August 31 2001 Windows - Really Good Edition

Windows RG (Really Good Edition) Flash Movie
Replace Susie?
If you would like to replace our Susie Sociopath please inquire at: Don't worry. Not much work is required.

Windows RG (Really Good Edition) Flash Movie

August 31 2001 You eat what?

Hope you enjoyed the flying sheep yesterday.

Nokia Cellphone - You eat baby monkey fetus? Flash Movie by Albino Blacksheep

[Wasp] Our site member Dr. norton is either suffering from "mental illness" or wrote his own perscription (read below):

Re: the obvious lack of vowels
< Reply #13 on: August 29th, 2001, 3:51am >
see, i was going to do one of them bunny stories but i got distracted by a wasp which for 2 days now has been sitting on the wall just by my head. you would think it would have something much more important to do, other than sit watch me doing next to no work. anyway

Re: the obvious lack of towels
< Reply #14 on: August 29th, 2001, 4:05am >
i have confronted the aforementioned wasp. it seems he was under some confusion as to who i was. on hearing i was norton he promptly flew from his position and buzzzed out the window. mystery solved.

I got this from a site that got it from arcaholics: New Math

Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

Smart boss + smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime
Click here for more New Math

Nokia Cellphone - You eat baby monkey fetus? Flash Movie by Albino Blacksheep

August 30 2001 Bounce with me.

[Download Winamp Skin]

Oh no! Bouncing sheep! I told you I would do it. I told you. I wasn't bluffing. There's only two because I'm nice. These sheep will be here until the next time I dial-up online. What if I get busy signals? What if I get busy signals??? Vote to the left.
Jessica TheDoll stories in a chatroom. (I'm teehee)

AB Winamp Skin 2.2 *New Version*
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (with vocals) WAV fomat :)
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Eminem - My Name Is

Coming soon: You eat baby monkey fetus?

August 29 2001 You can never find a horn.

Many of you were wondering why there's a XiaoXiao #2, #3, and #4, but not a #1 on the Flash page. It's that #1 is an AVI file. Find it here:

XiaoXiao No. 1 by Sohu
XiaoXiao No. 2
XiaoXiao No. 3
XiaoXiao No. 4

I went to the Sohu website, and believe me, there's no reason for you to visit unless you can read tons of small Chinese text, provided you even have the Chinese text browser software.

Sohu Website (Chinese Language only)

"You can never find a horn when you're mad" - Homer Simpson
I thought that while driving my NEW CAR today! :)

I'm very mad that I got no Jessica TheDoll Stories in my [Send Email] E-mail like I asked all of you. In response to my anger, the bounching sheep will be even coming sooner. Oh yeah, and so is "YOU EAT BABY MONKEY FETUS?"

August 28 2001 Bipolar Lesbian Part 2.

If you came here for the two-parter of Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian, starring Tanja and Mela, here it is.

[Tanja] Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian (Part 1&2) MY flash movie by ME that I made on MY computer using MacroMEdia Flash 5. (THE MOVIE HAS BEEN UPDATED AGAIN)

Oh no! I have been prank IMed... Sorta.

kidblountnagf: hello
AlbinoBlacksheep: hey
kidblountnagf: you said some mean things about me
AlbinoBlacksheep: who is this?
kidblountnagf: micheal
AlbinoBlacksheep: What did I say? I will remove it
kidblountnagf: "hello my future gilfriend"
AlbinoBlacksheep: that's the name of your website
kidblountnagf: you know who is really cool
AlbinoBlacksheep: who?
kidblountnagf: bunnyavenger, smart and sexy, what a man
kidblountnagf: he is the graetest
AlbinoBlacksheep: yes very much
kidblountnagf: he rocks
AlbinoBlacksheep: lol@you pretending to be michael
kidblountnagf: ( )*( )

)-(ello my future girlfriend
)-(ello my future girlfriend Turn up the volume

Coming soon: Bouncing Sheep

If you are reading this, you MUST submit your own Jessica TheDoll Story. I will be expecting 100s by tomorrow if you all follow orders. Contact

Q: What makes a Jessica TheDoll Story?
A: A narrated story with a similar style to Jessica's stories (i.e. bad spelling, rambling, bunnies, animal cruelty).
Click here to read her stories (very short).

August 26 2001 Bipolar Lesbian.

Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian (Part 1) MY flash movie by ME that I made on MY computer using MacroMEdia Flash 5. (THE MOVIE HAS BEEN UPDATED)
Scatman! Dee ba da ba dee da dee bah dah. by WhItEpEeMp - a partner member. Scatman! Dee ba da ba dee da dee bah dah. by WhItEpEeMp - a partner member.

IHateYouAll1313: kl;'
IHateYouAll1313: z
AlbinoBlacksheep: wow
IHateYouAll1313: 7890-= 1234
IHateYouAll1313: XCVBNM<>
AlbinoBlacksheep: Å|bîñø B|ãck$hêëp
IHateYouAll1313: QWERTY
IHateYouAll1313: ASDFG
IHateYouAll1313: ZXCVBNM< >?
IHateYouAll1313: _+-=
AlbinoBlacksheep: Å|bîñø B|ãck$hêëp
IHateYouAll1313: `~"{}

[cute!] Warning! The bouncing sheep are coming to this site sometime this week. They will be online for a short while. A full day at the most. These sheep will only be a warning to show you how serious we can get.

< Reply #12 on: August 26th, 2001, 3:25am >
norton: when, of course i say my 4 visits i do indeed mean me and my 3 freinds visits to ur site. hope this clears up any confusion.

Little Red Monkee
Weeeeee, but you ain't got drugs yet.
Way of the Bullet.
How stick people became extinct.

August 25 2001 Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian Flash Movie

Kristin the Bipolar Lesbian MY flash movie by ME that I made on MY computer using MacroMEdia Flash 5. (based on yesterday's post)

< Reply #10 on: August 23rd, 2001, 4:49pm >
If I got 699 individual unique visitors that day I would put back the flying sheep, but I got 703.

< Reply #11 on: August 24th, 2001, 4:54am >
id like to withdraw my 4 visits from the day in question

Sorry doctor, but no one was counted twice, nor 4 times in the same day. Nice try though. Just because you have a PhD. doesn't mean you can outsmart me.

August 24 2001 Dr. Norton the Inventor genious.

bunnyavenger14: ok
bunnyavenger14: the quote is
bunnyavenger14: yeah my mom said my appendix exploded but i was in a mental institution
bunnyavenger14: k?
AlbinoBlacksheep: that's the quote?
bunnyavenger14: yes
AlbinoBlacksheep: it's very weird
bunnyavenger14: i know
bunnyavenger14: its from kristin the bipolar lesbian
AlbinoBlacksheep: who's that?
bunnyavenger14: my friend who was in an institution
AlbinoBlacksheep: for real?
bunnyavenger14: yes

Dr. norton's inventions:

As requested here are my nominations for the best new inventions for the home:

1. The Mexican Shoe Horn.
The so called Mexican shoe horn is more like a snake on wheels than an actual shoe horn, but the snakes assure me it's not deadly. How it helps you with your shoes is a bit of a mystery, but where this handy gadget wins is with its useful rattle type tail for warning you when theres a mouse in your shoe, or something. 6/10

2. The Arse Bandit.
Not as its name sugests, a machine for stealing arses, but it's a very handy garden spade. With a sort of bent handle and deep shaft, it's ideal for all uphill gardeners. 8/10

3. Inflatable Alan.
The winner by a long way in my opinion. Imagine you are alone. Maybe its night time. Maybe its dark... Was that an owl? Whose at the door? *Scared*... Well be scared no more with Inflatable Alan, a full size inflatable dog that can ward off all sorts of things from your door with its realisting dog type sayings. (Includes, "Thats my stick", "I need a bitch", and other faves). Fully guarenteed to confuse any witches trying to steal your milk in the night.

Dr. norton, those are brilliant.

[Bunny Slippers] Have you ever looked at buny slippers? I mean, have you really ever looked at bunny slippers? The person who wears them looks like they stepped on some bunnies and made them flat! How tragic!

Don't click here to buy these bunny slippers or you will be promoting squishing poor bunnies.

August 23 2001 BillyBaller

Well, Dr. norton, I did my research on owls and they only have one tooth, and only for about 30 minutes. Owls, like other birds use their tooth to bite out of their egg when it hatches. In the process, the owl or other bird loses its tooth. (I think this is right.)

[ALL YOUR SHEEP ARE BELONG TO US] Red bunnies vs. Blue bunnies A less than half finished flash movie by (Made by Lee - a member of this site)

Don't mess with my sheep or I'll set you up the bomb. ==>

The Secrets of Women's Language - Keywords and their meanings

I think I kissed and made up with BillyBaller. Well, that's what he was after, I think. :-\

Don't be caught dead visiting these links:
PowerPain Fruity website in the closet.
BillyBaller Fruity website out of the closet.

Flash movies just for you (Many many more coming soon):
Howard Stern Hidden Celebrity Webcam by Icebox
Nike 666 Nike basketball parody.
Hyakugojyuuichi!! Just like the name says.

August 22 2001 BillyBaller

Someone decided to actually rip off my site! I'm very very mad at the moment. I hate unoriginality. The site that ripped me off is on geocities, so it won't be hard for me to get back at them ;-) mmmwaaaahahahahaahaha, but I'll give the site a chance to change its stealing ways before I go to extreme measures.

Oh wait! No need for me to post this flash movie, or any flash movie really, they are all on the other site. Grrrrrr.

I have tons more new flash movies to post, but I'm afraid they will be stolen as soon as I upload them. So if you are reading this, "Billy", Speak to me [Send Email] , and we can work something out. You can link directly to the HTML pages if you want, especially since some of those flash movies are on MY SERVERS! How will you be paying for the bandwidth and webspace? I accept cash or cheque, Billy.

August 22 2001 Da Ba Dee Da Bo Di

Eifel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

If I don't get at least 700 Unique site visitors tomorrow, then I'm gonna fill this site with more annoying bouncing sheep! Ohhhhhh-ohhhh sounds like fun, but you'll regret not visiting.

August 21 2001 Da Ba Dee Da Bo Di

Welcome to Hell
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californiacation
AB Winamp Skin 2.2

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Here's what up for this site in the future:

  • More Flash movies (of course).
  • A new live webcam.
  • Removed Comedy section, because it's just not funny.
  • Top multimedia files on this main page.
  • Minor visual changes.

August 19 2001 Beauty Contest

[gl0om] gl0om-co0kie   ===>

I didn't think posting pics of all the members would cause some sort of beauty contest, but it has. Oh well, we're all hot. What can you do? (j/k) Now today, instead of Flash Movies, I'm gonna post links to other sites, both bad and good.

PowerPain Home of the smallest penis on the Internet.
Planet Nokia Program your cell phone to do cool things.
)-(ello my future girlfriend Turn up the volume
DumbFoxx You 'meric'n? Get your bush of the week at DumbFoxx's website.
The $20,000 Zig (All your smurf) Flash Movie - Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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August 18 2001 Owls and Lions. Oh My!

[Girl Power] GIRL POWER!   ===>

I just moved and the computer came out of the box today. That's why there were no updates the past couple days. Technically, I don't have Internet yet, but technically, I also do. I'll write some stuff another time. Today I'll just give you some files.

Xiao Xiao Spoof
)-(ello my future girlfriend

August 15 2001 KaBOOOOOM!

There are two versions of the Mario Twins flash movie:
Mario Twins
Mario Twins (Bonus) (new scenes, but longer loading time)

My computer has been having so many problems. It's been stalling on loading programs, it crashes, I get disconnected from the Internet, and, oh yeah, IT BLEW UP!!! This is the second time the power supply decided to smoke something. I have to keep a big fan blowing on the computer while it is naked or else it blows up.

Now that I know, it seems so obvious:
Which Backstreet Boy is gay? (Flash Movie)

Princess_DarkRose: LOL Ooh! I took an online test the other day... it was VERY upsetting to me! LOL Apparently I'm quite the freak.
Princess_DarkRose: and not in a sexy way.
Albino Blacksheep: which kind of test. I saw a personality disorder test That one?
Princess_DarkRose: NOpe. It was a gender test. They were 85% sure I was a male. They even called me a dude. LOL
Albino Blacksheep: OMG
Princess_DarkRose: I KNOW! I was so upset at them. LOL
Princess_DarkRose: LOL Princess DarkRose... 15% woman. LMAO
Albino Blacksheep: I'm afraid of you
Princess_DarkRose: cause I made it to dude status?
Albino Blacksheep: yes
Princess_DarkRose: I'm just one of the guys now.
Princess_DarkRose: whatevah.
Albino Blacksheep: send me the link to the test
Princess_DarkRose: I don't remember where it was and you didn't say please. (not that that would make me remember where it was)
Albino Blacksheep: umm... please?
Princess_DarkRose: I'm also apparently like 38% bitch. :)
Princess_DarkRose: :) That's better. :)
[Time goes by...]
Princess_DarkRose: So are you not talking to me anymore cause I'm a dude?
Albino Blacksheep: something like that

Princess_Darkrose is a woman. I know her from Psychology class.

[Modified August 22, 2001. The previous statement is unrelated to the following]

I have a few really really mean things that I want to post and say, but I'm not sure if I should because it could hurt someone's feelings!!!!!! That would be bad. I'll save it for another day.

Constipation Animation

No Luck Mikey!   )-(ello my future girlfriend (The Web Page) Turn up the volume
No Luck Mikey!   )-(ello my future girlfriend (The Flash Movie)

August 14 2001 Nerds

If you already seen the two Arnold Swartzenegger flash movies where clips of Arnold's voice from his movies are used to make prank phone calls,
Arnold Swartzenegger Phone Prank 1
Arnold Swartzenegger Phone Prank 2
and liked those, then check out this MP3 by UGP that uses voice clips of Chris Tucker (from Rush Hour) to make a prank phone call to Pizza Hut.

Chris Tucker Prank call to Pizza Hut
Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth??!!

[PET THE BUNNY!] Need an 88x31 button to link to this site?

Albino Blacksheep proudly presents... an Albino Blacksheep Production... Directed by... Jessica TheDoll...
Village People/The Wicked Witch/Flat Bunnies!!

Hey ya this one's mental:
The people of a village were having an assembly when suddenly a wicked witch came and she said to the village people,"You are all dinosaurs!"and the village people goes,"We are all dinosaurs~" under the witch's spell. And now if you go to that village you can see people on the street going like,"Hehehe I'm a tyrannosaurus hehehe~" or "Huhuhu I'm a triceratops huhuhuhuhu!!" or "Haha I'm a nodosaurus oh hahahaha!" or "shishishishi I'm a plateosaurus shishishi~" everyone in the village is mad they think they're dinosaurs. And the wicked witch was like,"Oh hehehehe it's so funny hehehe!" every time the witch laughs she always jump up and down and unfortunetly when she was laughing she was standing in front of a bunny cave and the bunnies were coming out the cave and she jumped on all the bunnies and the bunnies were all flat.
Click here for more stories by Jessica TheDoll
E-mail your stories

August 12 2001 Don't get caught

[Caught at work] Two tablespoons of salt is lethal.

You probably don't wanna be caught at work watching these Flash Movies:
(That's why I post them on the weekend.)
Only on the Internet can YOU make a girl this hot dance (4.4 MB)
Nanna Hooter
Micro-Gerbil 2001 (Gerbil in Microwave)
Superfly (Three Drunk Flies)

Need a banner to link to this site?

August 11 2001 Members

[Mela] Try this! Try this! Try this!

Thought you might like to get to know some members of this site:
Sners (Site Design, Posts, Photos, Images, etc.)
Mela (Videocam, Photos)
Tanja (Videocam, Photos)
Jolanda (Schoorl)
Elena (Schoorl)
Susie (Posts, Photos)
Princess_Darkrose (Posts, MessageBoard)
Log (MessageBoard, Posts, Images)
Coolz (Posts)
GooBer Chikk (Posts, Photos)
Lee (Posts, Flash)
Kitten (Posts, Chatroom)
norton (Posts, Images, MessageBoard)
Jessica TheDoll (Bunny stories)
gl0om-co0kie (Photos)
Naked Smurf (Photos)

...and together we are Albino Blacksheep.

August 10 2001 Holden Caulfield

Howard Stern Hidden cam.
Starwarz Gangta Rap
Dangerous Olympics

"I'm a terrific liar." - Holden Caulfield (J.D. Salenger - Catcher in the Rye)


[Award] Oh yeah, Albino Blacksheep got an award today. It's beautiful! Hopefully, it won't get taken away from us like that that other award we got from Camelot Dreams back in April.
In other news, I really want to redesign this site.

August 9 2001 Norton & the obvious lack of owls

the obvious lack of owls
< on: August 8th, 2001, 6:41am >

Hello albinoperson, id like to strongly complain about the lack of owl and owl related features on this web site. Not only was i quite upset at this but my 6 year old boy (an owl mad fan) threw a god awfull temper tantrum which ended in a grounding of 2 days. harsh? maybe but youve got to get them while there young or its curtains for this country in the next war. i mean, in my day you had to join up, do your time, none of this lazing about that you youngsters get away with today, i mean, stakeboarding...i mean...i remember when all this was fields and for fun we used to play with dead dogs... erm... where was i? oh yes, owls, right then...owls, so get more, infact rename this site albinoblackowl or ill break your legs. yours in anticipation, norton (dr)


web page..erm

well lets see...erm..:

[Owl] oh look a picture!:

so yes

erm... its even a great word

anyway what else is on here?
well not much
im lazy

really though, serious for a min

owls are great
i mean, u ever heard one... ROAR sort of thing...what with that and the teeth, i mean, its no wonder they were hunted...
(this may be wrong)

This post thanks to norton. :)

August 9 2001 Collecting Boogers

[Naked Smurf] <Diego> Oh, every six months or so I scan like a motherf*cker..other than that the system scanns my downloads and I'm not stupid..
<Diego> virii are spread by the stupid..
<Albino> 5 got sent to me, but I don't open attackments if I don't recognise the extention
<Albino> 5 of the cod red
<Albino> code red
<CaineThirdMortal> hmm, I wanted that one
<CaineThirdMortal> I like to collect virii
<Albino> want me to forward it to you?
*** GOg has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Diego> lol
<CaineThirdMortal> sure
<Albino> I kight still have it in my delete box
<CaineThirdMortal> [E-mail address]
<CaineThirdMortal> :)
*** GOg has joined #naphoria
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v GOg
<Albino> why do you collect virii?
<Diego> ..and maybe a wee little exe you like to share with..special friends?
<Albino> that's like collecting boogers

[Add to Favorites] Add [Set As Homepage] Home

I just like posting chats because I can make everyone speak in a different colour. That picture up there is of Naked Smurf on the right and some girl on spring break to the left. None of you know who Naked Smurf is. She wanted to become a member of this site, but she never got around to posting anything. On top of that, she has no IMs and is disconnected often. I have lots of great pictures of girls who visit this site, but you have to demand them for me to post that smut, or else I won't post it, perverts. The only reason this kissing pic is here is that I have had many requests for lesbian pics (note the comments box). You tell me what you want on this site, that isn't already on any other site (i.e. general porn), and I'll try to post it.

[Send Email] E-mail [AIM Instant Message me] AIM UIN 106122255 ICQ

August 9 2001 Hockey Teeth

Little Red Monkee

For dental reasons, my grandmother had to take out her teeth in the middle of the street to show to her dentist. He happens to carry around sample teeth. She wouldn't let me see her take out her teeth. This reminds me of a friend that lost his teeth from hockey. We went on a canoe trip with some friends and girls back in camp. On the first day of the trip he said to them, "I'm just letting you know now so that you won't be surprised when I take these out"

What is the difference between a lady that goes to church and a lady that takes a bath?
One has hope for her soul and the other one has...
Two 25 year old men are on the exact opposite sides of the earth at this one moment in time....
The first one is walking a tight rope 364 feet above the ground between two skyscrapers. The second one is having oral sex performed on him by a 98 year old woman.
They are both thinking the same thing...

Scatman! Dee ba da ba dee da dee bah dah.

[Web page] Oh, and I read this today online:
Looking for some funny flash movie to amuse yourself? You could try your luck at Albino Black Sheep. The design is not that great, but hey, it is very entertaining. Something for a change.

The design is not that great? I know that, but it's designed like this so people can read big colourful fonts and navigate easily and use any browser at any size they want (with or without plug-ins). You asked for it... another redesign of this site coming soon, when I'm up to it.

August 8 2001 Drug Test

[Pig] Weeeeee, but you ain't got drugs yet.
Way of the Bullet.
How stick people became extinct.

Every few years in our province, a random classroom for each school's grade takes a drug quiz. This is to find out the statistics of teenage drug users. The 1997 statistics were very high, mainly because my class got to take the survey. The class was full of potheads and stoners and all that. We all knew it and even the teacher knew it. She spend the first 25% of class time trying to convince at that our class was chosen randomly, and also that the survey is confidential. It was hard to believe so, since our class was definitely not a random ordinary one - not for this test. Interestingly, the 2001 statistics show a huge drop in drug users from the previous test in 1997. Looks like they got a real random class this time, mainly because we all graduated and are out of that class. Well, at least I am. They are probably in a ditch or shack somewhere, pregnant with 2 kids already by the age of 21.


August 7 2001 Voulez-vous Francais?

I took down the link to Susie's site because she ENDED her site. That's right, no more pink fonts to bring out the feminine side of this site. I even made the logo for her site, but it doesn't matter now because it's gone. Almost every visitor of this page also read her page. I really will miss her rants and bitchyness. It's something that I'm not gifted with.

Susie button  Susie button  Susie button  Susie button

Knit One Pearl One

August 7 2001 You're stupid.

Princess DarkRose: Hey, you didn't mention what you ate [Pizza and salad] or that we went to Pladium cause we had to pee or the big mouse that crawled out of the garbage can where I was sitting or anything like that! Not even the strange things the cops were doing all night.
Albino Blacksheep: I DID NOW!!

Files for people born 1975-85:

The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link - FLASH MOVIE
The Legend of Zelda: Link The Freeloader - FLASH MOVIE

[This Image submitted by RottenNews] Why did the majority of you site visitors think this was an animal fetish site before they visit, just because of the name? The words "albino" and "blacksheep" have nothing to do with sex or animals. I have the dumbest site visitors. They invent drugs. They mix E with K and call is EK (pronounced "eck"). Then they mix E with E and K and call it EEK (pronounced "eek"). Umm, I think only GooBeR Chikk understands this.
In other news, Mike is supposed to have had the flash movie ready by last week. I'm gonna go online and check if he's there... He lost it! He got a new Hard Drive and lost everything.

albino /'ael'bi:neu/ n. (pl. -s) 1 person or animal lacking pigment in the skin and hair (which are white), and the eyes (usu. pink). 2 plant lacking normal colouring.

black sheep n. colloq. member of a family, group, etc. regarded as a disgrace or failure

- The Oxford Dictionary of Current English - Oxford University Press 1993

August 6 2001 FCUK

So there went my streak of daily posts. I was away for the weekend. Far far away. Not a computer in sight. I'll post more tonight. Promise.

Some files in the short meantime:
Arnold Phone Prank
Arnold Phone Prank 2

August 3 2001 Toyota

[This Image submitted by GooBer Chikk] Picture of GooBer Chikk (in the middle) Playing with foam instead of writing stories. ==>
I see the date in that pic says 4.26. Aren't you a few days late to have had that party?

All the readers of this site get bored when no one submits anything. That's right. Once again I beg for JESSICA THEDOLL STORIES written by you.

Oh yeah, Princess_DarkRose submitted something. Click here to read it.

So to win your "Toyota" submit your Jessica TheDoll Stories to [Send Email]here or UIN 106122255 ICQ# 106122255

Yeah, yeah... I didn't forget your files:
Barnyard Shenanigans!
Barnyard Shenanigans!: Special Edition
It's called Mario Twins - They look the same!!! Wow!
Oh My God. They Killed Kenny. (Creaded by our member Log)

August 3 2001 Webcams

[This Image submitted by ceridwen84] <== This Image submitted by ceridwen84.
All your base are belong to us
All your smurf are belong to smurf
Stop All your base crap

My online friend, "Kitten", told me she had a webcam, and she wanted me to help her to set it up. Now if you don't know her, she's the most innocent girl in the world. She's not like a typical webcam girl at all. Murphy's Law really had some fun with us. It was late, so Murphy's Law says we must both be wearing next to nothing to sleep in, and I happen to wear only boxers to bed. Murphy's Law also says that she must live at her parent's house this semester only and the webcam must be on her dad's computer, so when he walks home he sees his sweet and innocent daughter (she's in her 20s) in the tanktop she sleeps in using his computer with a picture of a  topless person (possibly naked, but I wasn't) on the screen. I had to act fast. On my screen I saw her father standing beside her, so I ducked down, then all they saw was a hand come up and grab the keyboard. From under the desk, I start typing stupid nonsense as if nothing was going on. Her father kept reading, then he left. I hope she didn't get in trouble. Feel free to show this to your father, Kitten if he asks you more about what went on. This website never lies (except that one time I misquoted Susie).

Mur-phy's Law (mûr'fez)
n. Any of certain humorous axioms stating that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.
[From the name Murphy.]

Also in the news, you deserve some files to view. Why? Because!
XiaoXiao #2
XiaoXiao #3
XiaoXiao #4
Skewlbus (Requires Quicktime)
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[Set As Homepage] Make some other page your homepage

August 2 2001 Suggestions

I'm think I'm gonna stop asking for suggestions for this site.

bunnyavenger14: and everyone loves llamas
bunnyavenger14: do something with llama
AlbinoBlacksheep: Winamp does stuff with llamas.
bunnyavenger14: more llamas
bunnyavenger14: everywhere
bunnyavenger14: dancing
bunnyavenger14: llama dance
AlbinoBlacksheep: crazy
AlbinoBlacksheep: hmm
bunnyavenger14: llamas having sex
bunnyavenger14: doing drugs
bunnyavenger14: shooting llamas
bunnyavenger14: llamas masturbating
AlbinoBlacksheep: interesting

Cat In the Kettle
A mean flash movie by AP Productions.
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August 1 2001 Censored

[Image taken from The Comedy Network] Eeeeeew. It's August. That's when the leaves fall off the trees, right? That picture to the right is from a comedy sketch where when women walk over to the United States, their  boobs become censored. That's just the way it is in that country.  Rotten News really knows how to make light of US Politics and celebrities. Check out their F*ck page before you exit.
If you are looking for somewhere to chat you can try 3D Chat, but if that's too high tech for you, go here on good ol' IRC:
/join #naphoria

Weeee Flash Movie is back online (I think). I'm sorry for those of you who had trouble accessing it before. It was missing one E.
Poke the Bunny (Why does everyone love this flash movie?)
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