osama bin Laden by BK2001

Word Perhect by Tomoko Takahashi and Jon Pollard
Ant City by Bossmonster

Eeeeew, I got some really gross pictures of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden having sex with each other. I'm contemplating whether to post them or not. They are just too gross. Also, woo-hoo. We are on the way to moving this site to a new home. Some bugs needs to be fixed out, but then we will move. We'll keep you posted on that.

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The Demented Cartoon Movie! by Brian Kendall
Jelly by EvilZug - Music by Destiny's Child

September 25 2001 Guestpost by Princess DarkRose

[Princess AV] You are in a dark room. You are surrounded by nothingness. You cannot see, cannot hear, cannot get your bearings. Suddenly a scent catches your attention. Out of the dark void a figure appears. She is me. I am in your mind. The tapping of high heeled leather boots laced up to the knee resounds in your head, almost deafening you. Suddenly I stop walking. I am here.
There is a chair and a desk before me, in your mind. I know what you want. I know what you crave... entertainment... knowledge... I walk up to the chair and sit, throwing the tails to my long black trenchcoat to the wind. I am as you see me. A tall, pale beauty. Red hair, sparkling in the moonlight that now surrounds me, flowing in the night air all around me... I have taken it all from you. It is your mind that provides me with these things. You give them willingly to me. You want me to show you things that you have never seen before... and I just might. I lean forward on the table, cupping my chin in both hands and smiling seductively. The gleam of sharp, white teeth catch your mind's eye. They provide a warning... you don't want to get in too deep... You may not return the same. "What do you want to know?" I ask, running my tongue along my incisors like a child with a lollypop or a wolf with a fresh kill. The possibilities run through your head echoing their desire to me.
"Down boy, one at a time." I purr. "You want to know about me. Fine. I am whatever you want. I am, afterall, in your mind. I keep the personality, and the secrets. I am Princess DarkRose, keeper of Spells. I have come to you because I sense your need for knowledge. It sucks at me even now, trying to draw out what I know. Knowledge is simplicity though. Wisdom is the key. An idiot may know everything the universe will tell, but without the wisdom to use this information, he is still an idiot."
A thought forms in your mind and I pluck it from the air.
"Yes, I am a Witch. I am a Pagan Goddess. I can perform certain magicks and bestow certain knowledge to those who ask the right questions."
I sit up straight in the chair and cross my legs.
"What do you wish to know?"

Ladies, Gentlemen, if you want to see more of me on this site, write to AB and let him know what you want me to tell you. What you really want to know. He is in VERY close contact with me, and has been for a while. He will tell me what you want, and I shall provide the entertainment. Welcome to the world inside your mind. My world. Dream on sweet children. Your Princess is here.

September 23 2001 33 Minutes online

[Zeeky Bomb] [Zeeky Bomb] THE DEMENTED CARTOON MOVIE! (33 Minutes, really!) by Brian Kendall

This movie loads up very very fast even on a slow connection. Take a look. Please! It's awesome. Thanks for sending us your movie, Brian.

And now, information about the movie, because after seeing it, you're probably going to be confused.
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September 22 2001 Flash Music Videos

Q: Whats the string on a tampon for?
Here are the answers to the dirty joke questions from Hockey Teeth August 9, 2001:
A: Soap for her hole
A: Don't look down
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These are all from the same flash artist, and are great. Enjoy!

Blue Flash Video by EvilZug
Work It Flash Video by EvilZug
Jelly Flash Video by EvilZug
Question & Answer with Zug by EvilZug

September 22 2001 Guestpost by Norton

This post by Dr. Norton:

[Watch out Jesus.  Owl at 12 O'Clock.] now that ive actually got around to doing an update i cant think of anything to say. *no suprise there*, whos that? *who me?* yes you?...*oh just ignore me*, what do u mean just ignore you? who are you?.
*im god* lol god? lolol yeah right. *no really, im him* yeah yeah. *right ill prove it* go ahead. *can we talk in a more conventional way?* ok.

god: ok better
norton: yes, so prove youre god then
god: right... yes well...
norton: well
god: oh i just am him, youll just have to belive me
norton: why would god want to talk to me anyway?
god: i was just bored, its no fun being all knowing all seeing all day.
lucifer: tell me about it
norton: eh?
god: oh hi lucifer a/s/l?
norton: hang on hang on, lucifer as in...erm red fire hell etc?
lucifer: yeah yeah, thats me... and hi god, im endless/sexless/hell
god: nice, wanna pc?
lucifer: ok
norton: hey!

norton: hello?

norton: well thats just great, leave me on my own, see if i care
allah: youre not on your own

September 19 2001 Osama bin Laden

[Pot] Hollowe'en is just one and a half months away. Reserve your Osama bin Laden costume today!
My University LIED to me. They are trying to convince us that the video footage of the Palestinians celebrating is stock footage. Blah! I doubt CNN lies, and if they did, the whole media has fallen apart.

Mental Capacity Test
Ordinary Test
Weeeeeeeeeeeee by Threebrain
Press Ctrl D

I'm so sorry this site was down so much. Someone linked to the Poke the Bunny page. 3000 people tried to access that one page in almost one day's time, but only 1000 got in. You probably saw this page instead of the one you are looking at now. Norton, if you are reading this, you can make the next update. (I have homework) [Add to Favorites] Add this page to your favorites

September 16 2001 Ads suck

Scary Picture from 9/11/2001
Some of you may have noticed that this site has been going offline often. It's that we have so many files that people are downloading, so our server cuts us off for a short time - less than an hour. We are working to completely fix the problem, but it may take a few weeks. This site address might change to only.

Attack on America Flash Movie by Ober Canober

Remove Banner Ads from MSN Messenger
Remove Banner Ads from AOL Instant Messenger
Remove Banner Ads from ICQ Messenger 2000b 4.65, 2000b 4.63

OMG! this picture might be too scary for some people. It's a real photograph from the plane crashes on Tuesday. It's real! - It was even on CNN.
Scary Picture from 9/11/2001
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September 15 2001 3D

3D Pong! - Flash Game
3D Chat!
3D Picture!
3D Mind Trick!

If you were following the Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian drama, here's something of interest:

AlbinoBlacksheep: my mother accidently ran over my foot with her car if it makes you feel better
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian: [Edited out because of request 09/19/2001]
AlbinoBlacksheep: so now we both feel bad?
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian: [Edited out because of request 09/19/2001]
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian: [Edited out because of request 09/19/2001]
AlbinoBlacksheep: how did you get out of the institution?
AlbinoBlacksheep: it was just a temporary visit?
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian: [Edited out because of request 09/19/2001]

Coming soon: Beer Can Bob

Hey, we are thinking this site should have a bigger webcam section. If you have a webcam and would like to join, just email [Send Email] here and "you" don't have to be the subject of the webcam. It's open to creativity.

September 14 2001 Attack on America in Flash

In memory of what happened on Tuesday, please view and listen to the  Attack on America Flash Movie sent to us from the executive of the CheatSpeak Forums. Give a moment of silence while watching that Flash Movie (might take more moments on a slower computer). If the movie is offline (does not load in a few minutes), please try again in an hour.

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Attack on America Flash Movie by Ober Canober
CheatSpeak Forum

Princess DarkRose: You do know that if people find out who you are and link you to the site your ass is as good as dogmeat.

If you didn't notice already, the image directly below resembles a hand with a finger pointing up for some reason. ;)

September 13 2001 Bigger and better than ever!!!

Wait for the Image to load below.

[New York]

Thanks [Send Email] Ippey for submitting your work to our site.

September 12 2001 Competition wiped out

[New York] Flash Maps - NYC, DC, BOSTON
Boring recap of events - Flash Movie by Albino Blacksheep

[George W Bush] If you were watching CNN, you missed a lot. I can't believe how much they filtered. There is so much American Television is afraid to show. Non-American Television showed Palestinians cheering and waving their flags around. American television rarely picks sides between Isreali and Palesinian, but that scene definitely shows that Palestinians are enemies of the United States. My sources assure that the hijackers had Arabian accents. Also, they very likely entered from Canada. I feel like Canada is going to be wrongfully blamed again, just like in the South Park movie. Oh, and despite how well George W. Bush read off the teleprompter, he is very scared himself that the organization responsible is not linked directly to an Arab nation, therefore harder to punish an an equal scale. He's relying on the same administation he's hired because they helped him with a close election.

September 11 2001 Weeeeee Gonads&Strife (Clown4Hyre Remix)

Weeeeee Gonads&Strife (Clown4Hyre Remix) Steam MP3
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Just updating to let you know that I'm alive. If I knew ahead of time that I would be offline, I'd give norton the keys to this site and let him update it (God forbid). Shout outs to PDR, Lee, norton, Kitten, and QT, who I saw at the skool today. She hates school just as much as I do. If you ever get a "Hi, My Name Is..." sticker tag to wear, just write in your student number. That's all you are to the university/college anyways.
There's a new Webmaster section. It's not complete yet, but if you want to learn how to make a webpage, you can get a head start.

If you're board at school, but you and friends have text messaging cell phones, Try this.
[Send Email] Send Hate Mail or Love Letters to here

Weeeeee Gonads&Strife (Clown4Hyre Remix) Steam MP3 Remix song version by Clown4Hyre
Weeeeee Gonads&Strife Flash Movie with original song by ThreeBrain

September 9 2001 Fcuk!

[Replace] GooBer Chikk ==>

Please stop getting your friends to vote for you, Susie.
Anyways, so so so so sorry, for not updating these past few days. My exploded computer is being fixed. I am on another. This site is getting much more stuff to download soon. We are also starting a new web clique called "Fcuk Censorship". If you would like to submit your site and be linked email [Send Email] here Your site must be over the edge, but still legal (no child porn, etc).
The real  Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian IMed me. She was so mad. I'm so sorry, and I will post selective parts of our conversation when I get my computer fixed. If you would like to star in a flash movie, like Tanja and Mela, all you need to do is submit some pics and maybe some voice clips. [Send Email] Contact

Hand me the Hairdryer
Dear World
"You smell like an anchovey's cunt!" - George Carlin

[Do not Replace] Susie Sociopath ==>

September 4 2001 Cow with wings? No such thing.

AIM icon Hey, alot of you use AOL Instant Messenger. Wanna shock someone with this buddyicon? Those are eyes, not nipples. AIM Buddy Icon
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Ferretallica: Oh one last thing
Please explain the fairy-cow saying 'Take the bus to Cuba' thingy...

AlbinoBlacksheep: that's a wasp
AlbinoBlacksheep: not a cow
AlbinoBlacksheep: it has wings.. see!
Ferretallica: Oh
Ferretallica: It looked like a cow with wings to me
AlbinoBlacksheep: that's because you need glasses
Ferretallica: Yeah, my eyes are all fcuked up at the moment, dont mind me

If it's your first time here, everything from last month is tucked away safely in the August 2001 Archive.

Format Harddrive Prank
Only on the Internet can YOU make a girl this hot dance (4.4 MB)
Nanna Hooter by JoeCartoon
Micro-Gerbil 2001 (Gerbil in Microwave)
Superfly (Three Drunk Flies)

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September 2 2001 Pokémaster? I mean, Webmaster?

Goober XiaoXiao No. 1 by Sohu
Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian (Part 1&2) Tell me what should happen in Part 3

Eeeeew, it's September. That's even worse than August. Before classes at school start this site is gonna have a makeover. Yay. teehee. Everything will be more organised, plus there will be a Webmaster section that will have all the information on designing and promoting your own web site. I'm basically gonna give away all the secrets. Oh, and see the pic on the left? That's GooBer Chikk. Are you sure you wanna keep Susie, when you can have more GooBer Chikk on this site? That is, if she wants to replace Susie.
Last Month's centerfold


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